TikToker reveals the truly disgusting part of your sink you’re forgetting to clean

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  • A TikToker has just revealed a grimy hidden part of the kitchen, and we can’t unsee it. @jack.thelad shared a video of himself using the end of a tablespoon to unscrew the plughole in his kitchen sink, before prising out the metal cover.

    Underneath, there’s loads of brown grime that’s clearly been lurking there for a while. We thought cleaning the sink regularly with the best cleaning products was surely enough, without physically dismantling the plughole.

    So we tried the cleaning hack out to check that he wasn’t having us on, and we made an alarming discovery.

    Image credit: Wren Kitchens

    TikToker reveals the truly disgusting part of your sink you’re forgetting to clean

    The hidden part of the sink you’re forgetting to clean

    In the TikTok video, Jack removes the screw in the middle of the plughole in his kitchen sink. He begins by loosening it with the end of a spoon, before unscrewing it by hand.

    This may take a while – as you can see below, it’ll probably be a very large screw holding it together. Once that’s done, he uses the end of the spoon to remove the circular plug hole cover.

    It’s at this point that he uncovers a thick build-up of gross brown grime hidden underneath. He describes it as ‘actually horrid,’ and we’d have to agree.

    Image credit: Future

    When we tried it, we were shocked to see just how dirty this hidden area of our own kitchen was (see below). After giving the area a thorough clean, the sink smells much better.

    Cleaning our homes regularly and giving hidden spots like this our care and attention contributes towards maintaining a healthy and happy home that can support our wellbeing. It’ll also get rid of any nasty smells, and you can sleep easy knowing you’ve got rid of this revolting grime.

    Image credit: Future

    Video Of The Week

    If you try the hack at home, our top tip is to make sure you screw the sink cover back on tightly. This will go some way in preventing more nasties from getting stuck over time.

    As we said, some things you just can’t unsee. Will you be giving this one a go when you do some spring cleaning this year?