These Painting Classes In Lockport Are A MUST For Western New York Families

If you are looking to get more involved in the community and meet new friends, the answer may be in the paint -- and I am not referring to basketball, though I’m sure that would be a good way to meet potential friends, too.

This is also a great place to go with friends and family as an activity to do together!

Veronica DeAngelo Compton has been an artist for several years, and a few months ago, she started to share her love of art through fun classes that show you how to create unique works of art.

The classes were originally held weekly on Thursday nights from 6-8pm in Veronica’s studio, which is located in the Bewley Building at 4 Market Street Room 420, Lockport, NY. But the demand has been so high since Veronica first opened her studio doors, and she has upped studio painting sessions to be four times per week!

These Painting Classes In Lockport Are A MUST For Western New York Families

These are the painting sessions she is currently working on through St. Patrick's Day, called the "Celtic Knot Tree Of Life."

Veronica selects a different artwork to paint with the group every week or so, and one of the first paintings she taught was a group painting called “Bird on a Wire.”

Don’t be fooled -- this is only the beginning of my painting. I promise birds will be added later if you keep reading. I really enjoyed going to this painting class on Thursday night because all of the art supplies were provided by Veronica. She had all the canvases set up on their stands, the necessary paint colors set up, a cup of water at every seat, and there was coffee and snacks provided.

Ah...now we have bird bodies. I should mention that there is a fee for the class and reservations must be made in advance because there is limited seating in Veronica’s studio. It is a small fee of $35 for a two hour painting session, and again -- everything is provided for you and Veronica walks you through the selected artwork for the night. You will just need to make sure you reserve your spot in her class.

Doesn’t this look so cool? I should note that I am not very artistically inclined, but Veronica’s class helped me create something unique and colorful for the no-longer bare wall of my apartment. The conversations with the other painters in the studio are light-hearted and fun, and you can make your reservation for Veronica’s next class by finding her Facebook page @VibeRantArt.

Hope to see you there sometime in the future!

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