Sit-at-home  killing economy –Commissioner

ByMerit Ibe

Commissioner for Trade and Commerce, Anambra State, Charles Okafor, has decried continuous sit-at-home policyin the South East region of Nigeria,saying it is affecting the economy negatively.

Okafor, who made the remark during hisperformance appraisal,pleaded with traders to reconsider their action which is impacting negatively on businesses.

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Recounting the huge losses to the economy of the state, the South East and Nigeria at large, Okafor disclosed that “greater percentage of the motorcycle spare parts used in countries like Chad, Niger among others are purchased from Nnewi.

“Rubber shoes and other plastic products that are produced in Onitsha are shipped to Gabon, Cameroon, Central Africa etc. Ogbogwu Market, Onitsha services all the Federal Medical Centres within South East and some parts of South South.

“During sit-at-home, most of these customers got frustrated and left for other places like Lagos to make their purchases.”

Most of our traders now move to neighbouring states like Asaba for their businesses and that means that the revenue that should have come to Anambra is shifting to those states.”

Responding to other issues like market crisis, the Commissioner stated that he was able to resolve most of the issues that caused problems in markets, thereby restoring peace and stability.

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As a result, most markets withdrew pending cases from courts, as their businesses began to thrive in a conducive atmosphere.

Sit-at-home  killing economy –Commissioner

On the allegation of government interference with market leadership, he stressed that the ministry does not interfere, but as a supervisory ministry, the duty is to put things right.

“Each market has a constitution which stipulates how elections will be conducted. But most times, you see fragrant abuse of the constitutional and legitimate process of conducting elections. In that case we intervene, giving no space for social disorder.”

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Concerning some challenges encountered during service, the Commissioner recounted that Anambra has the highest concentration of markets with greater percentage of indigenes as traders.

“During COVID-19, we were able to regulate the markets, train tasks force from each market and provide them with all the equipment, amenities and experience needed to achieve total compliance to COVID 19 protocols.

“Getting the large crowd to observe social distancing is not easy but with the help of His Excellency and other mercenaries provided, the state recorded low casualties and deaths in the country “.

“During EndSARS protests, people believed that most families were attacked. But with the security strategy we deployed, no single market in the State was attacked.

“At the height of insecurity prevalent in the region during EndSARS and Sit-at-home, the security provided by the government mostly benefitted the traders because no business thrives in a hostile environment “.

“When I came in as Commissioner for Trade and Commerce, there was no provision for good toilets in markets. The governor directed us and approved that good toilet facilities be provided for hygienic purposes in Anambra markets and it was so”.

“We introduced e-commerce in our markets. We put some structures on ground to enhance online marketing and improve quality business operations.

“In addition we supervised the ten million naira market projects awarded by the governor to 63 major markets in Anambra State. We made sure that funds allocated for those projects were judiciously spent on the projects to benefit the traders.

Concerning the option of contesting for Federal House of Representatives, Okafor said that the people of his community chose him, after considering the level of quality Service he rendered to them as a Commissioner, and Local Government Chairman.

In conclusion, Okafor advised the next Commissioner that would take over his position to humble himself in order to understand traders, how they behave and the exact things they want.