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CONTRIBUTED CONTENT — Make your dream bathroom a reality with Bath Planet of Southern Utah in Washington City. For over 20 years, they’ve specialized in bathroom remodeling and kitchen cabinets for Southern Utah.

The licensed and certified remodeling professionals at Bath Planet have the experience you can trust. Not only are they general contractors, but they have a plumber’s license as well.

“We can do all of the plumbing in relationship to a remodel,” Bath Planet owner Bruce Thompson said. “We fully operate completely in-house so that we can do project management more efficiently. We aren’t relying on third parties.”

The company specializes in bathroom remodeling for the St. George, Cedar City and Mesquite areas, including replacement tubs, replacement showers, bath conversions, cabinet refacing and much more.

In addition to remodeling for a new look, many people redo their bathrooms for safety concerns, Thompson said, adding that approximately 60% of slips and falls at home happen in the bathroom.

“Obviously from the wet surfaces or getting in getting out the shower,” he said. “Safety is a big concern, especially for somebody aging.”

One way to make a bathroom safer is the walk-in bathtub. It is not just about safety, Thompson said, it’s also about independence.

“Our walk-in tubs are made by top brands like Bath Planet and Bliss Tubs. They’re outfitted with touches of luxury and comfort that will make them a favorite for family members of all ages and mobility levels,” he said. “Senior or not, our walk-in tubs will transform your bathroom into a safe and relaxing at-home spa.”

For many families, there comes a time when a walk-in bathtub is the best choice to continue independent living. For others, it may be for hydrotherapy.

“Whichever the case may be for your household, we’re confident that you’ll see both immediate and long-term value from a more accessible bathtub replacement,” Thompson said.

St George News Create your dream bathroom with Bath Planet of Southern Utah ABOUT THE AUTHOR St George News

The tubs include stability-enhancing grab bars, watertight swing doors, low entryways to reduce slips and falls and durable, damage-resistant surfaces that withstand wear and tear. The options for the tubs are built-in massage jets, chromotherapy, aromatherapy and more.

“Our walk-in bathtubs come in numerous basin sizes, shapes and depths so that you can get the safe bathing feature you need, no matter how big or small your bath floor plan might be,” Thompson said. “From compact stalls to extra-large basins, every tub replacement offers the same level of comfort and safety for you.”

Bath Planet of Southern Utah offers a variety of tub replacement options along with coordinating wall surrounds, convenient built-in storage and stylish hardware detailing. They promise to provide beautiful and long-lasting results and an accessible bathroom remodel that is high-quality, cost-effective and completed on time by licensed experts.

Bath Planet of Southern Utah has a long history in the industry, Thompson said. They have the knowledge and understanding of how to reconfigure and design bathrooms. The firm is proud to offer the Bath Planet brand, which has the Good Housekeeping endorsement.

“You could pick the wrong company for your remodel, and the wrong company may be somebody who’s here today gone tomorrow,” he said. “We have been around, and we are established. We’re not going anywhere. We’re solid second generation.”

Thompson said they are able to answer in the affirmative to the two biggest questions a consumer may have: Do I get what I need to get done, and can I trust that you’re going to do it?

Bath Planet of Southern Utah is going to do it right, and they stand behind their work. They are just a phone call away, Thompson said, and offer a complimentary cost estimate through a form on their website.

Written by STEPHANIE DEGRAW for St. George News.

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