New Waterfront Park Art Installation Coming Soon

Image courtesy of R&R Studios via the City of Alexandria

Waterfront Park will turn pink this month.

Miami-based R&R Studio will install the next Waterfront Park public art project — a massive neon sign reading: I Love You. The asphalt area that has been central to the last several public art installations will be painted to resemble a living room rug. The installation will be on display through November.

“‘I Love You’ provides physical evidence of the possibility of the fantastic as part of everyday life,” according to R&R STUDIOS. “It is an instant landmark that brings people together with a simultaneously universal and personal message.”

New Waterfront Park Art Installation Coming Soon

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R&R Studio is run by Roberto Behar and Rosario Marquardt, a husband and wife team who has completed art installations across the country, including at Coachella. The team installed signs atop three Miami high-rise buildings that said I Love You (one word on each building), as well as a giant red M in the city.

They have created large art installations in multiple states including Colorado and California, and internationally in Argentina and Belgium. Their work is viewable on rr-studios.com.

“Their works propose encounters of stories and spaces, which alternate between the personal and the public, the quotidian and the extraordinary, the poetical and the political. R & R Studios works erase boundaries between art and life and suggest ‘imaginary solutions’ for a better world. Rosario and Roberto are known for creating social sculptures for public pleasure,” according to their website.

Public art installations began in Waterfront Park in 2019 with “Mirror Mirror” by New York’s SOFTlab design studio, led by artist and architect Michael Szivos.