Midland native returns to Michigan to open West Coast inspired shop

Now with the help of family and business neighbors, SoCal Threads Boutique will open on Saturday, June 5, at 713 Ashman St., Suite 3 in Midland.

Mindy’s husband, Brian Worsley said the couple moved to California for 16 years, which he attributed to his pursuit of his career dreams. Now Mindy is beginning to fulfil her own.

Mindy said her kids helped her name the brand and her extended family in Midland and Sanford areas has helped build the store into her vision. She said her brother put in new flooring, her step-dad helped install the clothing racks and aunt and uncles have come to the shop to help out as well.

Brian’s aunt and uncle own Sanford Hardware in Sanford. He said it was inspiring to watch his family overcome the struggles of the pandemic and the flood.

“It’s great to see that everyone has been supportive of her store and everyone calls to ask what we need (help with),” Brian said.

“That was one of the biggest draws of coming back here, (it) was to help build up the community and to be a part of a community again.”

Mindy said the store caters to the “coming and going” nature of trends, while supplying customers with staple items like denim jackets and plain white tees.

Midland native returns to Michigan to open West Coast inspired shop

“Michigan has always been my home, even when I was in California, I always had my Michigander shirts,” Mindy said. “There’s just something about Michigan pride that you don’t see in other states.

“We’re SoCal Threads, that’s where we started and I love that we can blend that together.”

Mindy secured a suite in the Ashman Plaza on April 19. Mindy said she visited coffee shops in the area to work on the SoCal Threads online shop, one of them was her now neighbor, Live Oak Coffeehouse.

“I just want it to be a space where people can come (shop), grab a coffee, listen to music and chat,” Mindy said. “That kind of mirrors what Live Oak has already created here… I want to extend that into the boutique area.”

The owners of Live Oak Coffeehouse rent out the suite to Mindy. General manager of the Live Oak Coffeehouse Daniel Terhune said the businesses within the building often collaborate to promote midtown.

The two brands have already partnered with Botanica Modern Market for a giveaway to social media followers.

“Our mission is to create a community within the building that people feel welcome to join and be a part of,” Terhune said. “We want everyone to feel like when they come (in) they’re a part of that community and they feel more connected with the community at large when they leave.”

Terhune said customers come to the plaza and shop store-to-store like they would at a traditional mall setting, however, he said the small businesses provide a personal hospitality experience.

SoCal Threads Boutique will open to the public from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, June 5.