Latest restaurant sanitation inspection results released

MUNCIE, Ind. — Delaware County Health Department inspectors found numerous instances of inaccessible hand sinks, lack of hand washing, food being held in the temperature danger zone and other critical violations during food-establishment inspections.

Recently released sanitation inspection results for the fourth quarter of 2019 also show one pest control issue, a mold matter, an employee using food that had fallen on the floor, lack of certified food handlers, and widespread violation of other regulations, including those aimed at keeping bottles of chemical cleaners and employees' personal drinks away from customers' food.

There were also many establishments, including local schools, bars and American Legion posts, where no violations or only non-critical violations occurred, such as not wearing a hair restraint.

The health department requires all violations to be corrected, most of them immediately.

Here is a breakdown of critical violations by category:

Certified food handler

Victor's Gyros, 700 S. Tillotson Ave., certified food handler's certification expired; Southside Middle School, lack of certified food handler; Subway, 2904 White River Boulevard, no certified food handler, also, several employee drinks stored on food-preparation counter, and trash can blocked access to back room hand washing sink; Subway, 3521 Fox Ridge Lane, no certified food handler; Memorial BP, 1300 W. Memorial Drive, no certified food handler, also, coffee creamer temperature violation, gnats present around sinks.

Inaccessible hand sink

Munsee Lanes, 601 E.26th St., hand washing sink inaccessible, blocked by tray and pitcher of nozzles; Mancino's, 4116 W. Bethel Ave., ice stored in hand wash sink in bar, sink to be used only for hand washing; Captain D's, 1010 W. McGalliard Road, access to hand washing sink blocked by plastic pitcher, also, sanitizer solution too strong, bucket of sanitizer stored on counter next to blender;

Pete's Catering, 7300 N. Walnut St., dirty dishes blocked access to hand sink, also,several employees' drinks stored above ready-to-eat food in reach-in cooler, Kartar Food Mart, 1631 N. Wheeling Ave., jacket and other items blocking use of hand sink; Mount Pleasant Grocery, hand sink inaccessible (dish soap and box stored in sink), also, diced tomatoes, lettuce and pickles out of original packaging outdated.

Mold-like substance

Madison Street Stop and Go, 2410 S. Madison St., mold-like substance on opened package of fully cooked bacon, container of gravy, container of lunch meat and box of croissants, also outdated case of eggs (products discarded).

Pest control

Swami Food Mart, 500 E. Wysor St., apparent rodent droppings in empty cabinet under beverage machine and in cabinet with beverage machine motor (establishment ordered to engage a pest control service and to provide pest control invoices for six months).

Hand washing

Payless, 715 S. Tillotson Ave., employee did not wash hands before donning gloves; Red Apple Cafe, 3001 N. Oakwood Ave., employee changed gloves without washing hands; Steak 'n Shake, 3350 N. Morrison Road; employee didn't wash hands before donning gloves, also grill top and table dirty, dish machine not sanitizing; Hickory Farms, Muncie Mall, inadequate hand washing facilities;

Carino's, 1101 W. McGalliard Road, employee did not wash hands after using sanitizer rag, also, a piece of cooked chicken did not reach at least 165 degrees; Payless/Kroger, 1500 W. McGalliard Road, employee hand washing violation when putting on gloves, also, gnats around sink in hot foods area; Savage's Ale House, 127 N. High St., employee did not wash hands before donning gloves;

Texas Roadhouse, gloved employee handled raw beef then touched a clean food contact surface, four employees' drinks stored in food preparation area, plastic bottle of cleaning solution stored above food in walk-in cooler;

Vera Mae's Bistro, 207 S. Walnut St., employee did not wash hands before donning gloves, pan of raw beef stored on top of package of raw bacon, dish machine not sanitizing utensils during final rinse cycle, two containers of sani-tabs stored above food prep table.


Clancy's Village Bowl, employee's drink stored in beverage ice bin in bar area, also, plastic spray bottle of cleaner stored on food preparation table; First Wok, 3802 W. Bethel Ave., two employees' drinks stored in food preparation area, also, flat of raw shell eggs stored over container of ready-to-eat food in walk-in cooler; China Express, 1805 W. University Ave., employee's drink sitting on food preparation table, also, lack of date mark on pans of ready-to-eat food in walk-in cooler;

White Castle, Daleville, several employees' drinks stored on shelf above containers of ready-to-eat food in walk-in cooler; Speedway, Daleville, employee drink stored over box of food sleeves; Wendy's, 2501 S. Madison St., employee drink stored on table next to package of buns, also, pan of sliced cheese temperature violation;

Burger King, 3904 W. Bethel Ave., container of employee drinks stored over ready-to-eat food, also, pan of sausage gravy temperature violation; Concannon's Bakery Cafe, 4801 W. Baker Lane, tray of employee drinks stored on shelf next to clean doughnut trays; Osteria, 1501 W. Kilgore Ave., employee's personal drink stored over clean utensils on prep table;

By Hand and Fork, 1617 N. Wheeling Ave. personal drink sitting on reach-in cooler, also, ice chute on beverage machine not clean, kitchen equipment stored in hand washing sink in kitchen; Milton's Family Restaurant, Albany, employee's drink sitting on feed preparation table, also, chemical sanitizer in dish machine too strong; China Panda, Albany, employee's drink sitting on food preparation table, also, containers of ready-to-eat food lacked date marking;

Starbucks, 523 S. Tillotson Ave., several employees' drinks stored on table above basket of single-service cups on floor; Village Pantry, 4900 E. Jackson St., employee's drink stored over pre-made pizzas in reach-in cooler; Chavas Mexican Grill, 1801 W. University Ave., employee's food and drink sitting on food preparation table, cell phone lying on package of shells in dry storage;

(The health department says state code requires employees to eat and drink in designated areas. Spilled beverages are a potential contaminant).


Penn Station, 3313 N. Everbrook Lane, deli meat temperature violation; Horizon Convention Center, flat of raw shell eggs temperature violation; Rally's, 220 E. McGalliard Road, pan of chili temperature violation; Subway, 800 E. McGalliard Road, cucumber, green peppers, lettuce temperature violation; Chuck E Cheese's, 1611 W. McGalliard Road, salad temperature violation, also, chemical sanitizer in sink too strong;

Bruner's, 2200 W. Kilgore Ave., shredded cheese and corned beef hash temperature violation in ice bath (ice low); Godman Avenue C-Store, 524 S. Tillotson Ave., beef patty, turkey sandwich, and orange juice temperature violations; Pizza King, 2905 E. Jackson St., pan of cold-held ranch dressing temperature violation, also, dish washing machine sanitizer too weak;

Subway, 1706 W. University Ave., pan of shredded cheese temperature violation; Arby's, 725 S. Tillotson Ave., pans of brisket, sliced ham, sliced turkey and diced jalapenos temperature violation; Subway, 2715 S. Madison St., pan of oven-roasted chicken temperature violation; Youth Opportunity Center, cut melons, hard-boiled eggs temperature violation; Eaton Pantry, Eaton, pans of sliced cheese, tomatoes and raw chicken temperature violation.

Latest restaurant sanitation inspection results released

(The health department says temperature abuse is one of the main causes of foodborne illness. If food is not kept at the required cold temperature or hot temperature, bacteria will grow. Also, if sanitizer is too weak, it's not doing its job. If it's too strong, residual chemicals will be left on plates, utensils, etc.)

Chemical storage

Iron Skillet Petro Stopping Center, Gaston, sanitizer solution bucket stored on food preparation table; Harmony Cafe, 113 W. Jackson St., plastic spray bottle containing cleaning chemical stored on food preparation table; Players Club, Yorktown, bottles of cleaner/chemicals stored on shelf above clean dishes, sink; Village Pantry, 1901 S. Burlington Drive, bottle of chemical cleaner stored on food preparation counter;

McGalliard Food Mart, 105 W. McGalliard Road, container of chemical cleaner stored against a coffee pot in back room; Fresh Thyme, 505 W. McGalliard Road, plastic spray bottle of chemical cleaner sitting on top of an oven in hot-food area, also, hand washing violation in sushi area;

Pizza King, 801 W. Memorial Drive, chemical bottle stored over bins of clean lids, which were also exposed to splash from dirty dishes; IHOP, 3300 N. Chadam Lane, beef steak, raw chicken, raw bacon temperature violation in walk-in cooler, also chemical-containing bottle stored with food item in dry storage.

Hazardous food storage

Puerto Vallarta, 4000 N. Broadway, pan of raw chicken stored above ready-to-eat food in reach-in cooler; AMVETS 12, 7621 N. Ind. 3, package of raw bacon stored over ready-to-eat food in reach-in cooler; Osborn's Country Kitchen, Yorktown, raw shell eggs stored above ready-to-eat food in reach-in cooler, also, employee's personal items stored above food preparation table and clean utensils; Big Shots, 700 S. Nichols Ave., two cartons of raw shell eggs stored over container of ready-to-eat food;

Heartland Cafe, Daleville, carton of raw shell eggs stored over ready-to-eat food; Waffle House, Daleville, cartons of raw shell eggs stored above ready-to-eat food; Puerto Vallarta, 508 S. Tillotson Ave., container of raw chicken stored over ready-to-eat food;

Silver Birch, 2500 W. Kilgore Ave., container of ground beef stored over raw shell eggs in cooler; El Rancho Poblano, Yorktown, carton of raw shell eggs stored over beef tips in walk-in cooler, also, pan of food lacked covering in walk-in cooler; Village Pantry, 603 W. Jackson St., carton of eggs stored over boxes of ready-to-eat food, also, lack of date marking on bags of cheese; Pak-A-Sak, Albany, cartons of raw eggs stored over gallons of water in reach-in cooler.

Home canning

VKA Kitchen and Catering, 4833 N. Wheeling Ave., couple of home-canned jars of asparagus and beets in dry storage; American Legion, two containers of home-canned tomato sauce in walk-in cooler.

Other critical violations

Wings Grill and Pub, 1401 W. McGalliard Road, employee dropped food on floor, then picked it up and placed it with other food, also, box of raw shell eggs stored over ready-to-eat food, also, spray bottle of chemical cleaner stored with food;

Papa John's, 2714 N. Wheeling Ave., ready-to-eat food containers in walk-in cooler lacked date marking; laminated pizza toppings sign on pizza making table was hanging into pan of cheese; Eagles, 1414 S. Batavia Ave., no date marking on two containers of ready-to-eat food in cooler; Target, 3601 N. Barr St., outdated cans of milk powder;

Minnetrista, no date marking on containers of ready-to-eat food in reach-in cooler; Taco Bell, 701 S. Tillotson Ave., sanitizer at sink too strong; Burger King, 6501 W. Kilgore Ave., dish machine sanitizer too weak; Twin Archer Brew Pub, 117 W. Charles St., glue fly strips hanging in kitchen;

Pizza Hut, 2703 S. Madison St., bag of meat sauce thawing in standing water (not running water) in three-compartment sink while sanitizer water was set up in one of the other compartments;

Sitara, 1606 W. McGalliard Road, employee's cell phone stored above food prep area; Anchor Lounge, 3535 S. Ebright St., no date marking on containers of ready-to-eat food; Yummy's, 4221 W. Bethel Ave., dish washer not sanitizing utensils in final rinse;

Village Pantry, 6460 W. Kilgore Ave., no date marking on several containers of ready-to-eat food in walk-in cooler; Elm Street Brewing, 519 N. Elm St., no date marking on pan of ready-to-eat food in walk-in cooler, container of apple juice stored under raw been in reach-in cooler;

Pizza Hut, Daleville, outdated containers of pizza sauce, bell peppers and meatballs; Village Pantry, 9610 N. Wheeling Ave., no date marking on containers of lunch meat and salad; Bowman BK Root Beer & BBQ, 1917 W. Memorial Drive, hand washing sink in food preparation area not clean, and dirty towel hanging from basin, and flies, gnats present;

Food Mart, 3300 E. Jackson St., carton of eggs stored over containers of milk in walk-in cooler, slushy machine nozzles soiled with dark substance, spray bottles of chemicals stored next to containers of sugar;

Speedway, 3210 N. Wheeling Ave., sausage/egg/cheese tornado temperature violation, bacon/egg/cheese temperature violation, pork/veggie egg roll temperature violation, also, hand sink in back room inaccessible (being used to store coffee pots, other items).

Richards Restaurant, 2601 N. MLK Jr. Boulevard, gnats around mop sink; Meijer, 6260 W. McGalliard Road, outdated container of baby formula; AMJ Supermarket, Albany, several containers of baby food and medication outdated, also, couple of packages of deli meat/cheese lacked date marking;

Mike's Food Mart, 1701 N. MLK Jr. Boulevard, plumbing at toilet needs to be repaired, three-compartment sink inaccessible (equipment stored on it), bottles of cleaner stored in back room over canned and bottled drinks and next to a cup with nozzles;

Mac's Restaurant, 1307 Batavia Ave., employee did not wash hands before gloving, also, drive-thru menu lacked consumer advisory for under-cooked eggs, sanitizer bucket stored on front counter over container of unwrapped single-service utensils;

McDonald's, Albany, three ground beef patties temperature violation, bottle of chemical cleaner stored on shelf with Happy Meal boxes; La Hacienda, 2620 S. Madison St., employee washed dishes without sanitizer;Ruby Tuesday, 1901 W. McGalliard Road, heater booster not turned on on dish machine;

Northside Middle School, sanitizer solution at three-compartment sink too weak, also, employee did not wash hands when changing gloves; Pilot Travel Center, Daleville, chili sauce/cheese in chili cheese dispenser temperature violation,also, bottle of oven cleaner sitting in three-compartment sink.

No critical violations

Heorot, 219 S. Walnut St.; Greek's Pizzeria, 1600 W. University Ave.; Wendy's, 223 E. McGalliard Road; Wes-Del Elementary School; Wes-Del Middle/High School; Thai Kitchen, 1413 S. Walnut St.; Hoku Poke Bowls, 1615 W. University Ave.; Arby's, 2908 N. Wheeling Ave.; Bullseye Saloon, 2801 S. Madison St.; American Legion, Daleville;

Taco Bell, Daleville; North View Elementary School; Neely House, 617 E. Adams St.; Knights of Columbus, 3600 W. Purdue; American Legion, Selma; Books & Brews, 2100 White River Boulevard; Walt's Little Triangle, 2068 S. Hoyt Ave.; Triangle Saloon, 1634 E. Kirby Ave.; AFC Sushi at Kroger, 1500 W. McGalliard Road; Mr. Mouse-Catering, Yorktown; American Legion, Yorktown;

Yorktown Elementary School;Yorktown Middle School (one non-critical violation); Green Diamond Junction, Eaton; Wapahani High School; Selma Middlle School (two non-critical violations); Selma Elementary School (two non-critical violations); Queer Chocolatier, 1624 W. University Ave.; East Washington Academy; Pizza King, 1421 W. Bethel Ave.;

Big Burger, 2519 S. Madison St.; Central High School (two non-critical violations); Grissom Elementary; Longfellow Elementary; Pizza Hut, Albany; Green Bean Delivery, Indianapolis; Schwan's home service; American Legion, Albany; Albany Elementary;

First Merchants Bank; Subway, 308 N. Walnut St.; Delta Middle School (one non-critical violation); Delta High School (one non-critical violation); Eaton Elementary School (one non-critical violation); Royerton Elementary School; South View Elementary; Pizza King, Eaton; Panda Express 4605 W. Clara Lane; Subway, 2401 W. University Ave.; Greek's Pizzeria, 813 E. McGalliard Road; The Cup, 1606 W. University Ave.

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