Woman’s horror as missing cat is found inside wall after renovation blunder

Many of us pet owners are familiar with the panic that sets in when our furry friends go missing – but one woman was left fearing for her cat’s life when she heard him meowing but couldn’t see him.

A TikTok user named Giavanna, @giavannaaaa__, posted a video of her recently redecorated bathroom and said she had heard a meow coming from behind the newly put up tiles on the wall.

Giavanna then realised what had happened – her cat had been hiding behind the wall when the tiles were fitted, and had become stuck.

In the video, a man then cut out a small square at the bottom of the wall, and the black moggy poked his head out as he made his way to freedom.

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Giavanna wrote on the clip: “So our tile went up today and I heard a meow … my cat got stuck in the wall.”

The video has received nearly 8 million views, and many commenters were left confused as to how the cat found himself trapped behind the wall in the first place.

One person wrote: “How? Did he get inside there?”

And Giavanna replied: “Our house has been getting remodelled since July. There was nothing closing off the wall so he made a hiding spot out of it.

Woman’s horror as missing cat is found inside wall after renovation blunder

“When the tile got done yesterday my dad and I forgot about the tile getting done and the cat being in there. I went in later that night and I heard him and that’s where this happened.

“It was funny to us since he just stayed there while everything was getting done.”

The woman also revealed her cat had taken over an hour to actually leave the wall even after the hole was cut.

She added in the comments: “He was just poking his head out like that but wouldn’t come fully out for over an hour.”

While other commenters shared their own stories about pets getting stuck in unlikely places.

One wrote: “My dog once was missing for two days ... nowhere to be found, called all the shelters etc. He went up the stairs in the garage and was afraid to go down.”

And another added: “Our cat got stuck in the porch roof once. I could only hear her. There's a small space in between an upstairs closet and wall above where the furnace is and she went through closet, through door to the empty space, then through a hole out between the roof.

“She couldn't jump back up into such a small hole. Took forever to find her and I could barely squeeze in there, had to pull her up but luckily didn't hurt her.

“Cats are crazy and way too brave.”

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