Tanya and Vito's Hallway, Laundry and Powder Room

The week started off well for Tanya and Vito, who were coming off the back of their first-ever win on The Block.

The couple tied with Ronnie and Georgia for best living and dining space, and the two couples headed off on a very awkward night away, although it seemed like they all made the most of it.

Tanya and Vito's Hallway, Laundry and Powder Room

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Coming back to site, they were the only team who didn't have their laundry ready for Kinsman to install last week but managed to score a deal to get it done. The issue was over the cost of the installation, which ruffled plenty of feathers in Bronte Court.

Keith ended up serving the couple an invoice, which Tanya had expected all along. But, with their laundry installed and finished, the couple managed to conquer Hallway Week and finish off every space.

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