Kohler's latest bathroom tech fills the tub for you

If you hate waiting for the bathtub to fill with water, Kohler's new PerfectFill controller might appeal. Using the Kohler app, or an Alexa or Google Assistant voice command, PerfectFill is supposed to fill your bathtub to a preset level and temperature. We've seen this tech before, but then it was just a concept. Now, Kohler says PerfectFill will go on sale in May starting at $2,700.

In addition to PerfectFill, Kohler is also introducing a $199 Touchless Residential Bathroom Faucet. Previously only available for its kitchen products, the battery-powered Touchless line makes it possible to turn the water on and off with simple hand gestures. We tested Kohler's Sensate Touchless kitchen faucet at the CNET Smart Home and found it novel, if not a little glitchy.

Another addition to the Kohler bathroom lineup includes the Statement Showering Collection and Anthem Valves and Controls. The new Statement Collection includes new showerheads, bodysprays and other shower nozzles that start at $110. The Anthem valves, which start at $795, are supposed to work with the Statement Collection fixtures, and be controlled via the Kohler app and voice assistants.

Kohler brand Robern has a new product as well, the $449 IQ Digital Lock Box. Robern makes a variety of medicine cabinets, but this model is designed like a safe so you can protect medicines or other important items in your bathroom.

Kohler's latest bathroom tech fills the tub for you

A couple of previously announced Kohler products are coming to market, too. Kohler's $8,000 Stillness Bath and the $400 H2Wise, made in partnership with leak sensor company Phyn, will be available in 2022.

In standard Kohler fashion, many of these products are expensive luxury items, especially the Stillness Bath. The $199 Touchless Residential Bathroom Faucet is a welcome exception, although, again, Kohler's kitchen version of the Touchless faucet didn't work reliably for us in our testing. It will be interesting to see how this bathroom iteration compares.

In addition to all of these new bathroom products, Kohler also introduced a ceiling-mounted kitchen faucet for a whopping $6,235.

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