RheemLabs® Announces New XpressHot™ Line Of Instant Hot Water Fixtures With Built In Water Filtration System

Exact Temperature Control

The unit's digital temperature gauge adjusts between 172.5 and 208 degrees (boiling water is 210 degrees) to allows users precise control over water temperature for the activity at hand, whether that's boiling water for pasta or just warming it for hot chocolate for the kids. Filtered tap water can also be dispensed by both XpressHot devices with just a push of a button.

Child Lock Protection

A unique feature offered on both XpressHot models is a child lock that ensures the hot water won't be dispensed on accident or accessed by unattended children.

High Quality Design

In addition to its convenience and eye-catching aesthetic, XpressHot offers consumers the same innovative thinking, quality materials, and thoughtful maintenance features that differentiate Rheem professional-grade products from others on the market. The line utilizes a stainless-steel heat exchanger rather than copper, which works with all potable water, municipal or well, and can even pair with conditioned reverse osmosis systems.

Advanced Diagnostics and Energy Saver Built-in

On board diagnostics also take the guesswork out of troubleshooting, while the easy to access filter compartment and automatic filter reminders allow for easy upkeep. XpressHot's Economy mode also allows users to minimize the unit's energy consumption.

Easy Install

 RheemLabs® Announces New XpressHot™ Line Of Instant Hot Water Fixtures With Built In Water Filtration System

XpressHot fixtures are easy to install in under minutes by most DIY-savvy consumers, requiring just a simple water connection and a standard wall outlet.

"We are equally excited about the launch of our new XpressHot products and the opportunity to showcase the innovative approach happening at RheemLabs," said Sherri Burkett, Innovation Commercialization & Sales Manager, at Rheem. "The new XpressHot line pairs a sleek, modern design fixture with professional-grade water heating solution intended to solve everyday challenges for homeowners. It also highlights the important contributions of RheemLabs to advance the culture of innovation that has been at the core of our company for nearly 100 years."

Early backers of the Kickstarter campaign can pre-order the device at an "early bird special" rate of only $325 while supplies last, which is 46% off the suggested retail price. For more information and to pre-order a Rheem® XpressHot™ device, please visit: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/xpresshot/xpresshottm-instant-filtered-near-boiling-water

About RheemLabs:

For nearly 100 years, the Rheem® name has been synonymous with innovation. Some of the big ideas that became major advancements in heating, cooling, water heating and refrigeration began as a little notion on the Rheem drawing board. We've realized along the way that the best way to continue leading the industry is to lead by demonstration. And that's how RheemLabs™ was born. Think of RheemLabs as the research and small-scale development arm of Rheem. By working nimbly, and launching on crowdfunding platforms to validate our ideas, we're able bring you innovative solutions to your hot and cold needs faster than ever before.

About Rheem

Founded in 1925, Rheem® innovates new ways to deliver precise temperatures while saving energy, water and supporting a more sustainable future. Rheem is America's #1 water-heating brand with products available in more than 80 countries. Paloma Co., Ltd.® of Nagoya, Japan, acquired the iconic Rheem brand in 1988, and today the company's portfolio of premium brands include Rheem®, Raypak®, Ruud®, Eemax®, Richmond®, Splendid®, Solahart® and EverHot™ as well as commercial refrigeration brands Russell®, Witt®, ColdZone® and Kramer®, which are part of the Heat Transfer Products Group (HTPG®) division.

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