World Toilet Day 2021: Here’s Why You Should Wash Your Hands After Going to the Bathroom

World Toilet Day 2021: World Toilet Day is observed all over the world on November 19 each year, to spread awareness about hygienic bathroom etiquettes and safe sanitary practices. Bathrooms are an ideal place for various germs to thrive in. This is because germs prefer damp and dark places to survive and proliferate. Whether it is urination or defecation, proper hand hygiene is a must for our health and to prevent deadly diseases from affecting us and our families.


The nether regions of our bodies contain a lot of bacteria. Our faces, for example, contain bacteria like Salmonella, Shigella and E.coli strains, as well as fungus and yeast. These germs are always present on the surfaces of our latrines and the bathroom floor. Since we use our hands for multiple purposes, it’s necessary to wash our hands with soap and water to prevent contamination and illness from faecal bacteria.

World Toilet Day 2021: Here’s Why You Should Wash Your Hands After Going to the Bathroom

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When we use our bathrooms, there are bacteria on the surfaces of cisterns, taps, shower knobs and jet sprays faucets. We often blow our nose sneeze or cough in the bathroom, which causes the germs to remain there. So washing our hands with soap and water after using the toilet or cleaning a child or a pet that has used the toilet, help us prevent any bacterial infection to ourselves due to coming in contact with such surfaces.


The present Coronavirus pandemic has made handwashing a mandatory aspect of our daily lives. Bathrooms are used by more than one person and thus the possibility of the spread of viruses and germs increase.

At home, this is limited to just one’s family members. Since most people have completed their Covid vaccination schedules, however, the world is limping back to normalcy with employees being asked to attend their offices.

Workplace bathrooms or washrooms in public spaces raise the possibility of infection manifold. Hence, washing hands is very much essential in such circumstances for the safety of the individual and the community at large.

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