The best bathroom pedestal sink

Even a larger room can benefit from a feeling of extra space. One of the most effective and efficient ways to accomplish that in the bathroom is by replacing your large vanity sink with a slender pedestal sink.

The best pedestal sink will not only fit in with your décor, but it will also enhance the appeal of your bathroom. Our favorite model is Kohler's Devonshire Pedestal Sink, a regal option that is available in a wide variety of colors to add class to any bathroom. To learn more about our top choice as well as what to look for in other quality bathroom pedestal sinks, keep reading.


Considerations when choosing bathroom pedestal sinks



Your pedestal sink needs to fit in the space that is available in your bathroom. However, it must also be large enough, so you have room to comfortably carry out your daily routines.


The depth of your pedestal sink will be largely dependent on its size -- a smaller sink will have a shallower depth, and a larger sink will feature a deeper basin.


The rim is important to consider for two reasons. First, if you like having soap or lotion within easy reach, you will need a rim that is wide enough for those items to fit. Second, the rim is your splash zone -- you'll want any stray water that splashes out of the sink to land on the rim, not fall to the floor. Additionally, the rim should have a slight inward tilt, so the water drains into the basin and doesn't pool up.


When shopping for a bathroom sink, you'll want something that is a comfortable height. For most adults, that is somewhere around 33 inches, but models can range from 29 inches to 36 inches. Taller individuals will appreciate a sink above 33 inches so they aren't straining their lower back as much.



Most pedestal sinks in a affordable price range will be made of vitreous china, a durable, shiny, corrosion-resistant material that is easy to clean. If vitreous china is not to your liking, you can purchase models made from stone, enameled steel, enameled cast iron, glass, resins, and more. Most of these other options will cost significantly more than vitreous china and are typically chosen to better integrate with existing or updated decor.


A pedestal sink is a main focal point in nearly every bathroom. Because of this, it is crucial to get the style right. You won't want to place an old-world pedestal sink with a classic style in a chic, modern bathroom.


While most pedestal sinks come in some shade of white, for a more dramatic look, consider browns, grays, or even black.

Faucet holes

If you prefer to operate a sink with a single handle, you will want to get a sink with one hole. If you like having separate controls for the hot and cold water, you will need a sink with three holes. Note: It may be possible to install a one-hole faucet on a three-hole sink, but you cannot install a three-hole faucet on a one-hole sink.

The best bathroom pedestal sink


While you may be able to purchase a pedestal that fits under your existing sink for under $100, a low-end pedestal sink, which includes both the pedestal and the basin, will cost around $175. The better option, however, is to look for a stylish, well-built pedestal sink in an appealing color in the $200 to $500 price range. Once you are in the $1,000 to $3,000 zone, you'll find custom, hand-carved pedestal sinks that are manufactured using granite or marble.


Q. Is the plumbing visible when you have a pedestal sink?

A. Yes, it is. While many people are fine with that (the plumbing is visible on your toilet, too), some people choose to decorate or hide the plumbing in a creative way. If you do not want to see any plumbing, a vanity beneath the sink is the best option -- but it comes with the loss of that spacious feel that a pedestal sink provides.

Q. Does a pedestal sink come with a faucet?

A. No, the faucet is sold separately. It is important that the faucet lines up with the sink -- if you have a faucet with two separate handles, that will only fit a sink that has three holes.

Bathroom pedestal sinks we recommend

Best of the best: Kohler's Devonshire Pedestal Sink

Our take: An elegantly designed pedestal sink that features old-world aesthetics.

What we like: This sink has a 33.5-inch pedestal and it is manufactured using vitreous china for durability and luster. It is available in a wide variety of colors to help it fit in with any decor.

What we dislike: Not a con with the product, just inspect upon arrival to be sure there was no damage incurred during shipping.

Best bang for your buck: American Standard's Boulevard Pedestal Sink

Our take: An unassuming three-hole pedestal sink that features a crisp, clean design.

What we like: The style of this sink makes it highly adaptable to any bathroom decor. It features twin front-concealed overflows to protect from overfilling, and it is more affordably priced than the other options on our shortlist.

What we dislike: The sink is a little shallow, but the wide slanted rim easily contains any larger splashes.

Choice 3: Kohler's Archer Vitreous China Pedestal Sink

Our take: A 35-inch pedestal sink that features an intriguing style that somewhat mimics classic woodworking elements.

What we like: This is a decently sized sink that feels like it provides ample room without taking up a great deal of space. The rim is large enough to hold soap or other small essentials that are needed for daily routines.

What we dislike: The sink-to-pedestal mounting can be rather difficult and frustrating on this otherwise excellent model.

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