latest Step aside Dettol, mums are using tomato sauce to clean their kitchen sinks now

You heard it, the new secret cleaning agent that promises to rid your kitchen or bathroom sink of grime is none other than tomato sauce.

The discovery was generously shared on the 'Mums Who Clean' Facebook group, with one mum revealing how the advice to spread a generous amount of tomato sauce on her bathroom sink proved a "lifesaver" for her that morning.

"Thank you to the lady who said to use tomato sauce to get rid of that stubborn scum that gets around the base of your taps," the woman wrote.

Watch a video explaining the hack above.

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"I have never been able to get rid of it since we purchased the house 12 years ago. So, I was skeptical but I thought, what the heck, the worst that can happen is I waste some tomato sauce.

"So I poured it on around the tap handle bases on my vanity. Covered the scum. Totally forgot about it for a few hours. I just wiped it off, no scrubbing at all. Scum is totally gone. I am totally amazed and I will share this tip with everyone. Thank you, you little lifesaver."

The woman shared photos of her grimy sink and where she'd applied the tomato sauce before leaving it to sit for a few hours.

latest Step aside Dettol, mums are using tomato sauce to clean their kitchen sinks now

Her result photos blew Facebookers away.

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"Wow, that's crazy!" one person wrote.

One woman shared that she also had a go at the hack: "I did the same today! I left mine for maybe three hours. Worked so well."

But the unusual use for tomato sauce left many wondering what it was that made it such an effective cleaning agent.

"While tomato ketchup may sound like a strange tip, the condiment actually contains citric acid and vinegar which can help you clean."

They added: "Tomato ketchup can be used to clean stainless steel, copper, cast iron and silver, among other materials."

It seems the trick is known far beyond the likes of Facebook, with plenty of TikTokers also sharing videos of the secret cleaning power the condiment has.

TikToker @cleanningmummy shared in a video with over 13,000 views how tomato sauce left her kitchen sink totally grime-free. Watch the video above.

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After applying the sauce generously to her sink and leaving it to sit, she revealed a completely shiny surface. Under her video, a commenter also pointed out how the vinegar in the condiment helps to break down stubborn marks.

"It's the vinegar in it!" they commented.

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