Woman sparks huge debate on whether you should put toaster away after every use

There's arguably nothing better than sitting down to enjoy a cup of tea and a slice of buttery toast.

Whether you're the type of person who enjoys their toast on the cusp of being burnt, or you prefer to munch on warm bread, the one thing we thought we could agree on was whether to keep the toaster.

So, nothing could've prepared us for the debate which has broken out on Twitter after a writer asked whether people keep their toaster on the kitchen counter, or they put it away after every use.

Author and finance blogger Lottie Burns tweeted: "Right - do you put your toaster away after you've used it or do you leave it out on the counter?"

To be honest, until this post, we didn't know that putting away your kettle is even a real thing, but it turns out it's a very real thing, and it has got people more divided than Brexit.

"This is proper baffling. My kitchen is about the size of a cupboard but the toaster stays put. Never even knew anyone put them away," one responded.

"What the actual f***, who has the time? In our house we not only leave the toaster out, we also leave the kettle out (they both have places!) and also the chopping board AND bread knife for next time," another person replied.

Woman sparks huge debate on whether you should put toaster away after every use

A third wrote: "Toaster (special French baguette one) sits permanently next to the microwave. Kettle, coffee maker and smoothie maker live on the other side of the kitchen. No way I'm bending down to put that lot away after each use."

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"Sure, then I dismantle the entire kitchen and store it in the loft until the next time I need it," a fourth joked.

Meanwhile, another Twitter user responded to say that not only does she put the toaster away in a cupboard, she also puts the kettle away when it's not being used.

"Lives in the bottom drawer. Comes out to be used. Put back when cooled. Every time. Nothing on my work surfaces thank you very much," another wrote.

Many people responded to the comments of people who rarely make toast to ask why then even own a toaster when you can make perfectly good toast under the grill.

Who knew a kitchen utensil could be such a divisive subject? Don't even get us started on microwaves.

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