Vacuum-Based Toilets from Norway Use 90% Less Water - Core77

Norway-based Jets Vacuum is a company that makes vacuum-based toilets for ocean vessels and offshore platforms. After enlisting the help of Norwegian design consultancy EGGS Design, they expanded into the on-land market with the Jets Pearl, intended for domestic applications where water is too hard to come by to flush down the toilet (think cabins and remote locations).

Vacuum-Based Toilets from Norway Use 90% Less Water - Core77

"Their vacuum flush systems use 90% less water than any conventional toilet, therefore creating less sewage," explains EGGS Design. Beyond the environmental advantages, the consultancy sought to make the toilet user-friendly—even for those not using the toilet:

"To create a flawless toilet," they explain, "we had to fully consider all users of the product, taking into account not only the needs of users themselves but also those of cleaning personnel, service technicians and installation engineers."The result is Jets Pearl, a toilet with no sharp edges, awkward corners or hard to reach mechanical fasteners. Both the seat and lid is fastened to the wall, creating ample room for cleaning behind the basin. The water surface within the basin is formed to prevent any possible splash-backs and the basin and seat is oval shaped and longer than normal, allowing for maximum ergonomic comfort, regardless of users' body size."

Jets also offers a floor-mounted model:

And while incorporating a vacuum toilet into a home of course requires installing a vacuum pump…

...it also opens up design possibilities for the architect or designer. The vacuum pipes are narrower in diameter than standard toilet plumbing, and you no longer need to consider gravity when choosing the bathroom location. "The piping can be installed vertically in thin walls and in ceilings, because vacuum systems are able to lift sewage upward from the toilet," Jets explains. "You can even install a vacuum toilet in locations without running water or mains electric power."

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