The best utility sink

Is your home undergoing a renovation or remodel? If you're taking a look at replacing your old concrete utility sink, we'll introduce you to new options that bring your home into the 21st century.

Utility sinks are usually found in basements or laundry rooms to manage dirty or grimy jobs that your other sinks can't handle. They're designed differently than traditional sinks -- they're wider, deeper, and in some cases, made to drain more efficiently. The practicality of a utility sink can be a game changer, and with modern, attractive designs, they're something every home needs. Utility sinks vary in their installation method and a handful of other aspects and features.


If it's time to upgrade the utility sink in your home, keep reading our buying guide. Our top choice, the Kraus Stainless Steel Laundry Utility Sink, features a modern dual-function sprayer and a flexible hose.

Considerations when choosing utility sinks

Installation styles

Drop-in utility sinks

These sinks, which are installed in a counter, are the most common style. As the name implies, this sink is simply placed into the precut hole for quick installation. These are especially popular since they're easy to clean and come in a variety of materials.

Undermount utility sinks

Like drop-in utility sinks, undermount styles are also installed in a counter. The main difference, however, is that they are placed beneath the precut counter. This results in hard to reach crevices that are notorious for gunk buildup. Installing undermount utility sinks is also often more time consuming.

Wall-mount utility sinks

Wall-mount utility sinks are affordable alternatives to drop-in and undermount styles. Installation is also quite straightforward, as wall-mount sinks can be affixed to any available and secure wall. Wall-mount sinks are fairly compact, making them well-suited for tight spaces and small rooms.

Floor-mount utility sinks

Floor-mount utility sinks either resemble large tubs elevated on four legs or feature modern designs similar to traditional bathroom vanities. Simple styles are wallet-friendly. However, vanity-inspired styles can be significantly more expensive.



Acrylic is the most common and cost-effective material for utility sinks. They're stain and scratch-resistant, which is why they're so popular among gardeners and DIYers.


Porcelain utility sinks are treated with high heat and are then sealed with a glass-based enamel to make them durable. These styles are heat-resistant and easy to clean, so they're a solid choice if you expect to get a lot of use out of a utility sink.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel utility sinks tend to be more expensive than acrylic and porcelain. While they're incredibly durable and are generally dent-resistant, stainless steel scratches easily. Many consumers opt for brushed styles to conceal scratches.

Enameled cast iron

If you're going to be extra heavy on your utility sink, it's worth considering the priciest option -- enameled cast iron. These utility sinks are designed to accommodate the toughest tasks, which is why they're capable of handling hot water, heavy wear, and plenty of clanging of pots and pans.



Deep utility sinks are best if you're washing large items or animals. Shallow sinks, on the other hand, have smaller capacities but are much easier on backs as they require less bending over.

Double bowl

For some tasks, having a second bowl, also called a divided sink, makes life a lot easier. One side can be used for washing, while the other lets items rinse or drain.

The best utility sink

Sloped bottom

If you need a quick-draining sink, opt for one with a sloped bottom or channel grooves. With gravity at work, water drains considerably faster than in flat-bottom sinks.

Sound damping

Some utility sink materials are noisier than others, especially stainless steel and acrylic. Certain styles are equipped with sound damping features that diminish the harsh sound of splashing or running water against the sink.


Simple wall-mounted utility sinks cost between $50 and $100. If you're looking for sinks in a variety of styles and materials, including porcelain, stainless steel, or acrylic, expect to spend closer to $250. Floor-standing units are the most expensive options and cost $250 and up.


Q. Will I need a pro to install my utility sink?

A.While some utility sinks are easier to install than others, it's a good idea to ask an experienced pro to handle it. Sometimes additional plumbing and construction is required, in which case you'll save yourself a big headache by hiring someone to handle it.

Q. Can I build a cabinet around my floor-mounted utility sink?

A.Yes, and some people do so to optimize space or create storage solutions. As long as all parts beneath and around the sink are easily accessible for repairs, feel free to work with a contractor to build one that fits in the space and suits your needs.

Utility sinks we recommend

Best of the best:Kraus' Stainless Steel Laundry Utility Sink

Our take:This heavy-duty style borrows all the best features from commercial sinks.

What we like:Practical, deeper sink style with channel grooves that speed up drainage.

What we dislike:Since it's an undermount sink, you'll need a countertop for installation.

Best bang for your buck:Samson's Floor-Mounted Laundry Tub

Our take:Budget-friendly choice for laundry rooms. Popular for its square, space-saving design.

What we like:Includes practical features like towel holders, drying rack, seamless corners, and molded drain.

What we dislike:Sink is on the smaller side for some people.

Choice 3:Exquisite's Laundry Utility Cabinet Sink

Our take:Elegant spin on what's usually a utilitarian design. Compact and attractive.

What we like:Base comes assembled for easy installation, and the under-sink storage space is handy.

What we dislike:Not as heavy-duty as other utility sinks. Fairly expensive.

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