The 25 Best Makeup Mirrors for Beauty Enthusiasts

An easy way to elevate any beauty routine is with the best makeup mirror for your setup. Sure, you could keep using your bathroom’s toothpaste-speckled mirror, your entryway’s poorly-lit mirror, or your phone’s camera. But there’s a world of lighted makeup mirrors with all sorts of useful features that seamlessly transform any tabletop into a salon—making them an excellent and useful gift for any beauty lover or person looking to invest more time in their makeup application, styling, or skin care.

The 25 Best Makeup Mirrors for Beauty Enthusiasts

You might think any mirror suffices as a suitable vanity mirror, but these days you can find a glamorous lighted makeup mirror that fits your precise needs—whether you want a full-on Hollywood mirror lined in flashy lightbulbs, a more modest makeup mirror that’s rectangular or round in design, or a portable compact makeup mirror. Maybe you’re on the hunt for a mirror that offers varying levels of magnification (from 1x magnification to 10x magnification) to help you tweeze pesky hairs or apply the perfect liquid eyeliner or mascara coat. Most makeup mirrors on the market are rechargeable, double-sided, trifold, and adjustable so you can see every angle. These mirrors are powered by LED lights (which don’t burn out or grow too hot) and most offer a range of dimmable brightness levels as well as options for light settings (so that you can adjust your makeup routine for natural light, fluorescent light, or warmer date-night light). Hell, there are even smart beauty mirrors that include Bluetooth, skin analysis, social-media syncing, and USB ports for charging your phone.

Because there are so many great LED makeup mirrors on the market, we’ve broken down the best makeup mirrors for sale now. You’ll find best-selling brands such as Fancii, Riki Skinny, Conair, Glamcour, iHome, and Simplehuman. Here’s to hoping you find the light of your life.