Orbit's Smart Hose Timer Lets You Water Your Lawn From Anywhere in the World

Gardening season is fast approaching (though, I might add, the warm weather is not coming fast enough), and if you're looking for a smart way to keep your lawn, flowers, fruits, and/or veggies alive no matter what your travel plans bring, you're going to want to read on.

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The b-hyve Smart Hose Faucet Timer by Orbit is the answer to all of your spring yard-work wishes. Essentially, it's a device that will convert your standard gardening hose into a smart watering system you can control via your cellphone.

Orbit's Smart Hose Timer Lets You Water Your Lawn From Anywhere in the World

How Does It Work?

Setting up your b-hyve is surprisingly very simple. After inserting two AA batteries, you'll attach the device to both the faucet and the hose, so it acts as a link between the two units. Once you've done this, you'll install the b-hyve app on your smartphone and create an account. The timer can then be controlled using a Bluetooth connection (from up to 150 feet) or WiFi (from anywhere in the world, thanks to the b-hyve WiFi hub).

What Can It Do?

Aside from having the ability to set a timer on your hose to water your lawn and/or garden when you're not at home (or even when you are, I won't judge), the b-hyve can also send you real-time notifications so you know exactly when and where it's watering.

Additionally, through the app you can set up a schedule, which you can customize with smart watering. But that's not all! B-hyve will actually monitor your local weather forecast through Smart WeatherSense, so you never waste a drop of water when it rains—even going as far as to implement rain delays if it's raining when it's scheduled to do its job.

Finally, through the app you'll be able to see reports detailing performance and showing you exactly how much water you've used, the schedule it's operating on, and the money you're saving.

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