The Best Natural Shampoos for Men

A full, healthy head of hair is an indispensable part of both looking and feeling your best. To optimize your mane, you need the best shampoo to nourish, cleanse, and strengthen your scalp and strands. Unfortunately, many widely available grooming products are made with toxic synthetic chemicals that not only damage your hair and scalp but have been linked to serious health problems. For this reason, when selecting a shampoo, it is crucial to opt for one that is free of harmful artificial ingredients.

The benefits of natural shampoos go beyond their safety. Most natural shampoos feature high-performance botanical ingredients that deliver major hair care results. As more men become aware of the power and importance of effective, all-natural ingredients, men’s grooming brands have responded with a shift to clean products. In fact, there are so many clean shampoos to choose from that finding the best one for your mane may seem overwhelming.

Luckily, we have surveyed the experts and put together this list of the best natural shampoos for men. Take a look, and get ready for clean, revitalized locks and ingredients you can trust.

1. Blu Atlas | Shampoo

When it comes to high-performance, clean grooming products, look no further than Blu Atlas, a premium natural brand of effective men’s body care. Their nourishing shampoo fortifies weakened strands with essential vitamins and fatty acids, and expertly hydrates the scalp as it cleans.

The active botanical blend features jojoba oil, which matches the skin’s natural hydration and nourishes the scalp with fatty acids and antioxidants, boosting hair strength and growth rate. Plus, organic aloe barbadensis leaf soothes irritation and absorbs deeply into the scalp for intense hydration. Stimulating citric acid promotes scalp circulation and new hair growth.

This conditioning, creamy foam is suitable as a daily balancing shampoo that remedies signs of aging and environmental damage in the hair, including brittle strands, dullness, and thinning. Blu Atlas products are certified all-natural with guaranteed efficacy and sustainable practices. Free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and synthetic fragrances, this shampoo is a top natural choice for all hair and skin types. For best results, wash with this shampoo daily, and don’t forget to check out the brand’s corresponding conditioner. Your hair and scalp will thank you!

2. Hanz de Fuko | Natural Shampoo

This shampoo from indie brand Hanz de Fuko lives up to its name, featuring an ultra-clean ingredient list of more than sixteen botanical extracts in a sulfate and paraben-free formula. Boost shine and balance your scalp with this gentle yet effective cleaner that is even suitable as a body wash.

The impressive formula includes an antioxidant-rich blend of seaweed, pomegranate, and eucalyptus, which purify the scalp while reversing and preventing environmental damage. Plus, spearmint, sage, and clove stimulate the scalp as shea butter and cactus nourish and hydrate, locking in moisture for hair that is visibly thicker, stronger, and easier to style. Enriched with ten essential amino acids, this shampoo is guaranteed to strengthen and revitalize your mane.

Make every day a good hair day with this clean shampoo from Hanz de Fuko. Free of harsh synthetic chemicals, it is suitable for all skin and hair types, and ideal for daily use.


This botanical shampoo from award-winning natural grooming brand Triumph & Disaster is another treat for your crown. The brand is known for its rigorous clinical research and optimal plant-derived formulas. Enriched with a carefully curated blend of strengthening and nourishing ingredients, this shampoo is 100% natural and lightly scented with alluring peppermint notes.

The balancing and nourishing ingredients include hydrolyzed keratin, a reparative plant-derived protein that strengthens the hair shaft while sealing in scalp moisture for deep and lasting hydration. Plus, argan oil delivers a potent infusion of vitamin E and omega fatty acids to hydrate the scalp and provide antioxidant protection from environmental aggressors. Lastly, a trio of herbal and fruit extracts purify the hair and scalp, washing away toxins and oily buildup.

Pair this top-rated shampoo with the brand’s hydrating conditioner for an even quicker hair transformation. It is an excellent strengthening, hydrating, and nourishing choice for all hair types.

4. Hawthorne | Thickening Shampoo

This all-natural shampoo from Hawthorne is a strong choice for men who are experiencing thinning, dry, or damaged hair. The award-winning grooming brand is a reliable source for effective and clean body care tailored to men’s needs. Their shampoo is formulated to address thinning hair with a nourishing blend of targeted natural ingredients.

Repair and rejuvenate dry, brittle strands with deeply moisturizing aloe vera and vitamin B5, which calm scalp irritation and nourish the follicles. Rice protein extract fortifies the strands, boosting resilience, flexibility, and shine, while vitamin E remedies split ends.

This targeted formula is scented with refreshing peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils, which tone and revitalize the scalp as they calm your senses with every wash. Free of harmful synthetic chemicals, this shampoo is safe for daily use. Soothe your scalp and reveal thicker, fuller hair with this enriched and certified cruelty-free option.

5. Dr. Squatch | Cypress Coast Shampoo

Next, we recommend this freshly scented restorative shampoo from the clean men’s hygiene brand Dr. Squatch. The popular brand is known for its accessible high-performance blends of quality botanical ingredients, guaranteeing ingredients of 98-100% natural origin. Their best-selling shampoo cleans and revives your scalp and strands, boosting hair thickness, volume, and shine.

Key ingredients include tea tree oil and honey, which detox and stimulate the scalp while reversing damage due to environmental aggressors. Plus, extracts of comfrey and nettle leaf condition and strengthen your hair shafts with fatty acids and essential minerals. Meanwhile, jojoba oil and oat protein deliver lasting hydration and resilience, combating frizz, scalp irritation, and breakage.

This high-performance formula is scented with alluring cypress oil. Enjoy the rich lathering formula two to three times a week for visible results with trusted clean ingredients. Don’t hesitate to explore the brand’s full line of hair and body products tailored to men.

6. Lumin | Advanced Keratin Recovery Shampoo

Award-winning and affordable grooming brand Lumin is knowns for its simple, clean, and effective formulas. Their strengthening shampoo is a great choice for all hair types. The all-natural ingredients repair damaged hair while fortifying the follicles and nurturing the scalp, revealing thicker, stronger, and revitalized hair.

The star ingredient is a potent dose of keratin, which reverses damage and restores shine and volume. This shampoo also contains essential oils of peppermint and tea tree, a natural antimicrobial agent that gently purifies and soothes the follicles and scalp. Plus, ceramide nourishes the scalp with essential fatty acids that strengthen the skin matrix, preventing moisture loss, hair thinning, and irritation. This winning formula is topped off with detoxifying green tea extract, which prevents damage due to oxidative stress, and regulates sebum to counteract oily buildup.

This powerful premium shampoo offers benefits to all hair and skin types and is particularly effective to treat hair thinning and loss. Reveal thicker hair that is easier to style with this hydrating and fortifying option. Free of harmful synthetic additives, this is another great clean option for men.

7. Olivina Men | Cleansing Charcoal Shampoo

Purify your hair and scalp with this clean customer favorite from natural grooming brand Olivina Men. The deep-cleaning formula is a powerful blend of charcoal and essential oils that clarify and revitalize your mane with every wash.

The active natural ingredients include bamboo-derived charcoal powder that thoroughly cleans and absorbs excess oil. Plus, an enriching blend of essential oils of rosemary, lavender, peppermint, and eucalyptus soothe and fortify the scalp while delighting your senses with their refreshing aromas. Organic hempseed oil hydrates the scalp and smooths the hair cuticles for a boost in strength, shine, body, and control.

Free of parabens, phthalates, silicones, and artificial fragrance, this refreshing blend is a great choice for a deep clean that reveals softer, stronger strands. For quicker and more dramatic results, explore the brand’s full line of grooming products that harness the power of natural ingredients.

8. Brickell | Daily Strengthening Shampoo

Next, check out this organic daily shampoo from Brickell, a high-performance clean grooming line that is backed by clinical research and safe for all skin and hair types. The fortifying blend targets dandruff and oily buildup on the scalp while stimulating hair growth and boosting volume, strength, shine, and control.

The 97% natural formula features hydrolyzed wheat protein, which fortifies your hair follicles and strands, as well as an amino acid blend that thickens each hair shaft and seals the cuticles for visible shine. Meanwhile, vitamin E nourishes and balances the scalp to prevent hair loss, while invigorating peppermint and tea tree essential oils soothe and purify the scalp.

The Best Natural Shampoos for Men

Banish scalp irritation, dandruff, and hair loss with this minty fresh shampoo that cleanses without stripping your hair of vital moisture and nutrients. This ultra-clean formula is safe and ideal for daily use, both as a targeted hair loss remedy and as a preventative measure that delivers optimal volume and shine.

9. Bevel | Sulfate-Free Shampoo

For a balanced, deep clean that doesn’t dry out your hair and scalp, try this clean shampoo from dermatologist-recommended grooming brand Bevel. This brand is a great option for curly and coarse hair textures.

The moisturizing shampoo is made with a blend of powerful natural conditioners, including coconut oil that fortifies the scalp and follicles, and shea butter, which seals in moisture and nutrients. The effective daily wash delivers non-greasy hydration, and customers love the light, natural fragrance.

Pair this gentle yet effective product with the brand’s conditioner for maximum effect. Not only sulfate-free, this shampoo is also made without silicones, which strip the hair of nutrients, and free of harmful parabens, phthalates, and synthetic fragrances.

10. Horace | Gentle Purifying Shampoo

Clean men’s grooming brand Horace has a twofold approach to hair care: purifying and strengthening. When your scalp is polluted with oily build-up and toxins, your hair suffers. This clarifying shampoo balances sebum levels on the scalp while hydrating and revitalizing the follicles and strands to reveal your healthiest hair yet.

The key ingredient is tea tree oil, which detoxes the skin and keeps your natural oils in check. It also stimulates circulation to promote hair growth, and provides antioxidant protection from environmental aggressors. This potent formula additionally contains anti-inflammatory red ginseng extract, as well as hydrating and nourishing babassu oil. The vitamin E-rich blend fortifies your locks and stimulates growth, boosting volume as it deeply cleans.

This top-rated shampoo is available in both citrus and mint fragrance options. Soften, purify, and strengthen the hair with this freshly scented option, ideal for normal to oily hair types, and safe for daily use.

11. Bulldog Skincare | Original Shampoo

Bulldog Skincare is a trusted source of clean, effective grooming products for men of all skin types and concerns. Their shampoo features natural and sustainably sourced ingredients that nourish your hair and scalp as they gently cleanse and purify.

This mild, foaming formula includes chicory root, a natural source of inulin that hydrates and strengthens the strands and follicles, boosting shine, volume, and resilience. It is also made with all-natural surfactants that provide a deep-cleaning lather without stripping the hair and scalp of vital moisture and nutrients. Plus, citrus extracts revitalize and tone the scalp while shielding them from environmental damage.

Try this affordable and ethically sourced shampoo for a deep, balanced clean. It is certified cruelty-free and vegan, and includes an alluring 100% natural fragrance. A no-brainer inclusion on this list of best natural shampoos for men, this Bulldog product is a safe option for daily use, and gentle enough for even the most sensitive scalps.

12. Aveda | Ivanti Men Nourishing Exfoliating Shampoo

Aveda is another dependable option for clean personal care products. This brand was one of the first to promote the amazing benefits of botanical ingredients for the skin and hair. The shampoo from their targeted men’s line delivers a deep clean, exfoliating and soothing the scalp to prevent thinning hair and oily buildup.

Plant-derived salicylic acid purifies the scalp, ridding it of excess sebum and pollution. Meanwhile, antioxidant powerhouses turmeric and ginseng heal and protect the follicles, soothing scalp inflammation and promoting new hair growth.

This natural shampoo is highly effective, yet gentle enough for daily use. Pair it with Aveda’s complimentary men’s products for an even quicker hair turnaround.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a natural shampoo, and why do I need it?

Natural shampoos are free of harmful synthetic chemicals, namely sulfates, parabens, phthalates, and artificial fragrances. These toxic ingredients are commonly found in many personal care products and have been linked to various diseases, such as endocrine disorders, cancers, depression, and infertility. So, it is important to read ingredient labels and avoid harsh synthetics such as these.

Not only are natural shampoos free of harmful artificial ingredients, but they also harness the power of botanical extracts and natural compounds to provide hair and scalp benefits. For example, natural oils of coconut, hemp, and jojoba are great scalp moisturizers. Essential oils of peppermint and eucalyptus are excellent for detoxing the scalp and strengthening your strands.

For a product to be considered natural, it should comprise a majority of plant and nature-derived active ingredients while being free of harmful synthetics, as well as being sustainably and ethically produced. Use a natural shampoo to care for your hair and scalp with none of the damaging side effects of toxic mainstream formulas.

How do I choose the right natural shampoo?

There is a variety of natural shampoo options that are designed for different hair types and concerns. Let’s explore some of the main types.

If you have thin or fine hair, choose a volumizing or thickening shampoo, which will fortify and fatten your strands for more fullness and body.

If you have dry or brittle hair, choose a moisturizing shampoo that delivers deep and long-lasting hydration to the scalp and strands.

If you have oily hair, choose an oil control or purifying shampoo that minimizes sebum production on your scalp, washing away oily buildup and soothing inflammation.

If you have hair loss, choose an anti-hair loss shampoo to combat the various causes of balding in men, such as hormonal and genetic factors, environmental damage, and scalp pollution.

Lastly, if you have normal hair, choose a lightweight or nourishing shampoo that cleans without stripping your hair and scalp of vital nutrients and moisture.

How do I use natural shampoo?

After you have carefully selected the natural shampoo for your needs, wash your hair as follows:

1. Wet your hair thoroughly, typically either in the shower or over a sink.

2. Dispense a small amount of the shampoo onto your hand and apply it evenly throughout your strands and over your scalp. Be sure to read the product instructions, as these will tell you exactly how much shampoo to use per wash.

3. Gently lather the shampoo and massage it into your scalp.

4. Some products are designed to be left in the hair for a certain amount of time to receive the full benefits. Follow the product label and proceed accordingly.

5. After the designated amount of time, typically 30-60 seconds, thoroughly rinse your scalp and hair to remove all the product. Take care to avoid getting it in your eyes.

6. Dry your hair and scalp. Experts recommend allowing your hair to air dry, as hair dryers can damage the hair and lead to breakage.

Don’t hesitate to try a range of shampoos to find the one that perfectly suits your needs. Whether you need targeted dandruff treatment, a product to combat hair loss, or simply a gentle daily wash, there is sure to be a natural option for you.

How frequently should I wash my hair?

Your hair type determines how frequently you should shampoo. Normal hair typically requires a wash about three to four times a week. Meanwhile, acute issues and oilier scalps would benefit from a daily wash.

If you are using a targeted shampoo, such as one to combat hair loss or dandruff, the brand may provide instructions on the frequency of use. So, pay attention to product indications, and find the pace that works best for your hair.

What are the best ingredients in natural shampoo?

There are many high-powered, natural ingredients that can benefit your hair and scalp. While some ingredients may be more beneficial for targeted concerns, here is a rundown of some of the best overall components for optimal hair and scalp health.

Essential oils

Essential oils pack some powerful benefits for your scalp and hair. Their antimicrobial compounds treat dandruff while delivering powerful antioxidants that hydrate, soothe, and restore your follicles, strands, and scalp. Peppermint oil is widely used in hair products with good reason, as it promotes hair growth and follicle health. Tea tree oil is another powerful anti-inflammatory agent that tones and detoxes. Plus, essential oils usually have an alluring scent!

Aloe vera leaf juice

This succulent derivative is a powerful restorative ingredient, deeply hydrating the hair, scalp, and follicles, while nourishing, soothing, and fortifying your locks with essential vitamins and antioxidants.

Antioxidants (vitamins A, C, E)

Antioxidants combat free radical damage from oxidative stress, which can harm the scalp and hair, leading to dullness, thinning, and breakage. Antioxidants both reverse and prevent this process, restoring the scalp and hair while shielding them from further harm.

Jojoba oil

Jojoba oil boosts the skin’s natural hydration, nourishing the scalp with fatty acids and essential vitamins.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil softens and hydrates the scalp and strands while delivering purifying antioxidants. It also has anti-microbial properties.

Closing Thoughts

These are just a few of the many powerful clean ingredients to be found in natural shampoos. Always do your research, read product labels, and choose the right active ingredients for your hair and skin type. Whether you need a targeted treatment or a gentle balancing shampoo for daily use, you are sure to find a great natural option.

With so many brands awakening to the power of clean, natural ingredients, the process of selecting your superhero shampoo may seem overwhelming. Our comprehensive survey of the best natural shampoos for men is a great starting point for your clean hair journey.