Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Allegedly Flagged As Threatening ‘Bosses From Hell,’ Unverified Report Claims

Are Prince Harry and Meghan Markle nightmares to work with? One tabloid cover story brands the Sussexes as “Bosses From Hell” and promises tell of “threats, humiliation, and filthy bathrooms!” Let’s take a look at the shocking story.

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle ‘Worst Bosses Ever’?

This week, Star reports Prince Harry and Meghan Markle aren’t the low-key, generous philanthropists they pretend to be. “They are the worst people in the world to work for,” an insider spills to the tabloid. “You couldn’t pay me a million dollars to go back and work for them… I’d rather not have a job than be at their beck and call.” The tabloid recounts the rumors of Markle’s bullying that chased her out of the UK, noting that little has changed for the duchess in the States.

Sources say the Sussexes extensively vet potential employees, hiring only 1 percent of the crop. Then they reportedly force their staff to sign lengthy contracts that prohibit eye contact with the duke and duchess. They also require their female staff to dress in “flat shoes and pants… because Meghan doesn’t want Harry looking at another female’s bare legs,” the snitch whispers. “If you break the contract, you’re out.”

The tipster says the Sussexes once fired an assistant on the spot for leaving a typo in Harry’s to-do list. “She left in tears,” the source adds. The insider confides that Markle also has a pension for humiliating her staff by testing their intelligence at the drop of a hat. And Harry is “the biggest slob,” the insider dishes. Harry apparently doesn’t flush the toilet, leaves half-eaten food around the house, and doesn’t pick up his dirty underwear. “Put it this way, getting a job with Harry and Meghan simply isn’t worth the hassle.”

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Allegedly Flagged As Threatening ‘Bosses From Hell,’ Unverified Report Claims

‘Neat Freak’ Meghan Markle And ‘Slob’ Harry?

This report is just an exaggerated reboot of the original bullying claims that have plagued Meghan Markle for almost a year now. Shortly before the Sussexes’ infamous Oprah interview, Buckingham Palace staff members accused Markle of bullying them during their time in her employ. Shortly after, the palace announced that it was launching an internal investigation into the claims. From what we can tell, the investigation is still open and ongoing, but they haven’t shared any new information with the public. Of course, if a significant amount of evidence damning Markle as a “bully” had come to light, we’d likely have heard about it by now.

But what we have heard in the time since is an outpouring of support for Markle. In the biography Finding Freedom, colleagues of Markle’s came forward insisting that Markle has always treated her coworkers with respect. Furthermore, there was a wave of support for the retired actress on Twitter, where multiple users who claim they’ve had personal experience with the duchess also say that the bullying stories about Markle don’t add up.

And considering the severity of this tabloid’s story, we have a hard time trusting it. Surely, more staff members would have come forward by now to expose these ridiculous practices, especially if they were actually going through so many employees. But still, the Sussexes have the support of many of their former co-workers. Until more evidence comes to light, we aren’t buying this tale of the Sussexes’ verbal abuse and dirty bathrooms.

The Magazine On The Sussexes

Of course, we wouldn’t trust anything Star says about the Duke and Duchess. The magazine once reported Markle was spending $400K on a nursery for Lilibet. Then the outlet alleged Markle was “obsessed” with her appearance and had undergone multiple “nips and tucks” to maintain it. And finally, the publication claimed Markle was signing a $200 million infomercial deal. Since none of these reports turned out to be true, it’s safe to say this latest gab won’t either.

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