Reflection of a space

Have you ever walked into a room and been surprised to see how much bigger the space looked with a good mirror? By reflecting light around the room, mirrors can amp up spaces by providing it with more dimension and depth. Even the ancient Chinese practice of feng shui tells how important mirrors are for a space to achieve harmony with its environment.

Reflection of a space

As one of the underrated interior decor pieces, mirrors are an easy way to accentuate the beauty of your space while making the most out of it, so here are some tips when choosing and placing a mirror in your space.

The detail is in the placement

The placement of the mirror is in conjunction with what it reflects, and greatly influences the visual appeal of the space. A mirror that reflects a sloping ceiling or a rubbish bin won’t be the most flattering sight to behold, so use mirrors to deflect attention away from any awkward or unpleasing spots in the room.

Instead, place it thoughtfully to emphasise the plus points of the room. When placed strategically, it can also become a statement piece in a room that is too small for another piece of furniture.