These RV Kitchen Faucets Are A Stylish Upgrade To Your Camper’s Hardware

An updated faucet can make a big difference in your camper’s kitchen.

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BYNoelle Talmon/ LAST UPDATED ONFebruary 28, 2022

If you want an inexpensive way to upgrade the kitchen in your RV, one option is replacing the faucet. RV faucets are not too pricey, depending on how much you're willing to spend. They are available in a wide range of options, so it shouldn't be too difficult to find one that will suit your needs. However, not all RV faucets are the same. They come in different configurations and finishes, and some are better quality than others.

If you want the best RV faucet for your rig, you need to do some research. That's where we come in. We did the legwork, so you don't have to. Check out some of the best RV kitchen faucets in our buying guide.

Best OverallLippert Flow Max RV Kitchen Faucet Check Latest Price LEARN MORESummary Summary

Lippert's stainless steel, single-handle faucet has a spout height of 17.15 inches. The unit does not require a deck plate.

Pros ProsCons ConsBest OverallLippert Flow Max RV Kitchen FaucetCheck Latest Price Best ValueDura Faucet Hi-Rise RV Kitchen Sink Faucet Check Latest Price LEARN MORESummary Summary

This faucet has two handles, and the spout is 10 inches tall. It's made of acrylic with a brass spout.

Pros ProsCons ConsBest ValueDura Faucet Hi-Rise RV Kitchen Sink FaucetCheck Latest Price Honorable MentionDura Faucet RV Gooseneck Kitchen Sink Faucet Check Latest Price LEARN MORESummary Summary

This brushed satin nickel faucet has a 10.4-inch spout and features single-handed operation.

Pros ProsCons ConsHonorable MentionDura Faucet RV Gooseneck Kitchen Sink FaucetCheck Latest Price

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Our Methodology

We took several factors into consideration when compiling our list of the best RV kitchen faucets. We made sure to feature products made specifically for RVs. While you can use a regular kitchen faucet in an RV, it requires some modification, so we opted for those that are easier to install. We chose products from well-known brands that have a reputation for manufacturing good-quality faucets. We made sure to include different varieties of faucets, since what appeals to one person may not appeal to another. Price was another consideration.

Regardless of your budget, you're sure to find an option on this list that aligns with your finances. We also checked consumer feedback to see how these units perform in real-world conditions. For more information on our methodology, go here.

Best RV Kitchen Faucets Reviews & Recommendations

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These RV Kitchen Faucets Are A Stylish Upgrade To Your Camper’s Hardware




Our top pick is the Lippert Flow Max RV Kitchen Faucet, which is constructed of strong and durable stainless steel and features a bullet-shaped pull-down faucet. The product looks good with stainless steel sinks and is made of high-quality materials, making it a stylish and modern addition to your RV. It features a single-handle design, and you can toggle the pull-down faucet for streaming or spraying. The unit is easy to install as the faucet is placed directly into the countertop. It doesn't require a deck plate. Also, since the sprayer is built into the faucet, an extra mounting hole isn't required. The height from the base to the neck is 17.15 inches. We like the flexibility and maneuverability of this option because you can manipulate the pull-down faucet head as needed. For best results, it's a good idea to pair this faucet with a Lippert sink.

Best Value Dura Faucet Hi-Rise RV Kitchen Sink Faucet Check Latest Price




The Dura Faucet Hi-Rise RV Kitchen Sink Faucet is a great option if you're on a budget. Available in white, bisque parchment, and polished chrome options, this particular pick has smoked acrylic knobs. It's a classic-looking faucet that features water pressure and temperature adjustable knobs, and you don't have to worry about splashing due to the aerated stream it produces. It features lightweight synthetic construction and a brass spout. The knobs turn smoothly and easily and won't drip.

Lead-free certified, this faucet is specifically designed for RVs and smaller spaces and is lightweight and simple to install. It's designed for sinks with two holes. The spout is a little more than 10 inches tall, while the knobs are less than three inches tall. It features a flow rate of two gallons per minute and comes with drip-free washerless cartridges. One downside is that it's not as high quality as some other options, but it's a great product for the price.

Best Single Handle Faucet Dura Faucet RV Gooseneck Kitchen Sink Faucet Check Latest Price




The Dura Faucet Gooseneck Kitchen Sink Faucet is available in brushed nickel. Features include a single-lever side handle, matching side sprayer, and high-arc gooseneck spout that is 10.4 inches tall. Due to its size, you can wash dishes as well as large pots with this faucet, which is simple to operate and has a two-gallons-per-minute flow rate. Constructed of commercial-grade materials, this unit is lead-free certified and includes braided stainless-steel risers for strength and durability. Easy to install, it's designed for use with sinks that have three holes. It can be mounted with a metal lock nut and has hot/cold supply hoses that are ready to attach as well as stainless-steel riser inlet hoses.

Overall, it's a great option for smaller sinks. One potential downside is that the gooseneck can project the stream of water slightly forward, which can be a hassle if you use a water filter on the faucet.

Best Two-Handle Faucet Dura Faucet J-Spout RV Kitchen Faucet Check Latest Price




Made from a top manufacturer of RV components, the Dura Faucet J-Spout RV Kitchen Faucet features a brushed-nickel finish and is a great replacement option for your motorhome. Its heavy-duty construction, UPC/CUPC certification, and stylish appearance are just some of the reasons why we included this faucet on this list. The lead-free-certified faucet features two levers for adjusting the water pressure and temperature. The aerated stream prevents water from splashing, and it has lightweight synthetic waterways, metal-plated plastic construction, and a durable brass spout. The knobs turn smoothly and easily and won't drip.

You can use this unit with sinks that have either two or three holes. The spout is 12.6 inches tall and has a two-gallons-per-minute flow rate with washerless cartridges. Unfortunately, it features plastic components, which may not last as long as some metal rival options.

Best With Pull-Down Sprayer Empire Brass RV Kitchen Faucet with Gooseneck Spout Check Latest Price




The Empire Brass RV Kitchen Faucet with Gooseneck Spout features a pull-down, teardrop-shaped sprayer, two teapot handles, and a brushed-nickel finish, giving it a modern feel. One of the best features of this faucet is the spray head, which rotates 360 degrees, so it's simple to clean your dishes as well as the sink's surface area. The spout is tall at 16.5 inches. It comes with quarter-turn washerless cartridges and a non-metallic underbody that is durably constructed.

The unit has an eight-inch mounting width and requires three holes for installation. Installation instructions come with the unit, which complies with California's no-lead law. One downside with this faucet is that the spray button may be a little hard to activate and may restrict water pressure.

Best-Looking Empire Faucets RV Bullet-Style Kitchen Faucet Head Replacement Check Latest Price




The Empire Faucets RV Bullet-Style Kitchen Faucet is a good upgrade for most motorhomes. This pull-down faucet features a brushed-nickel finish, making it a sleek addition to your RV's kitchen or even a marine or boat kitchen. It measures 8.3 by 15.2 inches, and the spout is 15.19 inches tall. The unit features an aerator to save water and comes with 17-inch braided supply lines. Temperature and water flow can be adjusted with a single lever, and the bullet-style spray head only requires the use of one hand. The sprayer has 360-degree rotation, and it automatically retracts back to the neck when you're done using it. Other features include drip-free operation and a toggle that allows you to spray at high volumes or a lower, steady stream.

The faucet valve is constructed of durable ceramic discs, and the riser hoses are made of rust- and corrosion-resistant stainless steel. The hot and cold hoses are included, and you can install the unit in two ways: using the deck plates or by anchoring it into your sink.

Our Verdict

We recommend the Lippert Flow Max RV Kitchen Faucet. We like its stainless steel construction and overall style. It's a high-quality option and easy to install. For a more budget-friendly option, consider the Dura Faucet Hi-Rise RV Kitchen Sink Faucet.

What to Consider When Buying an RV Kitchen Faucet

There are several features to look for when shopping for a faucet for your RV kitchen. Check the dimensions and decide if you want a single-handle or double-handle faucet. You can then choose a finish and decide the faucet’s construction.

RV Kitchen Faucets Key Features


RV kitchen faucets are typically made of metal or plastic. Metal faucets can be made of bronze, chrome, or nickel and are longer lasting than plastic. They may be slightly heavier than their plastic counterparts, but they are much more durable. They’re also very sleek looking but tend to be a bit more expensive. Plastic faucets are a little cheaper but are a popular choice among RVers. These faucets are less durable, but they're a good budget option.


If a faucet is designed specifically for an RV, there's a good chance it will fit in your motorhome. However, check the dimensions to make sure a particular product fits with your sink. In addition, some require one mounting hole, while others need two or three, depending on whether they are single or double handled or include a sprayer. In addition, the height of the spout varies depending on the make and model. These are all important considerations when choosing an RV kitchen faucet.

Aerated Spout

Seasoned RVers know the importance of water conservation. Since water is in limited supply, you want a faucet that won't waste it indiscriminately. If you want a water-efficient faucet, look for one with an aerated spout. These units combine air with the water, which controls the flow and reduces waste.


This is where your personal taste comes in. RV kitchen faucets are available in a wide variety of designs, colors, and styles. You can opt for anything from a brushed-nickel finish or a white-colored faucet, depending on what matches the rest of the kitchen. You may want one handle or two handles or one with a sprayer that pulls down from the spout?

RV Kitchen Faucets Pricing

RV kitchen faucets are available at a wide range of prices. If you are on a budget, you can easily find options that cost less than $50. These types of faucets usually have plastic components and typically won't last as long as premium options. Plus, they may not look as sleek as some higher-end faucets. However, they get the job done and will perform as expected. More expensive faucets can cost $100 or more, and they are made of materials that ensure their durability. These faucets are pricier but will last longer and tend to have a more modern look, which may be appealing for those who want an aesthetically appealing kitchen.


You’ve got questions. The Drive has answers.

Q: Can you put a regular kitchen faucet in an RV?

A: If you have the proper adapters, you can install a regular faucet in your RV. Just keep in mind that the pipes in an RV are not the same size as the pipes in a house, so you need to modify them accordingly.

Q: Are RV faucets different from the regular house kitchen faucets?

A: Both types of faucets look similar; however, RV plumbing features flexible tubes instead of metal pipes. Home faucets can be altered to fit RVs, but they're not compatible out of the box.

Q: Which size connections do RV faucets use?

A: Typically, RVs use half-inch female connections on the water supply lines.