What’s the Average Cost of a New Kitchen?

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Kitchen renovations are one of the most complex projects to plan and execute — and the most expensive. That’s why it helps to have a qualified kitchen renovation professional that’s just a click away, like the kind you’d find with Long Island Press Home Pros.

The average cost of a new kitchen has many variables, of course. Building requirements, permits, design, materials, and appliances can move the average cost ever skyward. But here are general starting costs for renovating a kitchen on Long Island, according to Sweeten renovations:

Budget kitchen renovation: Starting at $25,000

What’s the Average Cost of a New Kitchen?

Mid-grade renovation: Starting at $35,000

High-end renovation: Starting at $65,000

Of course, changes to the project add cost. Here is the process a kitchen remodel follows, along with a time-frame for each step:

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