This compact over-the-sink makeup mat instantly doubles your counter space

Whether you live with roommates or family members or you just have a tiny bathroom, clutter tends to accumulate fast around the sink.

There’s nothing worse than when you’re trying to get ready to go out, but all your beauty supplies and toiletries keep falling off the edge of the sink. If counter space is what’s sorely missing from your bathroom, this simple hack can change everything.

Watch along as In The Know’s Lisa Azcona transforms her bathroom into a bona fide beauty station with one affordable product.

“Nothing is worse than doing your beauty routine in a cramped bathroom with limited counter space,” Lisa says. “Personally, my sink gets super cluttered. And I’m always knocking things over onto the floor. That’s why I’m so excited to reveal this game-changing hack that will double your counter space in seconds.”

Lisa got her hands on The Matte, a patented, foldable makeup organizer that instantly turns your sink into a beauty counter. When folded, it’s the size of an iPad case at 6.5 inches wide and 9.5 inches long. Unfolded, The Matte is 17.25 inches wide and 19.5 inches long.

“To use it, first unfold the mat and lay it over your sink, with the indents you see on the surface facing toward you,” she explains. “Then use the additional surface area you just created to lay your brushes, your makeup and even your hair supplies.”

This compact over-the-sink makeup mat instantly doubles your counter space

The Matte even contains indentations that prevent items like your mascara, lipsticks and glosses from rolling away.

“When you’re done, make sure you wipe it down, fold it and store it away,” she says. “Keep in mind that The Matte only holds up to two pounds of beauty essentials and that you probably want to avoid putting any hot tools over its surface. You don’t want to damage it.”

But Lisa’s favorite part of the beauty tool is how practical it is to use anywhere.

“I honestly think the coolest part is that it’s super portable,” Lisa says. “So you can use it at home or take it with you on your next vacation.”

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