PHOTOS, VIDEO: Tour a Remodeled Two-Bedroom Villa at Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort in Walt Disney World

Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa is located just across the water from Disney Springs. This resort started refurbishing their rooms just last year, so we’re taking a look at all the improvements made in their two-bedroom villa.

Second Bedroom

Past the villa’s entryway is a door that leads into the secondary bedroom area. On the wall are a few hooks where guests can hang their jackets, or mouse ears (or masks).

There’s a walk-in closet here with a vacuum inside. Sadly, there is no light in it.

Closer to the bedroom is a second, longer closet that holds spare bedding.

Secondary Bathroom

Across from the closet is a double vanity. There is plenty of room here for everybody staying in this bedroom. Against the wall is a round makeup mirror with lighting.

The door next to the sink leads into the bathroom, which has a toilet and a bath with shower.

The shower features a dual-head mount, with one affixed head and one handheld. The back wall has lovely patterned tiles.

The shampoo, conditioner, and body wash dispensers in the shower are wrapped in plastic and sealed with a sticker to indicate they’ve been cleaned.

Second Bedroom

This bedroom has a dresser, TV, chair, and two queen sized beds with floral headboards.

There is room for storage underneath each bed. Inside we have a ceiling fan, just like the living room and other bedroom.

The artworks here is minimalist and matches the Saratoga Springs horse-racing theme.

The bedside table has two drawers, a lamp with two USB and two standard outlets, and a phone. Independent switches for the lights above are next to the beds.

Sitting atop the dresser is a DVD player. On both sides are banks of standard and USB outlets.

Living Room and Kitchen

We love this living room artwork featuring Johnny Fedora and Alice Blue Bonnet from Make Mine Music.

The leather straps and buckles on this ceiling light are neat touch.

The dining area is next to the kitchen. It has a long seat against the wall and two chairs at either end of the table.

PHOTOS, VIDEO: Tour a Remodeled Two-Bedroom Villa at Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort in Walt Disney World

The kitchen has plenty of counter and cabinet space. There’s a microwave, oven, and full-size fridge and freezer.

The living room features a TV and lamp across from the couch. The sign on the cabinet advertises Disney’s new “enhanced cleaning” measures and the remote is wrapped in plastic to indicate it is clean.

The cabinet beneath the TV hides a Murphy bed. This bed’s backboard has an image of Goofy getting ready to sleep on the back of his horse.

The living room area includes a couch, which hides another Murphy bed, a side table with a telephone, a movable coffee table and an ottoman section for the edge of the couch.

There’s a light switch inside the Murphy bed cabinet and an additional light switch with outlets in the shelf to the side.

The shelves on either side of the Murphy bed have a Mickey Mouse statue and an Old Moe trophy. Old Moe was Goofy’s horse, the slow-and-steady horse who won the race in the 1948 animated short, “They’re Off”. The historic Saratoga Springs was known for horse racing, so there are plenty of horse-themed touches around the villa, in a classic Disney style.

The coffee table opens up to offer higher table space for anyone sitting at the couch.

With the Murphy bed pulled down, there’s still some space for sitting (or sleeping) to the side.

Above the bed is a painting of Mickey and friends at an upstate New York manor.


The sliding doors lead to the balcony.

We had a great view of Disney Springs across the water.

Primary Bathroom

The Primary Bathroom is spread across two rooms. This first bathroom has a glass-walled shower and a small sink space.

One door in this bathroom leads to the toilet and the strange gold leaf art.

This shower, like the one in the other bathroom, features a dual-head mount with one affixed shower head and one handheld.

Another door in the shower room leads to a room with a bathtub. The sink in here also has more counter space.

Inside the bathroom, there’s a full-length mirror on the closet door. This closet holds the safe and iron/ironing board.

There’s a bathtub big enough for a relaxing soak at the end of a long park day.

Primary Bedroom

Adjacent to this bathroom is the primary bedroom.

This bedroom has a king-size bed, TV, and dresser.

The dresser has built-in outlets on the side.

There are two end tables and a chair.

The artwork above the bed is a unique arrangement of overlapping frames.

These pictures have classic Disney characters put into photographs of actual Saratoga Springs.


A washer and dryer can be found in the hallway, along with a collapsible laundry basket. No running out of clean clothes here.

Honestly, this is a vast improvement over the former rooms and one of the most comfortable, functional, and spacious of the two-bedroom villas at Walt Disney World.

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