Smart Home Kohler CES 2021: This $16,000 ‘Smart Bathtub’ with LED lights Simulates 'Japanese Forest Bathing'

Why limit technology to drones, smart vacuums, watches, and TVs when you can also use it to have an ingenious bath experience with absolutely perfect lighting, vibe, and temperature?

Kohler, the Kitchen and Bath company that has existed in the industry for over 148 years now has taken bathing to the next level at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2021 by unveiling a "smart bathtub" worth $16,000.

(Photo : Screenshot: Youtube Video by Cnet on Youtube) A close look at Kohler's $16,000 bathtub

Due to the pandemic, the CES 2021 event has also switched digital, making it an online event this year. Huge brands from different electronic industries have been launching their products either from their own website and streaming platforms or in unison with CES 2021 pages.

According to Daily Mail, Kohler has been the center of attraction after unveiling a smart bathtub that features LED lights and shoots up fog to create a Japanese "forest bathing" vibe. Using an app, you can control its features and manage the temperature to have the perfect bathing experience. It also allows you to choose pleasant essential oils to set the perfect home-spa ambience. According to the brand, this home appliance allows consumers to "relax the mind, soothe the body and renew the spirit."

Kohler's Stillness BathTub Inspiration: Japanese 'Forest Bathing'

Kohler's Stillness bathtub was inspired by the Japanese "forest bathing", also known as "Shinrin-yoku". The full-spectrum lights that are emitted along the basem and the fog from across the tub's surface with the aroma from essential oils all add up to a modern-day "forest bathing" feel. This Japanese method allows people to enjoy nature to relax and improve one's mental state and well-being.

The fully-loaded 'Infinity Experience' model of the Stillness bathtub allows water to fill up from the bottom of the bathtub. Afterwards, the water overflows into the cypress wood moat. As a result, the surface of the bathtub is covered in fog which creates a relaxing soundscape. In addition, the full-spectrum lighting adds up to the mood. According to Kohler, the device "immerses the bather in a feeling of deep relaxation."

Smart Home Kohler CES 2021: This ,000 ‘Smart Bathtub’ with LED lights Simulates 'Japanese Forest Bathing'

The "experience tower" of the tub is where bathers can put the essential oils. The aroma from the oils utilizes aromatherapy to help stimulate relaxation and focus. Kohler's Stillness bath amounts from $6,198 to $15,998 for the Infinity Experience model.

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Kohler's Impressive 'Smart Bathroom' TrackRecord

Aside from the Smart Bathtub, Kohler also unveiled a smart toilet with remorse control. and a touchless bathroom faucet. Both devices are also using smart features and innovative technology to help deliver the best relaxation and comfortable experience for users.

Kohler has been known as a competitive player in the market. In fact, Kohler received an honorary award in the Smart Home Category with its Numi 2.0 intelligent toilet. The appliance had voice control options and Amazon Alexa control. It also had ambient colored lighting options, seat heating, and an option for users to sync with their favorite playlists.

For the Smart bathtub, Kohler is betting that since most people are staying home due to the lockdown, they will pay a great price just to experience luxury and relaxation at home amidst the stresses that are happening all over the world. There's certainly no reason for you not to come home early after a weekend night out when a magical bathtub is waiting for you at home.

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