The 'miracle' Bunnings buy that will kill every fly in your home

Aussie mums are going wild over a Bunnings buy they say will rid your home of flies.

The EnviroSafe Jumbo Fly Trap is sold as a non-toxic and pesticide-free system supposedly “irresistible” to flies.

Mum Jendy recently took to social media to share just how well the Bunnings purchase worked, posting a snap of the trap full of flies on Facebook.

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“For anyone who wants to sit outside without being constantly annoyed by flies, go grab yourselves these from Bunnings,” she wrote on the Mums Who Clean page.

“They are fantastic.”

Others agreed that the $19.98 trap had worked well, sharing snaps of their own used traps.

“Yep they work, living rural these are a must,” said one.

The 'miracle' Bunnings buy that will kill every fly in your home

Added another: “They definitely do work! This was the second one filled in a month.”

Said a third: “We have two of the large ones and I have to empty it every two to three days as it’s full. They are gross to empty but it’s so satisfying seeing all those dead flies though!”

Added one more: “Haven’t seen a fly in weeks since we put ours up.”

But while there was agreement about the efficiency of the $19.98 Bunnings buy, some said the smell of the trap’s contents was too much to bear.

“Just make sure you hang it up away from where you sit because they smell putrid after a couple of days,” one suggested.

Added another: “They stink so bad after a couple of days. I’d rather the flies than that nauseating smell!”

Said a third: “Smelled like a decomposing body!”

But many haven’t let the stench deter them.

“I bought four today. Can’t wait to use them,” said one.

Added another: “I got one on Monday afternoon. By Thursday it was full.”

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