You’re cleaning your toilet wrong – expert reveals exactly how to sanitize it without missing a single spot

A CLEANING expert is concerned that people don’t clean their toilets properly, so she’s taking action.

She shared her step-by-step method for cleaning a toilet to ensure not a single spot is missed.

“Some of y’all have never cleaned a toilet and it shows,” the expert, who goes by @littlehalihome on social media, said at the top of her informational video.

“Grab a pair of gloves and put toilet cleaner on the inside rim.

“Let that marinate,” she instructed.

Next, she closed the lid and sprayed bathroom cleaner on the entire toilet.

“Begin wiping from the top down, making sure you wipe every part of the toilet,” she said as she showed herself doing so.

“I like to change my rags as I go to make sure I’m not cross-contaminating between sections,” she noted.

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She also reminded people to clean behind the toilet seat where the hinges are, as she said the spot is “often forgotten.”

Moving onto the toilet seat and underneath it, she said: “Keep moving top to bottom, spraying everything down and wiping every surface.”

“You know the drill.

“Spray it down. Wipe it down.”

You’re cleaning your toilet wrong – expert reveals exactly how to sanitize it without missing a single spot

She then cleaned the outside of the toilet bowl and noted she also likes to sanitize the wall next to the toilet.

Once the surface of the toilet was taken care of, she scrubbed the inside of the toilet bowl and reminded viewers to get under the rim.

“I like to finish by polishing with a clean, dry cloth to make sure it’s dry for the next person who sits down,” she concluded.

The video, which was liked by more than 1 million people, received a mixed reaction, as some people were thrilled about the tutorial, while others couldn't fathom why anyone would actually need the help.

“Just moved out of home and about to clean the toilet … knowing I’ve had this saved for months has been a lifesaver,” one person noted.

“I'm wondering who DOESN'T clean their toilet this way,” one user commented with a barfing emoji.

In an answer to similar comments, a viewer wrote: “To all the people asking why people would ever need this tutorial, it’s simple, parents (like mine) decide not to teach their kids how to do things like this.”

A fourth viewer mentioned that wiping the toilet down first with a dry cloth will help prevent people from just moving dust particles around while sanitizing the toilet with a liquid cleanser.

And for those who found the tutorial helpful and are interested in learning more bathroom cleaning tips, tricks, and hacks, there is plenty of advice shared by experts online.

For instance, a housekeeper revealed how to remove urine smells from the bathroom and another expert shared her method for preventing black mold from growing in the toilet.

Plus, another cleaning expert shared her step-by-step guide for how to clean a bathroom in just 10 minutes.

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