LETTER: Be careful of anti-siphon devices

Last year, the City of Grangeville required all water users in the city to install antisiphon devices on all their outside water spigots. A week ago, I used my frost-free faucet for the first time since last fall and noticed I did not have as much water pressure as I was accustomed to in the past. I did not give this much thought until my wife went into our basement bedroom and saw that it was flooded. Last fall, I made sure that I did not have a hose attached to my frost-free faucet so the water in the pipe could drain and not freeze over the winter.

LETTER: Be careful of anti-siphon devices

What I did not realize was that the antisiphon device I had installed did not release the water in the outside pipe and the water in the pipe had frozen, splitting the pipe where it exited the house. In closing, if you were a good citizen and installed the antisiphon devices on your outside faucets, you may want to examine them before you use them this spring, so you don’t end up having the same problem that I did last week.

Steve Wassmuth