Victoria considers installing $400K public washroom

Tax dollars should first be used to take care of our most basic needs, and it doesn’t get more basic than this.

The City of Victoria is considering adding a new public toilet to the corner of Douglas and Broughton streets, to take care of basic needs one and two. But, the project comes with a six-figure price tag.

"We need more public toilets in the downtown. There's no question," said Victoria councillor Geoff Young.

But he added, "I have to admit, the price is pretty staggering. That's why we don't have more of them."

Victoria considers installing 0K public washroom

The cost of installing a new, outdoor washroom is estimated to be $400,000.

Inspiration for the design of the washroom comes from the public facility already installed along Langley Street in Victoria, which won the "Canada's Best Bathroom" online contest in 2012.

The city says the Langley Street public toilet gets around 500 users a day.

Costs for the new bathroom would also include digging up a section of sidewalk, and expanding it for pedestrians.

Victoria is home to all kinds of interesting urban installations.

Who can forget the public ping pong plaza, or the pedal-powered cellphone charging station in nearby Cook Street Village.