Top tips to keep your shower sparkling clean, according to those in the know

Experts have revealed their tips for ensuring your shower is sparkling clean.

Used everyday to keep ourselves clean and fresh, showers do get dirty fast and, while they can be easier to clean than bathtubs, marks and stains can remain, reports the Express.

Now, any problems with a grungy-looking shower may be at an end with these handy tips - whether it's the drain, the shower tray or the glass screen itself.

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While showers may seem clean things, they need freshening up regularly and one good way to ensure things stay fresh is by giving it a spritz between uses.

That may seem excessive but if a bit of elbow grease at the end of a day isn’t doing the trick then a simple spritz of an all-natural solution could be the saviour here.

Made of white vinegar, water, and some fragrant essential oils, the solution is a quick hack and is easy to make too.

All people need to do is mix equal parts white vinegar and water into an empty spray bottle before adding a few drops of the essential oils of choice.

Then give it a good shake and you're ready to go, giving the whole shower - from the cubicle door, the taps and shower head - a once over spray between uses.

After spraying, people should then give a quick wipe over with a soft cloth to ensure things stay gleaming.

Those of us who have smaller shower cubicles will have to contend with unpleasantness sooner than others because drains will get blocked much more easily.

However, a simple solution here is to always ensure that the drain is clear after each use.

That may mean the slightly icky task of removing visible hair from the plug hole, but it will benefit you in the long run.

Top tips to keep your shower sparkling clean, according to those in the know

People should also keep an eye out for razor caps and any other rogue items which might slip down the plughole.

To keep drains clear, people should also regularly treat it with a cap full of bleach or one cup of baking soda. This will help to prevent unwanted odours and deeper blockages from occurring.

Baking soda is also handy for helping tackle a huge amount of dirt and grime that collects in showers.

Basins are particularly susceptible to soap scum and hard water stains, with people advised to help tackle this issue by whipping out the baking soda and giving it a general sprinkle onto the basin of the cubicle.

This may then sound weird but squeezing the juice of half a lemon on top of this baking soda solution is what’s best to do after it.

People should leave the fragrant solution to sit undisturbed for at least one hour before they rinse the basin once more - revealing a gleaming white floor.

If ever there was a simple tool that can work wonders on your shower, then a squeegee is the go-to thing.

Making deep cleans even easier, a simple squeegee device should be used after each shower to wipe down the screens and tiles to remove surface water.

It’s a somewhat satisfying task that will stop hard water stains from forming in the long run and prevent them from covering the shiny surfaces around the shower.

The best tip here to avoid these unsightly marks is by keeping showers as dry as possible between uses - and squeegees certainly help to do that.

Talking about keeping things dry, a dry shower between uses will be a good thing as it helps stave off the appearance of mould and mildew.

Unfortunately a common occurrence around household waterworks, mould and mildew are most frequently seen in compact shower cubicles, with the heat and humidity of a hot shower filling your bathroom with moisture.

That risks the formation of these unsightly guests in and around the grout and silicone surfaces of the shower.

Combating it can be difficult because of expense but for some they can purchase a dehumidifier.

Placing it in the bathroom will work wonders on reducing lingering moisture and therefore reduce the chances of mould appearing.

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