Use these easy tricks to clean your sink in the kitchen

Kitchen is the important place in the house. So we need to take care of it. During rainy season the whole house turns into damp, kitchen also starts smelling. Some people’s sink foul smells will lead to vomit.

There is a reason for this that many times we also put food in the sink which gets rotten and creates bad smell, which attracts insects. In such a situation, one should keep cleaning the sink. Sometimes cockroaches or other types of insects also start coming from the sink.

Use these easy tricks to clean your sink in the kitchen

To avoid these, you need to keep the sink clean:

1– Baking Soda:– If your sink is made of stainless steel, then you can clean it by adding baking soda to it. Nowadays most of the houses have stainless steel sinks, the special thing is that they are very easy to clean. To clean the sink with baking soda, sprinkle soda all over the sink. Now after 5 minutes, scrub the sink with a scrubber and clean it. This will clean the sink and the smell will vanish.

2-Do not allow garbage to settle in the sink– Try not to collect small pieces of food in the sink. Many times after washing dishes, pieces of food and drink are left in the sink. Due to which the sink starts smelling. Therefore, always throw the remaining waste in the dustbin.

3-Make the sink aromatic– Even after cleaning the sink many times, it smells bad. In such a situation, you can use orange peels to remove the smell. Rub the orange peels on the sink, and then leave it for some time. Now wash the sink with warm water. This will remove the smell coming from the sink.

4-Add naphthalene balls– You can also put naphthalene tablet in the sink to remove the smell coming from the sink in the rain. This will also remove the smell coming from the sink and also prevent insects.

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