Top Tips for Your Kitchen Remodel

Layers of Light

If you’re like us, you spend a lot of time in your kitchen, so it’s essential to get the lighting right. "Good kitchen lighting begins with overhead fixtures that reinforce natural light—think everything from statement pendants that play with scale, to more discrete flush or semi-flush fittings," says Dublin. "It’s important to have multiple layers of lighting, to both create ambiance and to functionally illuminate specific zones."

"Good lighting can elevate your space and bring joy to everyday tasks." —Evan Dublin

Top Tips for Your Kitchen Remodel

Illuminate Your Island

The kitchen island is one of the hardest working surfaces in the home—used for prepping, cooking, and even hosting—so it is essential to light it accordingly. Pendants or chandeliers are excellent for illuminating the entire space, but can have vastly different effects depending on their materiality. Linen or glass shades will create more ambient light, while metal shades, such as Rejuvenation’s spun brass Ormandy will focus light down onto a specific area.

Dublin recommends that lights should sit 30-36 inches above your countertop. Make sure they are centered, and when hanging multiple pendants, 24-30 inches is the ideal distance between pendants to make sure that the light is evenly distributed.