January 2020 restaurant inspections in Livingston County

Of the Livingston County restaurants inspected in January 2020, priority and priority foundation violations were found at 31 locations.

Each month, the Livingston County Health Department inspects some businesses and schools that serve food.

The Livingston Daily publishes reports on the most serious violations — ones that could lead to contamination of food or increase the risk of transmitting a foodborne illness — as well as corrective measures taken.

5 priority violations were found at:

Big Boy

8510 W. Grand River Ave., Brighton

The line cooler in the kitchen was holding food at 48 degrees. Meat loaf, beef stew, mashed potatoes, salmon, lettuce and dressing were discarded. Tomatoes and cut lettuce had been on the line for two hours, so they were put in ice baths and to be used within two hours. Raw salmon on a plate was stored on top of dressing in the bottom of the line cooler. The dressing was discarded. The line cook cracked shell eggs and then handled toast without changing gloves. The toast was discarded. The cook washed their hands and donned a new pair of gloves before handling ready-to-eat food. The hand sinks in the dish room and at the front counter did not have paper towels. They were provided. There was no soap at the men's employee restroom hand sink. It was provided.

Kerby's Koney Island

9855 Village Place Blvd., Brighton

An employee was handling dirty dishes and did not wash their hands upon returning to food service duties. The same employee attempted to put on new food handling gloves without the required hand wash. An employee at the grill line washed their hands for less than 5 seconds and did not wash all parts of their hands. An employee placed a previously cooked/cooled soup directly into a hot holding unit for reheating purposes. However, the hot holding unit was set at approximately 150 degrees, which would prevent the soup from properly reheating to the required 165 degrees. The product was immediately removed from the hot holding unit and placed directly onto the stove for rapid reheating. A 5-gallon bucket containing pooled shelled eggs was stored directly next to a 5-gallon bucket containing ready-to-eat cut lettuce in a walk-in cooler. Also, both containers were identical and contained identical lids. The items were placed on separate shelves and the peeled eggs were transferred to a different style of container. A separate raw egg container is now used for dedicated storage. The container is clearly labeled "Eggs Only." A hand sink in an employee restroom was not accessible because it was block by a dehumidifier and space heater. The hand sink remained blocked by equipment upon the inspector's return.

4 priority violations were found at:

Bluefin Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar

4313 E. Grand River Ave., Howell

There were no quatrinary ammonia and chlorine sanitizer test kits. Some were purchased. There were multiple spray bottles of working containers not labeled as to their content. Either the product was discarded or the bottle was labeled as to it's contents at time of inspection. There were no paper towels at the hand sink at the sushi bar area. The person in charge obtained paper towels at time of inspection. There was no food thermometer available. A digital probe thermometer was obtained.

Los Tres Amigos

4184 E. Grand River Ave., Howell

The cook touched raw fish with gloves on, and then did not change gloves before starting another task. He was briefly retrained and asked to wash hands and change gloves. After touching dirty dishes with gloves on, he did not change gloves but was instructed to do so. Cheese sauce was just starting the cooling process according to the cook, and it was at 92 degrees. It was in several 6-inch pans in ice, but the ice was only covering half the pan, and there was no water mixed with the ice. A deep pot of meat for sauce was in the walk-in cooler at 62 degrees. After an hour the cheese sauce had not been stirred, and was only 10 degrees lower. The sauce was then placed in shallow pans. A cooling log was given to the person in charge. One of the hand sinks in the kitchen did not have soap. A new soap dispenser was installed during the inspection. Bins were blocking access to the hand sink in the back prep area. They were moved to make the sink easily accessible.

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2 priority violations were found at:

Burger King

8489 W. Grand River Ave., Brighton

Lettuce and tomatoes were being held at room temperature, but the time they were pulled from the cooler and the time they needed to be discarded were not marked. Staff knew they had been pulled at 1 p.m., so they were marked during the inspection. The hose connected at the mop sink had a spray nozzle attached, and the water was left on. This puts pressure on the atmospheric vacuum breaker which may cause it to fail as the back flow prevention device. It was disconnected during the inspection.

Cheryl's Place

4683 Old U.S. 23, Brighton

An employee attempted to touch ready-to-eat cheese after touching raw eggs with the same pair of food handling gloves. Boiled potatoes were cooling on the prep table in a large plastic tub, which was approximately 8 inches deep. The potatoes were cooling for less than one hour and were recorded at 115-120 degrees. The potatoes were transferred onto a single-layer sheet tray and placed in the walk-in cooler for rapid cooling.

Don Juan Mexican Restaurant

9475 Village Place Blvd., Brighton

An employee at the grill line handled raw multiple animals products and then proceeded to handle equipment and equipment shared with ready-to-eat foods. Proper glove use was observed after staff was retrained. The hand sink in the kitchen at the grill line was being used to rinse a utensil. The hand sink at the bar was blocked and not accessible. The person in charge removed the items stored in the hand sink. The hand sink in the back of the kitchen had food debris in it.

El Cerro Grande Mexican Restaurant

10572 Highland Road, Hartland Township

Cross-contamination violations were observed. A refillable squeeze bottle of sour cream was stored inside the cut lettuce storage container in a grill line prep cooler. The outside of the bottle was in direct contact with the lettuce. Raw shelled eggs were stored above ready-to-eat tortillas in a walk-in cooler. A pan of raw seafood was stored above a pan of ready-to-eat cooked beef in a walk-in cooler. A container of raw chorizo sausage was stored above ready-to-eat shredded cheese. The items were rearranged and the violation was temporarily corrected at the time of inspection. A chlorine test kit was not available.

El Toro

101 Brookside, Suite L, Brighton

The atmospheric vacuum breaker on the service faucet in the kitchen was missing. A hose is attached for cleaning at night. An atmospheric vacuum breaker was installed. There were chlorine test kits for the dish machines, but quaternary ammonia was used in the 3-compartment sink to sanitize some dishes and equipment by hand.

Fowlerville Senior Center

203 N. Collins, Fowlerville

No chlorine test strips were provided. Sliced ham and other cooked meats were not date marked.


8028 W. Grand River Ave., #5, Brighton

There was no soap at the hand sink at the waitress station area. Staff walked over to the local store and purchased soap at the time of inspection. There was some fried rice cooling in a large container with a lid at room temperature. The rice was cooked about an hour prior and was still around 132-135 degrees so no temperature violation was cited. The person in charge placed the rice in two shallow metal pans and placed in the walk-in cooler to cool quickly.

Pita Way

9290 Lee Road, Suite 103, Brighton

The soap dispenser at the hand sink was empty. Soap was provided at the time of inspection. A fine-tip probe thermometer was not available at the grill line. An analog thermometer was available in the facility, but the probe was improperly sized for small food products. Proper thermometers were purchased

1 priority violation was found at:

Buon Gusto

501 W. Main Street, Brighton

The dish machine was not dispensing the proper amount of chlorine sanitizer because the dispenser hose was leaking. A service technician was dispatched to the facility at the time of inspection. Proper sanitizer levels were confirmed with a test strip upon the inspector's return.

Crystal Gardens Banquet Center

January 2020 restaurant inspections in Livingston County

5768 E. Grand River Ave., Howell

Several soda gun dispenser areas, which are food contact surfaces, contained a buildup of syrup residue/mold in some locations. They were cleaned during the inspection. A container that holds an ice scoop also needed to be cleaned during the inspection.

Go Taco

109 E. Main Street, Pinckney

There was no chlorine test kit for the dish machine.

Good Sense Coffee Cafe

2340 Genoa Business Park Drive, Brighton

Quatrinary test kit were not available. They are now.

Great China

5757 Whitmore Lake Road, Brighton

The towel dispenser at the hand sink was empty. It was refilled and towels were provided at the time of inspection.

Independence Village of Brighton Valley

7700 Nemco Way, Brighton

There were three cans that had dents on the seams. They were set aside to be returned to the vendor.


11255 Highland Road, Hartland Township

The mop sink faucet contained a built-in back flow prevention valve (vacuum breaker). A rubber hose and spray nozzle was also attached to the faucet. The hose was disconnected as a temporary correction. The sprayer nozzle has been removed from the hose upon the inspector's return. A sidekick valve was been ordered and will be installed as a secondary method to ensure long-term compliance.


10600 Highland Road, Hartland Township

The overhead spray hose at the 3-compartment sink was hanging down into the sink basin. A new spray hose was installed shortly after the inspection. A proper air gap now exists.


11033 Whitmore Lake Road, Whitmore Lake

Two containers of fryer cleaning chemicals were stored directly above the fryer at the chicken/fish fryer station. The cleaning products were removed.

No Thai!

8367 W. Grand River Ave., Brighton

A thin sauce with a chicken base was cooling in deep plastic containers at room temperature. The sauce was at 130 degrees, so each container was split in half so that each was just a 3-4 inches deep.

Ocean Star Chinese Restaurant

10578 Highland Road, Hartland Township

Scented bleach was being used at the 3-compartment sink for sanitizing dishes and utensils. This product contains unapproved additives and is not suitable for ware-washing. The product was removed from the establishment and proper bleach was purchased from an adjacent grocery store.

Olive Garden

6870 Whitmore Lake Road, Brighton

A hand sink near the wait station entrance contained food residue and appeared to be used for rinsing dishware.

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Brews

8522 W. Grand River Ave., Brighton

The soda gun nozzles at the bar had an accumulation of syrup residue/mold. They were cleaned with a scrub brush during the inspection. There was also a pan put away as clean with food residue on it. It was taken back to the dish machine to be re-washed.


7491 W. Grand River Ave., Brighton

A reach-in cooler was holding food at 44-46 degrees. Foods such as eggs and cheese were discarded. The unit was repaired and proper temperatures were observed upon the inspector's return.

Thai Cafe

215 E. Grand River Ave., Howell

Two cans had dents along the seams. They were set aside to be returned to the vendor.

Tony Sacco's Coal Oven Pizza

10051 Highland Road, Suite 1, Hartland Township

Location: Walk-in cooler Several recently cooked items were cooling in quart-sized plastic food containers that were approximately 8 inches tall in a walk-in cooler. These items included cooked ground sausage, onions, and mushrooms. The items were cooked approximately 1.5 hours earlier and were still holding at 70-90 degrees. The items were cooled at room temperature for a short time before being placed into the larger plastic containers. The items were transferred to sheet trays for rapid cooling.

Wellbridge of Pinckney

664 S. Howell Street, Pinckney

Macaroni and cheese was cooling in two shallow containers in the freezer. It was at 135 degrees at noon, and at 2pm it was 85 degrees. It was discarded.


1967 Blaine Road, Hartland Township

An employee at the grill was wearing uncovered artificial fingernails. The employee covered the artificial nails with food handling gloves at the time of the inspection.

Wooden Spoon

675 W. Grand River Ave., Brighton

Caesar dressing, beets, mustard greens and clam sauce were past their discard dates. The items were discarded.


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