This cost-effective Thazhapra house in 5 cents is simple and boasts of all amenities

For a common man who earns a fixed monthly income, it is profitable to build a comfortable house on a small plot. Experts in this field say that spending one’s life’s savings to build a luxurious house would be unwise. Noted architect BP Salim specialises in designing houses, in 1500 – 1600 sqft, that suit the purse of the common man. He has designed this brand-new house in Thazhapra that has an area of 1370 sqft, with proper planning and execution.

The 5 cents plot was higher than the road level. The family made sure to raise the plot in the flood prone area when they purchased the land. However, the COVID-19 outbreak marred the dreams of many who had planned to build spacious homes with three or four bedrooms. Salim says that he tries to make his customers understand the difficulties of overshooting budget. The number of rooms in a house should be decided based on the number of people who are living in that house. He adds that a family of four require a house that has three bedrooms.

From the sit out of this house, one could enter the tastefully furnished living area. The rotating TV unit here is an interesting feature. Then comes the spacious dining area. One bedroom is beside the dining space. The kitchen has an adjacent work area. Meanwhile, two more bedrooms have been arranged in the upper floor.


Instead of timber, an alternative material called wood with polymer has been used for furnishing. This material fights termites and doesn’t bulge when moisture seeps in during the monsoon. GI pipes have been used for windows, with laminated fabrication on the outside. This is both affordable and reduces maintenance. Mesh has been fixed on the windows to keep away mosquitoes at night. Meanwhile, natural sunshine and cool breeze come into the house during the day.

This cost-effective Thazhapra house in 5 cents is simple and boasts of all amenities

The foundation of this house is built using hard rocks while the walls have been constructed with cement blocks. The interiors walls, meanwhile, is built using ferro cement slabs. The walls are water proofed, both on the inside and outside. A coat of putty finish too has been added before water proofing again.

The bathroom fittings are done in a single line – up. The shower area, commodes and wash basins are designed in uniform line – up and tiles are pasted on the walls at ten feet height. Mesh is fixed on the bathroom windows too.

The smaller windows in the kitchen allow more space for cupboards. High quality ferro cement slabs have been used for the cupboards. The kitchen has lots of storage facilities, making it space and utility efficient. Meanwhile, the cabinets are done in plywood with mica finish.

The custom-made furniture perfectly suits the general theme of the house. The family says that they didn’t prefer ready made furniture as they wanted the pieces to be unique.

The walls don the classy colour theme of black and wooden shade. The stairway has been designed in GI pipes. The hand railings, meanwhile, has been painted in wooden finish, adding a rustic charm. The water proofed ceiling saves the interiors from moisture and moulds. Interestingly, the car porch too has been built using GI pipes and is paved with roofing tiles to keep it budget friendly.

The house has three gates; one in the front, another connecting to the car porch and the third gate opens to one of the two roads that run on either side. The couch, dining table and the curtain fittings are custom made. The warm lighting adds a unique grace to the interior. The floor lighting, meanwhile, enhances the overall look of the house.

Around Rs 45 lakh was spent to purchase the 5 cents plot (Rs 1 lakh per cent) and to construct the house.