"She b*tched about me at the hens party": 7 brides share their bridesmaid-from-hell stories.

This week on Married At First Sight, Olivia decided to share a story about the time she had been a very, very naughty bridesmaid. Specifically,one that cuts up very, very expensive bridesmaids' dresses.

"I was a bridesmaid for a dear friend," she said in a piece to camera. "She picked out these awful brown bridesmaids' dresses. When I owned the dress for six months, she asked me if I liked them. And I was like, 'I don't. I hate them, they're disgusting.It looked like a noose. Like, why are you making me dress like a poo?' And then she got cranky with me and she fired me from being a bridesmaid."

Of course, this interaction didn't exactly make the bride feel great about her upcoming nuptials. So she decided to ask Olivia to give back the dress after cutting her from the bridal party - but Olivia took the term 'cut' very literally.

"I cut it up and sent it to her. [Laughs]. Into five pieces with the kitchen scissors just chop, chop, chop, chop, chop. People think I'm just a sweetheart. But look, I can be b*tchy. I can be awful at times."

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Video via Mamamia.

Just to add some context around this palava, the aforementioned bridesmaid dress is actually a lovely halter neck-style draped gown in burgundy - not "poo coloured" - and it's actually from a pretty luxe Aussie designer label. Just to sink the knife infurther.

And look, we're sure there is more to this tale, but Olivia's blast from the past has since sparked plenty of women to share their own horror stories of bridesmaids behaving badly.

So without further ado, here are 7 women's experiences with a bridesmaid-from-hell. Enjoy.

From Susie:

"This goes back to 2004. *Lucy and I had been friends at university and travelled Europe on our gap year. We had a huge falling out and didn't see each other for two years. Our families were close friends, so I asked her to be a bridesmaid. Big mistake.Huge. Lucy offered to do the flowers for our wedding. She was very creative but also super disorganised. I only had two requests - no roses and all white. She asked me to go to the flower market with her the Thursday before the wedding. We got upat 4am and when we arrived, it was closed. She'd forgot to check the opening hours. So she had to go to a local florist and find what she could. She could only find roses.