roca lifts lid on minimalistic, space-saving in-wash in-tank smart toilet

with people’s hygiene more important now than ever before, the roca in-wash® in-tank® smart toilet proves a minimalistic design is synonymous for complete cleanliness. the WC’s pure, refined appearance hides an array of high technology, anti-bacterial and wellness features from clear view yet delivers total hygiene – just wait for the customizable water jet (with an adjustable and self-cleaning nozzle) or helpful night light. most significantly, though, the design’s compact form integrates the tank into the bowl, affording more space to the user’s bathroom and home, and creating a more personal, comforting sanctuary of well-being too.

the compact toilet – exemplified by the floor-standing edition above – saves space in the user’s home all images courtesy of roca

without a rim to eliminate the build up of dirt, the minimalistic roca in-wash® in-tank® rimless toilet creates an even more compact appearance with the cistern integrated into the bowl. the system becomes much easier to install and maintain, but also optimizes space around it. in total, the two versions – either floor-standing or wall-hung – saves between 10-20 cm of space compared to other toilets.

vortex technology delivers a full force, optimum hygiene flush with as low a consumption of water as possible

roca lifts lid on minimalistic, space-saving in-wash in-tank smart toilet

the in-wash® in-tank® innovation continues to offer the high-performance technological features as the standard in-wash® toilet. to start, its vortex technology generates a flush that ensures optimum hygiene as water spreads with full force around the entire bowl with a 360º flow. the flush also achieves maximum effectiveness with as minimal water consumption as possible. soft air technology controls the propulsion of water towards the upper section to deliver a full yet silent flush. the toilet also comfortably washes the user with a water jet. the integrated removable nozzle then cleans itself before and after each use for maximum disinfection.

comfortably cleaning the user, the integrated removable nozzle of the water jet cleans itself before and after use

users can choose between a remote control or side panel that customizes the hygiene experience. they can select the washing and drying temperature as well as the position of the water jet nozzle. the buttons also enable users to opt for a full or partial flush for greater water savings. helping find the toilet at night, an LED light can be adjusted to four different modes: off, on, night and a combination of on and night settings. finally, an integrated sensor ensures the smart toilet only activates its functions when it detects presence on the seat.

a remote or side control enables user to customize the hygiene experience, from jet (nozzle) position to washing temperature

the high-performance of the roca in-wash® in-tank® smart toilet extends beyond technological features too. the exclusive supraglaze® enamel further hinders the build up of dirt and anti-bacterial particles. the additional layer is applied on top of the actual glaze to achieve a fully waterproof, shiny, extremely smooth and easy-to-clean surface. this exclusive enamel completes the personal, comforting and durable hygiene experience at home.

an adjustable LED light helps people fine the smart toilet at night

the two versions (floor-standing pictured above) saves between 10-20 cm of space compared to other toilets