PHOTOS, VIDEO: Tour An Empire State Club Room in Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel at Disneyland Paris

Following the reopening of Disneyland Paris, Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel has opened its doors for guests. Previously known as simply Disney’s Hotel New York, the hotel has been rethemed to incorporate and celebrate the art of Marvel comics and films. Join us on a tour of a rethemed room in the upgraded hotel.

This hotel has an art deco style, with most of the overt Marvel references kept to artwork displayed throughout.

A portrait of Natasha Romanoff a.k.a. Black Widow hung near the stairs. Each floor is dedicated to a different character.

We were staying in the “Empire State Club.” This includes a dedicated check-in and concierge service 24-hours a day, a private lounge, and more. We’ll review these offerings in another post.

The color scheme of the hotel is red, black, grey, and white.

The rooms reflect the same color scheme and style.

A sliding door separates the bathroom from the rest of the room.

Red is not the dominant color but is used as a striking accent. In the bathroom, the mirror and sink are surrounded by a touch of red. Strips of light also frame the mirror.

The bathtub and shower have a swinging glass door.

Branded amenities are mounted on the wall for convenience.

The showerhead and faucet are a sleek style.

A frosted sliding glass door hides the toilet.

There’s a small shelf above the toilet.

The door is still slightly see-through.

In the entryway across from the bathroom is a closet. One side is open, with two robes hanging from a short rack, while the other side has a door.

Inside is the safe, iron, ironing board, hangers, and drawers.

Past the bathroom and closet is the main area of the room. We got two queen beds.

The desk is built into the wall with a large mirror above it.

PHOTOS, VIDEO: Tour An Empire State Club Room in Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel at Disneyland Paris

Our room included this Black Panther artwork.

Small benches are at the end of each bed, which are elevated for storage space.

Long lights and small reading lights frame the grey headboards.

The built-in shelves on each side of the beds curve down from the wall.

Above each shelf is the light controls. Between the beds is a USB port.

A standard outlet is on the other side of each bed.

Near the window were portraits of Scarlet Witch, Captain Marvel, Miss Marvel, and Spider-Man.

Two chairs and a minimalist table sit in front of the window, along with a standing lamp.

The chairs are covered in a shimmering champagne-colored fabric.

The table is white. The floor in the center of the room is carpeted, while the edge of the room is faux hardwood.

Ant-Man grows and shrinks in this art next to the desk.

Even more outlets are built into the desk.

A cabinet hides the mini-fridge.

A coffee maker is available on the desk. There are plenty of cups as well as two bottles of water to use. The bottles are a branded limited edition for the hotel!

“Hero Up” and the hotel logo are printed on the cups, which were also stacked on two shelves above the desk.

The coffee maker tray includes a drawer of teas and coffees, plus instructions.

There’s special stationery to use for writing letters to all your friends jealous about your trip.

Though relatively minimalist, we love the subtle design of these rooms.

The television is hidden in the mirror, better seen in our video. Watch a video tour of Empire State Club room below:

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