Watch Alabama team transform houses from derelict to dreamy in ‘Flipping Down South’

"Flipping Down South"

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They’re ambitious. They’re creative. And they’re going to be on national TV.

A team of Alabama realtors and entrepreneurs will be in the spotlight this weekend as “Flipping Down South” premieres on A&E. The new reality series, filmed in summer 2021 in Birmingham, follows the folks at Apollo Property Group as they take derelict houses and transform them into dream homes.

“Flipping Down South” makes its debut on Saturday, March 12, at 11 a.m. CT. It’s part of the lineup for A&E’s Home.Made.Nation, which focuses on “all things DIY, home improvement, decor and food.”

Here’s A&E’s description of the show:

‘“Flipping Down South” follows Paul Mielke, Cody J. Cummings and Matt Morgan – three young entrepreneurs who are heading up Birmingham, Alabama’s fastest growing flipping business. They see dollar signs where others see dumps, focusing on houses most people wouldn’t touch. Buying many of their flips for under $10,000, they turn eyesores into dream homes. But their mission is about more than making money -- all three investors come from working class roots, and they aim to keep their flips affordable, while still building a booming business when they are.”

In a trailer for the series, Cummings -- who calls himself “the money guy” -- describes Birmingham as “a flipper’s dream,” with “tons of inexpensive homes available.” Cummings also says “our goal was to revitalize neglected neighborhoods through beautiful, low-cost housing. We figured out how to make a profit, but still keep our houses affordable for everyday folks.”

Watch Alabama team transform houses from derelict to dreamy in ‘Flipping Down South’

Prices of homes featured in the trailer range from $95,000 to $24,000. If you look closely, you might see residences that have been fixed and flipped in Birmingham’s East Lake neighborhood.

According to a publicist for the show, the team works in different areas of Birmingham, but primarily in East Lake. (Mielke -- described in the series trailer as “the creative whirlwind, finding and designing each house” -- is an East Lake resident.)

From what we hear, five hourlong episodes were filmed for the show. Here’s the synopsis of the first episode, called “Flipping the Canoe”:

“Birmingham Alabama’s top flippers, Cody and Paul, take on a bungalow called the Canoe House, filled with boats, rotting rafters, and a rising tide of budget overruns. Paul has a vision to create a hip, urban escape. But Cody struggles to keep Paul’s expensive tastes and never-ending plans on-budget and on-time for an open house. With Matt and the sales team looking for a quick deal to close, the crew races against a stream of setbacks–failed inspections, a leaking roof, and tiny closets that seem to make potential buyers bail on Paul’s dreamboat of a build. Will it all come together in the end, or will this flip sink before the sale?”

You can get a sneak peek of the Canoe House in the video below.

Episode 2, “Sunken Tudor Sinking Profits,” will air at noon on Saturday March 19, according to the A&E schedule. Here’s what to expect:

“In Birmingham, Alabama, the flipping team of Cody and Paul discovers what appears to be a hidden gem of a brick house they call ‘Sunken Tudor,’ only to find that termites, rot and rats have taken up residence first. A complete overhaul, literally from top to bottom, is needed, and rising costs threaten to sink this project. After replacing the entire first floor’s joists, they build a new main suite, give the exterior a unique facelift and add modern amenities to highlight its many vintage features. But as they raise this Sunken Tudor to new heights, will their profits take a nosedive?”

“Flipping Down South” is produced for A&E by Six West Media and Category 6 Media.

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