Stacey Solomon shows off epic pancake skills as she reveals dinosaur-themed treats

Stacey Solomon got crafty this pancake day and treated her kids to dinosaur-shaped crepes.

The multi-talented mum-of-four proudly shared her prehistoric pancake design with her loyal band of followers on Instagram.

"Made these for Rex before I left for work. The pancakes were ready made," she added with a laughing-crying emoji.

"I basically just cut a Dino out of them & sliced some banana and strawberries. Happy Tuesday everyone," she wrote.

She carefully cut the pancakes with a pair of kitchen scissors before adding the fruit.

Delicately, Stacey added a dollop of chocolate to the dinosaur's eyes for the final touch.

It's been a busy few days for the star, who as well as going all out on pancake day had her hands full with finishing off her latest Pickle Cottage room transformation.

Showing off the before and after, Stacey transformed a bathroom from dated-looking floral tiles and wooden cupboards to a mermaid paradise.

"Late Friday night the tiling in the shower room was finished. This is how it started in here," she wrote as she panned across the old tired-looking bathroom.

She then flipped her story to show the beautiful transformation, where one wall was totally covered in tiny shimmery tiles.

"This is how it's going," she wrote with a crying emoji.

Stacey Solomon shows off epic pancake skills as she reveals dinosaur-themed treats

"Today the lights are going in and the mirrors up."

The Loose Women panelist had attached stunning art deco mirrors to the walls and answered fans' questions on the transformation.

"I've kept the old toilet and old sink because I loved it so much and I want to do something with it out in the garden."

The old toilet was delicately painted with wildflowers, and would have been a popular design at the time.

The sink was also very similar, a victorian style with paintings inside the bowl.

She then pointed to a rectangular hole in one of the walls, adding: "Loads of you are asking what this hole is - it's for a toilet brush! So I could have a clear floor."

Clutching a clean toilet brush Rex, who has been very much involved with the renovations on the house, exclaimed: "Lights are in!"

She shared another video of Rex and Rose all snuggled up in their pyjamas after bath time.

"After bath it's foot massage time," she said with a laughing crying emoji.

Among Stacey's sweet videos of her happy family life, she also took a moment to share her thoughts on war-torn Ukraine.

"Put the boys to bed. Just watching the news. I can't even comprehend what I'm watching. I can't even begin to imagine the fear and devestation (sic) in Ukraine. Saying so many prayers tonight. Also thinking of you all because I know how it hurts and effects people just seeing what is happening.

I don't know what to share and what not to share in fear of miss information (sic) but i've seen and donated to @redcrossukraine @britishcross and also saw a small business post I'll share on here too that I thought was a good idea."

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