Warframe Update 2.03 Rolls Out With Prime Resurgence Content Support

Digital Extremes has unpacked a massive list of Warframe update 2.03 patch notes for you to gawk at, which is a major update adding the Prime Resurgence content. If you’re playing the game on PS5, it’s known as Warframe update 1.011.

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Introducing the ‘TENNO GUIDE”!

Added a new UI notification when inside the Orbiter that is a persistent reminder for Quests, to help guide new Tenno to their next steps. A lot of new players have felt lost once they finish Vor’s Prize, and this persistent reminder will show them what to do next! This can be disabled at any time in the menus under Options > Interface > Show Tenno Guide!

Heat Sword Crafting Requirements

We are changing the crafting requirement for the Heat Sword to require a Neurode rather than a Neural Sensor. Originally, this was meant to incentivize players to explore new nodes, but we want to get better gear in players hands earlier! This change is smaller than most, but meaningful to new players looking to upgrade their melee early on.

Reduced Crafting Times for the Rising Tide Quest

Warframe Update 2.03 Rolls Out With Prime Resurgence Content Support

In March 2021, we made Railjack more accessible by reducing the crafting resources and the time it took to build your Railjack. Now, we will be reducing the crafting times again from 1 hour to 1 minute per part. As Railjack becomes a larger part of the game, we hope this change will allow new players to swiftly complete Rising Tide, and prepare their Railjack for future fights!

Amp Recipe Reductions

This change is two fold: reduced crafting costs for Amp parts, and reduced Standing cost for purchasing parts. Our goal here is to make constructing an Amp more accessible to players by reducing resource demands. This is rooted firmly in the role upgrading your Amp plays in performing well in main quests like The Sacrifice as well as engaging in Focus Tree related content

General Additions:

General Changes:

  • Added some simple logging for Lunaro and Cephalon Capture scoring in dedicated servers. As requested here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/709664-dedicated-conclave-servers/page/26/?tab=comments#comment-12257911
  • Changed Limbo’s Rift status for vehicles (K-Drive, Yareli’s Merulina, etc):
  • Updated Operator Void Dash FX to faster GPU versions.
  • General lighting improvements to trees in the Plains of Eidolon.
  • Updated Melee Slam FX.
  • Made small updates to the Ghoulsaw ride FX.
  • Cleaned up elemental FX on the Heat Dagger.
  • Added ‘Numeric Separators’ option in the Interface settings to change how numbers are formatted. By default, the format chosen is selected based on your language. There are 4 different formats supported:
  • You will now be sent back to the Dojo instead of your Orbiter when everyone in your squad dies and loses all their revives in Railjack missions.
  • In scenarios where you’re taken to the Relay from your Orbiter (Initiating the Help Clem mission from Navigation, etc) you’ll now be taken to the Strata Relay on Earth. With Strata being the first Relay new players encounter it made sense to swap Larunda out for a more accessible Relay.
  • Vallis Surveillance Drone in the first mission of the Vox Solaris Quest will now continue to replenish Shields if they have been completely depleted.
  • Clarified the “Hold Your Breath” Nightwave Act to include “in the Kuva Fortress”, as to alleviate some confusion expressed here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1126851-de-please-make-the-kuva-survival-nightwave-explicit/
  • Removed Tenet Grigori eligibility from Conclave.
  • Reflection intensity increased on metals to better match environment lighting conditions.
  • Increased lighting in certain areas in the Orbiter’s Personal Quarters.
  • Maroo now has a Ayatan inspired map marker in Maroo’s Bazaar.
  • Quests that thrust you right into the action will now at least wait for you to select your reward from the Daily Tribute screen before the big thrust.
  • Removed the ‘Repeat Mission” button after completing a Kuva Flood mission due to an exploit.
  • Sentients taking Status Effects is now intentional. In preparation for The New War, we’ve been looking into polishing up and tweaking Sentients in general; this includes the new glowing visual effects on some of them that you may have noticed! Sentients don’t only adapt, they may even evolve as well…
  • Removed Sortie tool-tip description in favour of just ‘SORTIE’. The tool-tip description didn’t provide much insight is visible directly below if you click the tab. ‘SORTIE’ title is consistent with the other World State Window tab tool-tips and now actually identifies that tab.
  • Reduced/refined volume of Mining detect sound loop.
  • Reduced volume of the Corinth Prime Alt Fire projectile range beep.
  • Made FX improvements to Blast proc explosions. Additionally the explosion FX for Concealed Explosives and Thunderbolt have been updated.
  • Updated ‘From On High’ Challenge description to include Orb Vallis and the Cambion Drift.
  • Updated the description of the 2020 Conquera Glyph.
  • Updated to Frost Prime Passive description with the “Prime” indication to avoid confusion.
  • Updated the Eximus projection FX (red aura outline) to be brighter for visibility.
  • Updated the ‘CUSTOMIZE POSTER’ screen UI.
  • Sister Hound / Weapon / Lich Weapon Foundry “Selling” Functionality:

    If you’ve engaged in the Adversary hunts with Kuva Liches and Sisters of Parvos, your Foundry might be suffering from some unavoidable clutter. The amount of Hounds and weapons sitting in your Foundry have grown to not only take up room in your list but also within the database itself!

    To alleviate this clutter, you can now Sell a Hound and/or Adversary weapon directly from your Foundry without having to claim the item and use a Slot, granting yourself some Credits! Get cleaning up your (H)Foundry. Ordis’ orders!





  • Fixed inability to pick up Index Points while riding on Yareli’s Merulina.
  • Fixed the UI prompt for Railjack Tactical Menu and Omni disappearing after a player casts Merulina as Yareli with a controller.
  • Fixed getting stuck in parts of the data vaults in Corpus Spy missions while riding Yareli’s Merulina.
  • Fixed Tenet Diplos lock-on ability not working for the Client players when using a Vehicle (Merulina, K-Drive, etc). As reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1270984-tenet-diplos-lock-on-not-working-on-k-drive/
  • Fixed incorrect translation for the Yareli Physalia Helmet in Traditional Chinese.
  • FIXES: