The festival of colours: A complete guide on how to prep your hair for Holi

You don’t have to deal with colour-tinged, brittle hair for a week following Holi. Here are all the tips and tricks you’ll need to prepare and care for your strands before and after Holi so you can enjoy the festivities without worries.

Holi 2022: Prep your hair well for the festival of colours

Delicious food, family gatherings, and a whirl of colours. What’s not to love about Holi? Aside from the sun, water, and colour damage that your hair will endure. You may spend hours in the shower and transform into Lady Macbeth, but the fact is that some of that colour is permanent. However, if you give your strands some TLC before and after the festival of colours, you can keep this damage under control. We’ve compiled the best hair care tips for the forthcoming festival.

The festival of colours: A complete guide on how to prep your hair for Holi

How to prep your hair before playing Holi

When your hair is dry and damaged, the protective keratin barrier is weakened, and the consequences are exacerbated since dry hair acts like a sponge, absorbing everything that is thrown at it. You’ll be spending the most of your time outside in the sun on this day, so it’s not just the colours you should be concerned about, but also water and sun damage. The first step is to schedule a thorough conditioning treatment a few days before Holi. This assists in the restoration of damage and strengthens your hair for the future.

In addition to the hair shaft, you need take steps to protect the cuticle. Oiling your hair the day before the celebration is recommended by experts. As a result, it forms a protective layer on the cuticle. Then, on Holi morning, re-oil your hair with coconut oil or another oil of your choice, and put it up in a high ponytail or a bun before you go to play with the riot of colours, so the colour doesn’t sink into your scalp. Use a leave-in conditioner with SPF before applying oil to your hair for sun protection.

Wearing a scarf or bandana over your hair is another way to protect your hair. This would be a win-win situation because you’d be making a fashion statement for your Holi look while also protecting your hair.

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How to get take off Holi colours safely after playing

Once you’re back from playing Holi, jump into the shower immediately to remove the majority of the colour before it wreaks havoc on your hair. You may be chilly after all the water battles, but don’t even consider turning on the geyser. Warm water, according to experts, should be avoided while washing off the colours since it might solidify the colours and make them much more difficult to remove. After properly rinsing, add some egg yolks and curd to your hair and leave it on for 45 minutes.

Most people make the error of over-cleansing. Wash thoroughly once or twice. If you still have colour on your hair, letting it emulsify with oil overnight may be preferable to scraping it off. Always use a gentle shampoo that is free of sulphates and parabens.

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