Now adjust sunlight with Solatube’s new Daylight Control innovation

Would you like to control the level of natural daylight flooding into your home through the skylight? With the next generation skylight from Solatube, the pioneer of the energy-efficient tubular skylight, you can manage the amount of light entering your interior spaces at the touch of a button.

2021 is a milestone year for Solatube Australia with the company completing 30 years since it first installed the daylighting system – nicknamed the ‘light catcher’ – into a modest suburban home in Sydney’s Castle Hill. Solatube has now launched its latest innovation, the Solatube daylight control system, which enables you to control how much light you want in your space, without the brightness.

Part of Solatube’s continuous efforts to enhance technology that further increases the light performance of its tubular daylighting systems, the new Solatube daylight control system features a patented butterfly baffle design that provides complete control over daylight levels. The solar-powered baffle is remote-controlled, enabling it to be opened and closed at the touch of a button. It allows users to adjust the light from dark to bright – and everything in between.

Now adjust sunlight with Solatube’s new Daylight Control innovation

“The one-touch remote control means you have the option to control the level of daylight entering your bedroom or living space. Imagine, for example, being able to have a nap or watch a movie in the dark – during the daytime,” explains Brett Dickson, Solatube’s general manager. “It’s the ideal solution if you don’t want daylight entering your bedroom or living space all day long. Put simply, you can use the power of the sun to control the power of the sun.”

Key features of the system:

Launched in 1991, Solatube’s daylighting system features a compact design and first-of-its-kind tubing that manoeuvres around obstacles, which makes it ideal for any building – residential or commercial. The system is designed to harvest daylight at the rooftop, transfer it down a highly reflective tube and distribute it evenly into an interior space through a diffuser at the ceiling – on both sunny and cloudy days – with virtually no maintenance.

“Customers are always amazed at how this compact product can light up a space better than traditional skylights many times its size,” says Dickson. “And its ability to spread natural light throughout a room is unparalleled. Some models can transfer light further than 30 metres, a feat no other skylight product on the market today can achieve.

“Solatube systems are affordable, easy to install and instantly transform interiors into fresh, light-filled and inviting spaces. And there are myriad health, environmental and energy-saving benefits.”