Jailed in Norfolk last year: Drug dealers, killers and rapists

From a Royal Navy sailor based at RAF Marham who raped a colleague, to a man who stabbed a drug dealer to death in Thetford, there have been many criminals jailed in Norfolk last year.

Here is a list of just some of those who have been put behind bars in the county during 2021.

Richard Dawson and Carl Emmerson

Richard Dawson- Credit: Norfolk Constabulary

Richard Dawson, 34, of Middlemarch Road in Dereham, and Carl Emmerson, 35, of Dale Road, Scarning, were jailed after they burgled an 86-year-old woman's property.

They broke through a conservatory door at the back of the property and a kitchen door to gain access stealing a purse containing bank cards, the court heard.

Dawson and Emmerson admitted burglary and two counts of fraud by false representation, after using the stolen cash cards to obtain almost £500. Dawson also admitted a second charge of burglary at Green Lane in Beetley in October of last year.

Carl Emmerson- Credit: Norfolk Constabulary

Dawson was sentenced to a total of 45 months in prison and Emmerson was jailed for 22 months.

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Michael Barclay

Michael Barclay, 44, of Britten Road in Lowestoft, has been jailed for six months and two weeks in prison.

Barclay was jailed for biting two female police officers - an offence made worse due to the pandemic.

He pleaded guilty to assaulting the officers and also admitted having a pair of scissors without lawful authority or reasonable excuse.

At the time of the offence, he was serving a suspended sentence of three months in prison for having a Stanley knife in a public place.

Romas Staniulus

Romas Staniulus- Credit: Norfolk Constabulary

Romas Staniulus, 49, of Fortress Road, Carbrooke, appeared at Norwich Crown Court on January 13 for sentencing.

The court heard Staniulus punched his partner in the face while she was watching TV, just months after he knocked out one of her incisors in a separate attack which occurred in April last year.

He admitted to causing actual bodily harm, assault by beating and criminal damage.

He was sentenced for a total of 18 months.

Steven Walker

Steven Walker- Credit: Norfolk Constabulary

Steven Walker, 58, admitted making threats to kill and common assault on June 28, 2020.

Walker was living in supported accommodation for the homeless in Great Yarmouth when he became angered as a resident refused to lend him £30.

When the victim refused, Walker punched him in the face and then returned with a craft knife and held it approximately three to four inches away from the face of the victim, the court heard.

Walker threatened the victim, and said: "If you grass me up I will cut your throat."

Walker also admitted possession of amphetamine on two separate occasions when appearing in court.

He was jailed for 16 months and also a restraining order was put in place for a year for Walker not to contact the victim.

Andrew Forbes

Andrew Forbes- Credit: Norfolk Constabulary

Andrew Forbes, 39, of Crome Road, Norwich, appeared at court on January 18 to be sentenced for murdering a former friend.

Police were called to Clapham Wood, of Drayton Road, in Norwich just before 5.15am on June 22 last year. They discovered Daniel Littlewood with severe head injuries. The victim later died at the scene.

Forbes, who had previously taken class A drugs, relapsed after a worker from his accommodation, who he had become “infatuated with”, left to return to Hungary.

Forbes struck Mr Littlewood over the head three times with a large piece of concrete after the victim made comments about the former worker who had left.

Forbes was sentenced to life in prison with a minimum of 12-and-a-half-years to be served.

Omar Salah

Omar Salah- Credit: Norfolk Constabulary

Omar Salah, 19, of Marshall Street, London, was sentenced on January 21 after admitting to supplying crack cocaine and heroin at an earlier hearing.

Following a joint operation between Norfolk Police County Lines Team and the Metropolitan Police, Salah was arrested in September 2020.

On arrest, Salah had a mobile phone suspected to be linked to a County Lines phone line. Upon searching his home in London, officers found a number of mobile phones, also suspected to being linked to the same County Line.

Salah was revealed to be responsible for controlling the 'Spyder' line in Great Yarmouth between April 2020 and September 2020.

He was jailed for four years.

Kyle Muir

Kyle Muir, 25, of Middleton Road, Gorleston appeared in Norwich Crown Court in connection with multiple offences between August and October 2020.

At an earlier hearing, Muir pleaded guilty to two counts of harassment without violence, four counts of criminal damage, two counts of assault, one affray and one count of possession of an offensive weapon.

Muir made threats to Vicki Mileham, a customer who paid him £56,000 for an extension, and her neighbour Asher Paniri in August last year after Mr Paniri's Facebook post calling him a cowboy builder enraged him.

On September 19, Muir assaulted his ex-partner and damaged her property in front of the police. He was armed with knives, refused to let police in and became obstructive when they managed to arrest him.

He had also breached his bail conditions in October 2019 by visiting his ex-partner's house. When she tried to get away, he damaged her car before damaging a police vehicle and brandishing a metal bar at officers.

Muir, who has 67 previous offences, was sentenced to 12 months in prison and was subjected to restraining orders against victims.

Jacob Trower

Jacob Trower- Credit: Norfolk Constabulary

Jacob Trower, 19, of Sydenham Close, Acle, was sentenced this week in relation to an incident on the A47 Acle Straight on March 9, 2020.

He had been driving a Seat car when he “crossed the central line” resulting in a head-on crash with another vehicle.

Jerry Hayes, prosecuting, said Charlene Knox, the driver of the car that was hit, woke up in the vehicle following the crash “hearing her four year-old son screaming”.

She spent eight days in hospital and suffered a number of injuries, including three fractured ribs, internal injuries and a fractured right shoulder.

The court heard her son was bleeding from his mouth and suffered a head injury which required further surgery.

The passenger, Kelly McGrady, was also seriously injured in the crash at Halvergate, suffering a number of cuts and fractures, and her young daughter also suffered serious injuries, including a fractured arm.

Norwich Crown Court heard Trower, who had taken drugs, had split up with his girlfriend prior to the crash.

Trower appeared at Norwich Crown Court on Tuesday (February 9), having previously admitted four counts of causing serious injury by dangerous driving and two charges of drug driving.

He was sentenced to two years in prison and disqualified from driving for three years.

Stephen Bates

Stephen Bates- Credit: Norfolk Constabulary

Stephen Bates, 40, from Clacton-on-Sea, appeared at Norwich Crown Court on Thursday (February 11) for sentencing, having previously admitted one count of inflicting grievous bodily harm and another of theft.

The incident took place on May 14, 2017, and Bates had arranged to go to the King’s Head pub in Loddon with the victim.

The court heard Bates got in his transit van while the victim got on his electric bike to go to the pub.

Simon Sandford, prosecuting, said the victim was cycling down the road in Chedgrave and thought Bates was “going to overtake but ran over him”.

Mr Sandford said the victim thought it was an accident and while hopping on his leg asked “what are you doing"?

But Bates then put the van into reverse and ran over the victim’s bike a second time before striking his knee and legs.

Mr Sandford said Bates then went for the victim again although could not hit him as the van could not get up the embankment where he had scrambled to.

Mr Sanford said Bates got out of the van and said he was “crazy” before accusing the victim of having said he was coming to burn his caravan down and told the victim he had a knife and “was going to stab him”.

Bates asked for the victim’s bag, a rucksack worth about £40, which contained some medication.

The victim’s bike, worth £600, was damaged in the incident, as were his glasses.

An ambulance was called and he was taken to hospital where he was found to have suffered a displaced fracture of his left knee as well as an injury to his shoulder and other grazes and bruises.

Sentencing him to a total of 42 months in prison, Judge Katherine Moore said Bates had "engaged in a dangerous, frightening and quite shameful” act of offending on a public road.

Bates has suffered from paranoid schizophrenia since he was 19 but no longer took medication and had a mental health condition at the time of the offence.

Sophie Carter

Sophie Carter- Credit: Norfolk Police

Sophie Carter, 26, of Pleasant Court, Lynn, is behind bars after she tried to force people into giving her money just a week after she was hit with an order banning her from doing so.

Between November 2020 and January 2021, Sophie Carter persistently knocked on the doors of people in the King's Lynn area, attempting to coerce them out of money.

Carter appeared at Norwich Magistrates' Court last month after facing charges of harassment and breach of a Community Protection Notice.

She was given a three-year Criminal Behaviour Order after being convicted of harassment and breaching a Community Protection Notice.

The CBO meant she must not cause harassment, alarm or distress to any person within the King's Lynn and West Norfolk borough.

But on Sunday (February 7) following reports that she had attempted to coerce people out of money, Carter was arrested for breaching a restraining order and her CBO.

Carter appeared before Norwich Magistrates' Court on Monday (February 8) via video link where she pleaded guilty to both offences and was sentenced to a total of 18 weeks imprisonment.

She was also ordered to pay total costs of £173.

Matthew Oarton

Matthew Oarton- Credit: Norfolk Constabulary

Matthew Oarton, 34, of no fixed abode, has been sentenced after a campaign of harassment against a former partner.

Oarton had been in a relationship with his former partner since April 2018 but they had separated.

Norwich Crown Court heard a restraining order had been imposed in March last year prohibiting Oarton from contacting the victim until March 2022.

Max Hardy, prosecuting, said between October 12 and 20 last year Oarton pursued a course of conduct amounting to harassment.

He said Oarton attended her Norwich address, banged at her door, shouted at her, threatened her and sent her repeated text and Facebook messages.

On October 13 last year, Oarton and the victim had arranged to meet despite the restraining order being in place.

Oarton turned up at her address, banging on the door, before barging his way into her home.

He tried to snatch the phone and made threats, stating it would be “the last thing she would do”.

He also made threats to her with a knife - although he did not actually have one.

He grabbed her and twice, spat at her and prevented her from calling the police or escaping.

On another occasion, on October 17 last year he banged at her door and accused her of having been with someone else and warned her he would find her and slice her face up.

Oarton appeared for sentencing on Thursday (February 18) having previously admitted harassment, assault occasioning actual bodily harm as well as four counts of breaching a restraining order.

He also admitted two counts of theft, including a £1,295 Tag F1 watch and two coats in February and March last year.

Sentencing Oarton to a total of two years and three months in prison, Recorder Guy Ayers said he had “conducted a campaign against the victim” adding that it was “foul and abusive and threatening”.

Oarton was also made the subject of a restraining order prohibiting him from contacting the victim until further order.

John Morgans, mitigating, said Oarton recognised the “negative impact” he has had on others and wanted to change.

Gary Jakeman

Gary Jakeman Photo: Norfolk Constabulary- Credit: Archant

Gary Jakeman, 31, formerly of William Kett Close in Norwich, who carried out a spree of shoplifting offences during the coronavirus pandemic has been sentenced.

Norwich Crown Court heard that between July 25 and November 16 last year he committed 11 shoplifting offences, two thefts from vehicles and a fraud offence and hoped his face mask might stop him being identified.

Jude Durr, prosecuting, said the total value of items stolen was £2,167.

As well as those offences, many of which happened at Tesco Express in Norwich as well as John Lewis and Boots at Riverside, Jakeman also committed another three shoplifting offences and a theft from vehicle between August 28 and September 28 last year.

The defendant also committed a further six offences, including taking a vehicle without consent, between September 8 and October 1 last year.

Jakeman appeared in court for sentencing on Thursday (February 18) having admitted all matters.

Sentencing Jakeman to a total of 15 months in prison, Recorder Guy Ayers said he had a “prolific record for dishonesty” and had embarked on a “spree” of offending later last year.

Nathanial Wade, mitigating, said there was not much evidence of planning, adding the offences were as a result of desperation.

Arunas Rasikas

Arunas Rasikas admitted possessing a gas-powered BB gun in Yarmouth. Picture: Hustvedt/Wikimedia- Credit: Hustvedt/Wikimedia

Arunas Rasikas, 28, of Apsley Road in Great Yarmouth, has been sentenced after pleading guilty last month at Norwich Crown Court to possessing a firearm with intent to cause fear of violence on August 2, 2020.

The court heard on Wednesday (February 17) that Rasikas was jealous of perceived infidelity between his girlfriend and Darius Cesna and that on two occasions he tried to frighten the man.

Hugh Vass, prosecuting, said that on June 21 last year, CCTV officers in Great Yarmouth saw Rasikas outside KFC in Regent Road, where he was having a disagreement with his girlfriend and waving around a baseball bat before getting into a car.

He was arrested later that day and told officers his intention had been to scare Mr Cesna and tell him to stay away from his partner.

Rasikas had seen text messages between his girlfriend and Mr Cesna, the court heard.

Mr Vass said the second incident was on August 2, after 5am, when the accused drove to the town centre looking for Mr Cesna.

There was a confrontation between the men in the course of which the victim was shot at least once with a pellet discharged from a gas-powered BB gun.

The court heard Rasikas had bought the firearm two weeks beforehand.

Mr Cesna was taken to Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, where doctors decided it would be too risky to surgically remove the pellet, as it was next to a facial nerve, and so it was left embedded in his face.

Judge Antony Bate sentenced Rasikas to two years and eight months in prison.

John Morgans, mitigating, noted the defendant's early guilty pleas, as well as his "exemplary record" at Norwich Prison, where he has been a Covid cleaner.

Tobias Coker and Charlton Glover

Tobias Coker (left) and Charlton Glover have been sentenced for supplying cocaine in Great Yarmouth- Credit: Norfolk Constabulary

Two men from the Great Yarmouth area have been sentenced following an investigation into the supply of cocaine.

Charlton Glover, 26, of Mill Road, Cobholm, and Tobias Coker, 23 of Main Road, Rollesby, appeared at Norwich Crown Court on Thursday (February 18) after pleading guilty at earlier hearings.

Their arrests follow an investigation that began on August 1 2019, when officers from Operation Moonshot East attempted to stop a Mercedes A class on North Quay, Great Yarmouth.

The driver, Tobias Coker, ran from the vehicle and discarded evidence into the River Bure.

He was arrested at the scene on suspicion of being concerned in the supply of controlled drugs and was taken to Great Yarmouth Police Investigation Centre for questioning. He was later released under investigation.

On January 15 last year, officers stopped a white BMW 1 series close to Haven Bridge, Great Yarmouth.

The driver, Charlton Glover, was arrested on suspicion of being concerned in the supply of controlled drugs.

Officers searched Glover’s home address and found a large quantity of cash in excess of £10,000 concealed in his bedroom. He was taken in for questioning and later released under investigation.

Officers from the Operation Moonshot East team initially investigated the incidents separately, but were then able to link the pair, after discovering that both suspects were involved in the supply of cocaine and had been for a prolonged period of time.

Glover and Coker were later re-arrested, and each subsequently charged with being concerned in the supply of cocaine and being concerned in the supply of cannabis. Glover was also charged for possession of criminal property.

At the court hearing on February 18, Charlton Glover was sentenced to four years and six months imprisonment. Tobias Coker was sentenced to three years and six months imprisonment.

They were each also made to pay a victim surcharge.

Arnold Fox

Frail pensioner jailed at Norwich Crown Court.- Credit: Archant

Arnold Fox, 77, formerly of Newton St Faith, near Norwich, who arrived at court using a walker, admitted taking indecent photographs of a child, exposing himself and inciting a child to engage in sexual activity on May 31, 2021.

Duncan O'Donnell, prosecuting at Norwich Crown Court, said when Fox was arrested, indecent images were found on his phone, which he had taken himself.

Jailing him for four years, Judge Anthony Bate said to the outside world Fox appeared as a kind and generous man but said there was a darker side.

He also placed him on the sex offender's register for life and made him subject to a sexual harm prevention order.

John Morgans, for Fox, said he was not a well man, adding: "He is someone who is not in robust health. He is genuinely remorseful."

Andrew Francis

Andrew Francis was jailed for 32 months.- Credit: Norfolk Constabulary

Andrew Francis, 39, was made subject of a criminal behaviour order (CBO) banning him from entering parts of Norwich, including Prince of Wales Road, where in the past he has inhaled the gas in public, once causing a fire to a shop doorway.

But Norwich Crown Court heard that the day after his release from jail,despite having hotel accommodation, he was found with a sleeping bag in Prince of Wales Road.

Andrew Oliver, prosecuting, said he was released on bail, but then three days later was found again in Prince of Wales Road, this time surrounded by cans of butane gas.

Francis, of no fixed address, admitted breaching his order on April 14 and 17 this year,and possession of a small amount of cannabis.

Jailing him for 30 months, Judge Maureen Bacon said all options had been tried in the past.

David Wilson

Police arrest David Wilson at his home in King's Lynn, in August 2017.- Credit: National Crime Agency

Norfolk paedophile David Wilson of Kirstead, King's Lynn, who preyed on young boys by posing as girls has seen his prison sentence increased.

He was jailed for 25 years in February for committing 96 child sex abuse offences relating to 52 victims.

But, following the decision at Ipswich Crown Court, the Solicitor General referred Wilson’s sentence to the Court of Appeal under the Unduly Lenient Sentence (ULS) scheme.

On Thursday (May 27), the court ruled the sentence was unduly lenient and increased it to 28 years’ imprisonment followed by eight years on licence.

Lewis Orford

Lewis Orford.- Credit: Norfolk Constabulary

Lewis Orford, 30, was appearing over a link from Norwich Prison when he interrupted the judge to say he was not dangerous as it was a toy gun.

The court heard how Orford armed himself with a plastic gun and held up Hart Stores and post office in Costessey, pointing the weapon at staff and demanding cash from the till.

He also pointed the gun at an 80-year-old customer, but she also refused to hand over her purse.

John Morgans, prosecuting, said Orford fled empty-handed but then 20 minutes later struck again, this time pointing the weapon at a female member of staff at Victoria Stores in Mattishall.

She also refused to hand over cash so he stole a charity box containing about £40.

Judge Katharine Moore said he was a dangerous offender and imposed an 11-year sentence made up of seven years custody and four years extended licence.

Jack Belton

Jack Belton has been jailed after admitting burglary and fraud offences.- Credit: Norfolk Constabulary

Jack Belton, 36, had spotted an elderly woman buying lavender plants before making an "unsolicited offer" to plant them for her.

Norwich Crown Court heard that after visiting the vulnerable victim, who has mobility problems, at her home in Hunstanton, Belton lied to her about needing the toilet.

While going to the toilet he entered her bedroom and took several cheques.

Belton later attempted to get £12,500 from the cheques but the fraud was thwarted by a vigilant member of bank staff.

After being arrested and interviewed Belton attempted to say the victim was “addled by alcohol” and could not be trusted.

Sentencing Belton to a total of 18 months in prison, Judge Andrew Shaw said: "This is the sort of offending that utterly appals the public, utterly appals the courts.”

He said the courts “must protect elderly people alone in their own home”.

Sean Palmer, Sebastian Smith and Becki West-Davidson

Sean Palmer, Sebastian Smith and Becki West-Davidson, who were convicted of murdering Ipswich man Joe Pooley.- Credit: Suffolk Police

Sean Palmer, 30, of South Market Road, had been convicted of murder by majority verdicts by a jury at Ipswich Crown Court in March after a four-month trial.

He was sentenced for a minimum term of 18 years on Monday for the killing of Ipswich man Joe Pooley.

Ipswich Crown Court heard Palmer had held the victim's head down and drowned him in the River Gipping in Suffolk.

Palmer left court during the sentencing and was sentenced in his absence.

Simon Spence, QC for Palmer, said his client had left court because he had a medical appointment he was anxious not to miss.

He said drink and drugs had been a continuous feature of Palmer’s life prior to the killing.

Sebastian Smith, of no fixed address, and Becki West-Davidson, 30, of Rope Walk, Ipswich, were also convicted of murder.

Kurt Nelson

Kurt Nelson, 24, launched the “savage” attack on April 29 in 2019 in HMP Whitemoor near March, where he was a serving prisoner at the time.- Credit: Cambridgeshire Police

Kurt Nelson, 24, launched a savage attack in April 2019 at HMP Whitemoor near March, where he was a serving prisoner at the time.

He has had his 11 year jail sentence for two stabbings in Norwich extended after attempting to slash a fellow prisoner's throat.

The alarm was raised and Nelson, who is currently serving an 11-year sentence for two stabbings in Norwich back in 2017, then ran into an area with no CCTV coverage.

In police interview Nelson answered, “no comment” to all questions asked of him.

He was charged with attempted murder but pleaded not guilty to the charge.

After a three-day trial at Peterborough Crown Court in February, jurors took just over six hours to find him guilty.

Nelson, now at a different prison, was sentenced at the same court on Friday, May 21, where he was handed a total of 21 years in prison.

He must serve at least 14 years before being eligible for release.

Alan Ludar-Smith

Alan Ludar-Smith, 46, was handed down a three year, four-month sentence, at Norwich Crown Court.- Credit: Norfolk Constabulary

Alan Ludar-Smith, 46, had to be helped in the dock after he was handed down a three year, four-month sentence, at Norwich Crown Court.

Ludar-Smith, who admitted a number of sex offences, asked a young girl online to send him an indecent photo of her younger sister,said to be aged four.

Ludar-Smith was also found to have indecent images of children and to have distributed indecent images to one other person.

Jailing him and placing him on the sex offenders register for life, Judge Maureen Bacon said he had an unhealthy sexual interest in young girls.

She said it was not known if the girls he had chatted with were real or not but he had asked one of them to send a picture of her younger sister who was meant to be four.

Abdul Lahdiri, Jamal Goole, Katie Knights and unnamed 16-year-old

Abdul Lahdiri, 19, was sentenced to three years in a young offenders' institute.- Credit: Norfolk Police

Goole, Lahdiri and Knights appeared for sentence on Tuesday, May 18 having previously pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supply crack cocaine and heroin.

Goole, from London, was sentenced to four years in prison by Judge Anthony Bate.

Lahdiri, from London, was sentenced to three years in a young offenders institution and Knights, also from London, was jailed for three years.

Jamal Goole was jailed for four years for his part in a class A drugs conspiracy.- Credit: Norfolk Police

The 16-year-old, from the London area, previously received a 12-month detention and training order at a hearing last month for his involvement as well as possession of a knife.

Mathew Kirk, mitigating for Goole, said the defendant had been “recruited into the management of that line”.

Letitia Duffus, for Lahdiri, said he was just 18 on the first day of the conspiracy adding any sentence should have regard to his immaturity at the time.

Katie Knights.- Credit: Norfolk Police

Imogen Nelson, for Knights, said the offending was inextricably linked to her addiction at that time.

Goole, Lahdiri, Knights and the teenager are the latest people to be sentenced under Op Orochi, a joint operation between Norfolk Police and the Metropolitan Police, which focuses on analysing mobile phone data to target those running County Lines out of the capital into smaller counties.

Matthew Carpenter

Matthew Carpenter has been sentenced to seven years imprisonment after assaulting a couple and threatening to hurt their dog with an imitation gun, demanding money and gold before making off empty-handed.- Credit: Norfolk Constabulary

Masked and disguised as a delivery driver, Matthew Carpenter, 40, hit a householder over the head with a fake gun and threatened to shoot the family's pet dog during a terrifying burglary.

Carpenter, 40, was wearing a DPD delivery driver coat and cap when he entered the home on Chapel Lane, Methwold and threatened the family with an imitation gun, demanding they hand over gold and money, Norwich Crown Court heard.

He eventually fled empty-handed, warning the victims he would kill them if they contacted police. However he left behind his mask with his DNA on it.

He admitted aggravated burglary and possession of an imitation firearm and was jailed seven years.

In an impact statement, the burglary victims said it had been a terrifying experience and they had since had to move away from the address.

Agron Gjoni, left, and Aleksander Hasa, right, who have both been jailed after the discovery of a cannabis factory in Norwich.- Credit: Norfolk Constabulary

Agron Gjoni and Aleksander Hasa

A cannabis factory containing more than 270 mature plants was discovered on April 21 this year at the former KTV China City bar and restaurant on Prince of Wales Road.

At Norwich Crown Court, it was accepted Gjoni and Hasa had not set up the factory but John Farmer, prosecuting, said they were running it on behalf of others and were in an “operational management function”.

Both men, of no fixed abode, admitted production of cannabis and criminal damage, and were jailed for 27 months each.

At the time of the offence, Carpenter had been on early release from a 15 year sentence for conspiracy to supply cocaine and conspiracy to possess a firearm.

He admitted aggravated burglary and possession of an imitation firearm and was jailed seven years.

Judge Anthony Bate described it as a “professional and sophisticated” cannabis factory in the heart of Norwich’s clubland.

Ashley Bingley has been jailed after being found guilty of sex offences.- Credit: Norfolk Constabulary

Ashley Bingley

Ashley Bingley, who was 24 when he became involved in a "clandestine" sexual relationship with a 14-year-old girl, was jailed for six years.

Bingley, now 29, of Wellington Road, Dereham, had denied seven offences of meeting a child through grooming, five counts of sexual activity with a child and one count of causing a child to engage in sexual activity between March and August 2016.

Judge Anthony Bate said a significant term of imprisonment had been "inevitable given the gravity of your offending".

He said Bingley's offending escalated over time from messages into "clandestine sexual trysts" firstly at his home in Dereham and then in his car at locations around the Dereham area.

Benedict Peers, for Bingley, said the defendant had a difficult childhood with his father spending time in prison.

Andrew May

Trusted manager Andrew May, who gambled away more than £1.3m he defrauded from a Norfolk firm, was jailed four years.

May, 44, of Philip Nurse Road, Dersingham, who worked for King's Lynn based SealSkinz, created false invoices from suppliers and arranged payments to his personal Barclaycard account to fund his gambling addiction.

Norwich Crown Court heard nearly all the money was spent on gambling sites with one online site alone getting payments of £461,000. The total amounted to more than£1,336,000.

John Farmer, defending, said May had been assessed as having a mental disorder over his gambling addiction.

Judge Anthony Bate said it was a “sad and salutary illustration” about gambling addiction and accepted May had a pathological gambling disorder.

Shaun Mitchell

Shaun Mitchell, who kicked a victim in the head as he lay on the ground unconscious was told by a judge he was lucky not to have killed him, was jailed for 18 months.

Mitchell, 30, took part in an attack in St Peter's Road, Great Yarmouth, with two others, outside a pub, which he had been thrown out from earlier in the evening, Norwich Crown Court had heard.

Mitchell of Camden Road, Great Yarmouth, had admitted causing actual bodily harm on May 15, 2019.

Judge Andrew Shaw said he was lucky he was only facing a charge of actual bodily harm and not a more serious charge.

He said: "This sort of violence won't be tolerated."

Two others involved in the assault were dealt with at another court hearing for their part in the attack.

Ermando Berdica has been jailed for 30 months for supplying crack cocaine and heroin in Great Yarmouth.- Credit: Norfolk Police

Ermando Berdica

Ermando Berdica, 19, of Walpole Road, in Great Yarmouth, was jailed for 30 months for supplying crack cocaine and heroin in the town.

Norwich Crown Court heard an investigation by officers from the Great Yarmouth Neighbourhood Policing Team found Berdica, who pleaded guilty, had been supplying drugs when he was running the ‘Bambi’ county line in Yarmouth.

Paige-Leigh Lopes, 19, of St Antony’s Avenue in Gorleston, was also sentenced to a 12-month community order after pleading guilty to being concerned in the supply of crack cocaine and heroin.

It was established during the investigation that Lopes was assisting Berdica in the supply of drugs.

Prince Dwomoh

Prince Dwomoh, 22, from London, who sent children to Norwich with stocks of heroin and crack cocaine to sell, was jailed for four years.

Norwich Crown Court heard he was the holder of the phone for the Marlow line which supplied class A drugs in the city.

Isobel Ascherson, prosecuting, said Dwomoh, said the set-up was a classic county lines operation with bulk text messages being sent out to hundreds of numbers to get orders in for the drugs which were supplied from London.

She said that Dwomoh had sent the two teens to Norwich with drug supplies but they were both arrested and drugs and cash seized. One was carrying a knife.

Judge Katharine Moore said the exploitation of the teenagers made it more serious and that he had played a significant role.

Daniel Hewett

"Remorseful" lorry driver Daniel Hewett, 48, of Fairfax Road, Norwich, was sentenced to 15 months in prison after two people died and another was seriously injured after he caused a three-vehicle collision.

Hewett pleaded guilty to two counts of causing death by careless driving on the A47 at Little Fransham on March 6 last year.

Judge Katharine Moore said she accepted Hewett's "clear remorse" however she rejected the defence's position that his inattention had been a "momentary lapse" in concentration.

Jonathan Goodman, defending Hewett, said the father-of-three had "no recollection" of what had happened and could not explain his actions.

He was also given a 19-and-a-half month driving ban.

Craig Hicks, of Silfield Street, Silfield near Wymondham, admitted attempted robbery and criminal damage and was jailed for five and half years.- Credit: Archant

Craig Hicks

Masked robber Craig Hicks who was locked inside a shop by brave workers caused £23,000 of damage as he used a hammer and a screwdriver to destroy CCTV cameras and stock as he desperately tried to escape.

Jailed in Norfolk last year: Drug dealers, killers and rapists

Hicks, 39, of Silfield Street, Silfield near Wymondham, admitted attempted robbery of Steve McDonald News in Thorpe St Andrew and criminal damage. He was jailed for five and a half years at Norwich Crown Court.

Recorder Guy Ayers praised the courage of shop owner Bose Dasaolu and her colleague, saying: "They both behaved so bravely to thwart the attempted robbery."

In an impact statement Ms Dasaolu said she now felt on her guard and the worker who came to her aid now suffered from nightmares and felt anxious.

David Jackson

Jailed for 32 months, David Jackson defrauded his grandad out of more than £105,000 to fund his gambling addiction.

Jackson, 41, of Park Road, Norwich, admitted fraudly abusing his position while looking after the financial affairs of his grandfather, who had dementia.

He defrauded him of cash raised from the sale of his home, leaving the vulnerable pensioner with £20,000 in unpaid council care bills, Norwich Crown Court heard.

David Stewart, for Jackson, said his addiction to gambling caused him to offend: "He will never forgive himself that he let down his grandfather and other family members. He feels ashamed."

Judge Andrew Shaw said it was a serious breach of trust.

Sarah Harcourt (left) and Sally Harcourt have spent years terrorising some of the most vulnerable people in Norwich- Credit: Archant

Sally and Sarah Harcourt

Norwich sisters Sally and Sarah Harcourt, with more than 100 criminal convictions between them, were jailed for stealing from vulnerable people they had befriended.

The 44 and 41-year-old sisters, of Thatched Pavilion Court, had both pleaded guilty to two counts of theft.

Sally Harcourt had also pleaded guilty to a handling offence of a mobile phone belonging to a man she had befriended, while Sarah Harcourt pleaded guilty for a second breach of a CBO for approaching a person over the age of 65.

Prosecuting, Jude Durr said Sally Harcourt had persuaded her victim to use a mobile phone which she then used to steal £50.

They then befriended another vulnerable victim over the age of 65 from whom Sarah stole £100.

Both were sentenced for 12 months for a breach of their CBOs and six months for two thefts which will run concurrently.

Recorder Guy Ayers said: "These were thoroughly mean offences. You targeted vulnerable people with a view to stealing and taking advantage of them.”

Reece Checkley

Reece Checkley has been jailed for county lines drug dealing.- Credit: Norfolk Police

Reece Checkley, 20, was arrested as part of a week of police action targeting county lines drug dealing.

Checkley of no fixed address appeared at Norwich Crown Court on Thursday July 22, after pleading guilty to two counts of being concerned in supplying a controlled Class A drug and one count of possessing a bladed article at an earlier hearing.

He was sentenced to 30 months for each of the two counts of being concerned in supplying a controlled Class A drug to run concurrently, and six months for possessing a bladed article, which will also run concurrently.

Checkley was arrested in Beccles Road, Gorleston, on Tuesday May 18 after police intelligence suggested a county line called Horrid was operating in Great Yarmouth, and connected to him.

Bolongi Iyolo

Bolongi Iyolo, 37, of Black Horse Opening in Norwich, was jailed for more than eight years for slashing a man's neck with a knife.- Credit: Norfolk Constabulary

Bolongi Iyolo, 37, from Norwich, was jailed for more than eight years after using a knife to slash his victim's neck following an argument.

Iyolo had been arguing with a man in his 30s in St Vedast Street, Norwich, at 4.45am on Saturday, December 7.

It was during the argument he attacked the man, which resulted in his needing stitches when treated for his injuries.

When police found Iyolo further along the street a short time later, they witnessed him throw the knife down an alley in the hope of hiding it from officers.

But it was found and had the victim's blood and Iyolo's DNA on it.

Iyolo, of Black Horse Opening in Norwich, was found guilty of wounding with intent after a trial in May.

He appeared before Norwich Crown Court on Friday, July 16, where he was sentenced to eight years and six months in prison.

Dean Taylor-Cross

Dean Taylor-Cross has been jailed for three years after he admitted supplying class A drugs in King's Lynn.- Credit: Norfolk Constabulary

Dean Taylor-Cross, formerly of Landseer Drive, Downham Market, was caught with drugs just days after he admitted being involved in supplying drugs with his mother.

Police attended the home of Dean Taylor-Cross in Downham Market in March this year on an unrelated matter but “noticed a strong smell of cannabis”.

Norwich Crown Court heard officers discovered 54.6g of cannabis, thought to be worth between £400 and £550, in a pot in a back bedroom.

They also found 4g of high purity cocaine, worth between £300 and £400, in a Kinder egg-type container.

Taylor-Cross, formerly of Landseer Drive, appeared for sentence on Monday July 19 having previously admitted possession of cocaine with intent to supply.

He was sentenced to three years in prison.

Damien Laverick

Damien Laverick, 23, was sentenced to eight years for conspiracy to supply crack cocaine and heroin- Credit: Norfolk Police

Drug kingpin Damien Laverick, 23, was jailed for eight years for running a gang which sold £140,000-worth of heroin and crack cocaine in his home town of Great Yarmouth in less than three months.

Laverick launched his illegal enterprise last January, just two days after walking free from a three-year prison sentence, Norwich Crown Court heard.

He used a mobile phone previously used by a drugs gang jailed in 2019 - a phone number known to its customers as “Chase” - to send bulk texts to known addicts offering “3 for 2” deals on wraps of Class A drugs.

Chase and its successor were “county lines”, the police term for a phone number known to addicts which is run by a criminal gang who source drugs in a major city and import them into regional towns and cities.

Stuart Brooke

Stuart Brooke has been jailed for 20 months. Picture Norfolk police- Credit: Norfolk police

Stuart Brooke, 26, stole £150 cash, a bankcard and watch as the 72-year-old man was asleep at his Millers Lane home in Norwich.

John Fairhead, prosecuting at Norwich Crown Court, said the victim, who has a number of difficulties, woke at 6.30am and realised he had been burgled when he found the items missing and his bedroom door ajar.

The court heard how Brooke had targeted elderly victims in the past and was jailed for 20 months in May 2017 for the burglary of a sheltered home of an 85-year-old pensioner at Doughty's Hospital, in Golden Dog Lane.

Brooke, who appeared over a link from Peterborough jail, admitted burglary on June 8, this year, and fraud. He was jailed for three years and four months.

He also admitted burglary of alcohol and an iPad from Bedfords Bar in Old Post Office Court, in Norwich on June 9, this year.

Brooke was jailed for three years and four months.

Shaun Turrell

Shaun Turrell has been jailed for 33 months.- Credit: Norfolk Police

Shaun Turrell, 56, is a sex offender who was found to have breached his order by downloading indecent images of children and distributing them on a secret phone

Turrell, who was subject to checks by police officers, was suspected of having a phone which he kept hidden from the authorities, Norwich Crown Court was told.

Marc Brown, prosecuting, said as a convicted sex offender Turrell had to disclose if he had any devices which could access the internet. Mr Brown said that Turrell claimed he did not have a smartphone and only had a basic phone, without internet access.

However, acting on a tip-off, police carried out a search of Turrell's home and found a smart phone hidden in a drawer in his bedroom.

Mr Brown said when analysed, the device showed that Turrell had downloaded indecent images, including some in the most serious category, and had shared images with another person on a chatroom site which he had been using.

He was jailed for 33 months.

Paul Vissers

Paul Vissers who was given an extended 10-year sentence after admitting the manslaughter of Norwich woman Tracey Kidd.- Credit: Metropolitan Police

Paul Vissers, 41, was given a 10-year extended prison sentence after admitting manslaughter.

Tracey Kidd, 57, was found by police at a property in Charnwood Street, London, in March 17 last year following concerns for her safety.

A post-mortem examination revealed the former Heartsease High School pupil died from a head injury.

Vissers, 41, was given a 10-year extended prison sentence - made up of six years in custody and four years on licence - at Wood Green Crown Court on Monday July 6 after having previously admitted manslaughter.

The victim's sister, Gina, a mother of four who lives on Motum Road, opposite where Miss Kidd used to live, was "disgusted" by the sentence and feared he would go on to kill again.

Paul Knight

Paul Knight, 35, terrified a family by jumping on their car bonnet and ripping off a wing mirror, as they were driving along Norwich's Prince of Wales Road.

Knight also jumped on the bonnet of another passing car causing the driver to halt and when police arrived to arrest him he kicked out and spat at two officers, Norwich Crown Court heard.

Knight, of William Kett Close, Norwich, admitted common assault on two emergency workers, using threatening words and behaviour and criminal damage in March, this year.

He also admitted assaulting two store staff when he was stopped trying to steal butane gas on November 28, last year, when he bit one of the victims.

Judge Andrew Shaw jailed Knight for four months and imposed a 12-month supervision order to give Knight help with tackling his addiction.

Christopher Wright

Christopher Wright, 37, became involved with a 14-year-old girl and tried to hide her under a bench when police came looking for her.

Norwich Crown Court heard the girl’s mother was concerned for her after it emerged she was seeing the defendant.

On January 29 “her mother realised she had gone missing” and a search was started for her. Police went to visit Wright at his address in Great Yarmouth.

Jailing Wright for a total of two and a half years, Recorder Guy Ayers said had the police been “foolish enough” to take Wright at face value when he lied to them by saying she was not there “this matter might have escalated”.

Kastroit Dardh

Kastroit Dardha who has been jailed after admitting possession with intent to supply class A drugs.- Credit: Norfolk Constabulary

Kastroit Dardha, 23, had been driving a VW Golf on the A11 at Wymondham when he was stopped by police after being suspected of having no licence or insurance.

The Albanian waiter was caught with a kilo of cocaine in his car on the A11 after coming to the UK to find money to help his sick parents.

Norwich Crown Court heard Dardha gave false details to officers who found a package, which appeared to contain a kilo of drugs, in the rear passenger footwell.

Dardha, of no fixed address, appeared at court on Thursday July 8 after having previously admitted possession with intent to supply class A drugs on April 9 this year.

Sentencing the defendant to 20 months imprisonment, Recorder Simon Taylor said Dardha “played a part in trying to put a kilo of cocaine into the hands of those who would’ve dealt it on the streets".

David Pemment

David Pemment who has been given an extended 12 year sentence, made up of nine years custody and three on licence.- Credit: Norfolk Constabulary

David Pemment, 50, of Oak Circle in King's Lynn, was given a 12-year sentence at King's Lynn Crown Court, consisting of nine years custody and an extended three-year licence period, after admitting causing grievous bodily harm with intent, and two counts of having an offensive weapon, a machete and a catapult, on August 17 last year.

Pemment attacked a man with a machete, which resulted in the victim suffering serious injuries to his hand.

Following the sentencing, Detective Constable Layla Benzallat from Norfolk Police said: “Pemment committed a horrific and violent crime in broad daylight, in front of neighbours and children, and his actions have had a life-changing and frankly devastating effect on the victim."

Lewis Hannant and Russell Roberts

Lewis Hannant, 33, and Russell Roberts, 25, were two of eight men jailed for being part of a cocaine supply ring in Lowestoft.

The two were sentenced on September 1, with Hannant receiving 28 months imprisonment after pleading guilty to conspiracy to supply cocaine and Roberts receiving 18 imprisonment for the same crime.

Lewis Hannant and Russell Roberts.- Credit: Norfolk Police

Hannant was arrested after being found in possession of a small quantity of cocaine when he was pulled over in a car belonging to another accomplice in the supply ring.

Further investigations by the police uncovered the sizeable organised drug supply ring led by Loizos Couma, which led to the arrest of Roberts.

Dominic McCardle, Ashley Stuhler and Selena Parker

A trio who kidnapped and imprisoned a man for six hours over an unpaid debt wept in the dock as they were jailed for a total of 10 years.

The terrified victim was said to be "unable to go out for six months without looking over his shoulder" after the trio forced him to get into a car and kept him in a flat in The Elms, Brandon.

From left to right, Dominic McCardle, Ashley Stuhler and Selena Parker - Credit: Suffolk Constabulary

Parker, 35, of High Street, Brandon, was given a three-year jail sentence. McCardle and Stuhler received three years and six months for their part in the crime.

Chantelle Miller

An unlicensed driver who killed a couple in a Norfolk crash has been given a 12-month jail sentence.

The 33-year-old was travelling up from London to visit someone in prison when she drifted into the opposite carriageway, hitting Mr and Mrs Crawford.

The couple, who were both in their 70s, died as a result of the crash.

Miller pleaded guilty to two counts of causing death by careless driving.

Jamie Felmingham

Jamie Felmingham assaulted two prison officers in Norwich jail when trouble started among inmates.

When other officers attended the disturbance as back-up, Felmingham pushed a floor cleaner down the stairs, which struck another prison officer causing a cut above his eye, which needed treatment.

Felmingham admitted the assault on an emergency worker, and was given six months in jail.

Richard Hindry leaving Norwich Magistrates Court.- Credit: Peter Walsh, Archant Norfolk

Richard Hindry

Hindry was rushing to take his son to a school event when he caused a fatal crash on the A47.

Since the crash, Hindry was convicted for speeding at 87mph on the A47 in January this year.

Jailing Hindry for 15 months, Judge Katharine Moore said he had a history of poor driving.

Allen Turner

Allen Turner was one of three men who smashed their way into a Costessey home with pickaxes.

Allen Turner, 45, has been jailed for an aggravated assault in Costessey.- Credit: Norfolk Police

Turner suffered stab wounds to the thigh when one of his victims fought back.

He pleaded guilty to aggravated burglary, and was sentenced to 10 years in prison with an extended period of two years on licence.

Tyrone Castles

Dr Tyrone Murray Castles, 59, admitted to a number of indecent assaults on boys under 14 years of age and two serious sexual offences on one boy.

The offences are said to have taken place in the late 1980s and early 1990s, while Castles taught at Glebe House School, in Hunstanton, involving five victims.

The former teacher has been given a 25-year sentence, with 24 years in custody and one year extra on licence.

Former teacher Tyrone Castles, who has appeared in court charged with a string of sex offences against boys- Credit: Chris Bishop

Declan Clifford and Lee Selvarajah

Declan Clifford and Lee Selvarajah were involved in a late-night attack on two men following a Christmas party at Center Parcs at Elveden.

Clifford, 29, admitted to three offences of assault causing actual bodily harm and was given a 15-month prison sentence suspended for two years and a 10-day rehabilitation activity requirement.

He also has to pay £2,000 compensation to a man who suffered a broken wrist and £400 compensation to a woman who was pushed over.

Selvarajah, 28, admitted to assault causing actual bodily harm and was given a 10-month prison sentence suspended for two years and a 10-day rehabilitation activity requirement.

He was ordered to pay £2,000 compensation to the man who suffered the broken nose.

Daniel Cornell, of no fixed abode, appeared before Norwich Crown Court on Friday September 10, where he was sentenced to 54 months’ imprisonment. - Credit: Suffolk Constabulary

Daniel Cornell

Daniel Cornell, 45, pleaded guilty to two counts of burglary and theft, following two incidents in Lowestoft.

The first occurred overnight between August 8 and August 9 in 2020 at a property in Yarmouth Road where euros, cash and jewellery were stolen.

A further incident occurred at some point between August 14 and August 19 last year at a property, also in Yarmouth Road.

Cornell has been sentenced to 54 months in prison.

Paul Weekley

Paul Weekley, 61, was previously jailed for three years and four months for having secret online sex chats with a girl he believed to be a 12-year-old called Becca.

But the Attorney General's Office referred the case to the Court of Appeal under the unduly lenient sentence scheme.

The court has now ruled that Weekley's jail term should be increased to six years and eight months with an extension period of four years on licence.

A "very high risk" sex offender, Paul Weekley, was snared by police after he groomed a 12 year-old girl online who turned out to be an undercover officer.- Credit: Norfolk Constabulary

Weekley, from Great Yarmouth, had admitted attempting to engage in sexual communication with a child, attempting to engage in sexual activity in front of a child and attempting to incite a child to engage in sexual activity.

He also admitted possession of indecent photographs of children and breaching a previous sexual harm prevention order.

Benjamin Merrifield

Benjamin Merrifield, 36, was sentenced to three years and four months in jail when he appeared at Norwich Crown Court on Monday (September 20) having admitted attempting to engage in sexual communication with a child under 16.

He also admitted two counts of attempting to incite a child under 16 to engage in sexual activity.

Benjamin Merrifield- Credit: Norfolk Constabulary

Rushit Protoduari

Rushit Protoduari, of Crewe, was stopped by officers in Lowestoft.

The 27-year-old was arrested after police discovered a bag containing around 2kg of cannabis, which had a street value of £15,000, in the vehicle.

He pleaded guilty to charges of possession with intent to supply class B drugs and money laundering.

The man was handed a 26-week jail sentence by magistrates.

Michael Smith

Michael Smith, 64, was convicted of a total of 17 sexual offences, 15 of which were against one victim and two, causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity, were committed against a second victim.

Convicted sex offender Michael Smith.- Credit: Norfolk Constabulary

The offences happened to the victims, who cannot be named for legal reasons, over a four-year period between 2014 and 2018.

Norwich Crown Court heard Smith continued to abuse one of the vulnerable victims after he had finished school.

Judge Andrew Shaw told Smith he was "an extremely troubling man", as he sentenced Smith to an extended 28-yeat sentence made up of 21 years in prison and seven on licence.

Nicholas Everett

Nicholas Everett, 32, from Lowestoft, pleaded guilty to robbery.

Everett stole the victim's bike, iPhone, bag, and bank cards, telling the boy “not to mess with Londoners”.

He was given a four-year prison sentence on October 6.

Judge Martyn Levett said the victim had suffered flashbacks and panic attacks since the robbery.

He was also asked for further offences of attempted theft from a motor vehicle and two offences of theft from a motor vehicle.

Farid Lahfa

Farid Lahfa, 40, from Norwich, was charged with 11 counts of theft which took place over less than a month.

He was arrested for the string of thefts from shops on October 5 and taken to Aylsham Police Investigation Centre for questioning.

He was given a 32-week sentence on October 6.

Former Norfolk Police officer George Ince who has been jailed after admitting indecent images offences.- Credit: Norfolk Constabulary

George Ince

George Ince, 26, from Stalham, is a former Great Yarmouth Police officer found guilty of making and distributing indecent images of children.

Searches of Ince's computers whilst he was still an officer found images of female children aged six to 17 as well as discussions of rape and blackmail of children.

He was given 16 months in prison on October 7.

Judge Anthony Bate said the former police officer’s conduct was “appalling” and involved indecent images of the “gravest kind”.

Joseph Cartman and James Newton

Joseph Cartman, 40, and James Newton, 40, both of Norwich, admitted burglary with Mr Newton also admitting to possessing ammunition without a firearms certificate.

The two attempted to burgle a garage off Sprowston Road when they were seen by a member of the public who called the police. Nothing was stolen.

They were both jailed for a total of 26 weeks on October 7.

Newton's solicitor said he was free from drugs on his release but after being in a hostel was “back to committing offences linked to the use of drugs”.

John Turner, who has been jailed after being convicted of indecent assaults against four child victims in the 1970s and 1980s.- Credit: Norfolk Constabulary

John Turner

A former Norfolk teacher, lay preacher, choirmaster and cub scout leader, John Turner was exposed as a paedophile after a jury saw through his "carefully constructed camouflage".

He was found guilty of nine indecent assaults and three counts of indecency with a child against four children during the 1970s and 1980s.

Before Turner was sentenced on October 13 the court heard a statement from one of his victims who described how the abuse had "an affect on me mentally", affecting his confidence "my whole life".

Judge Maureen Bacon jailed the 75-year-old to a total of 16 years in prison.

Dean Kirk

Dean Kirk, 26, has been jailed for his part in a mass brawl in front of shoppers in King’s Lynn.

The punch-up involving several men began after a row in Primark spilled outside.

At Lynn Magistrates’ Court on October 14, Dean Kirk was given 12 weeks custody, to run concurrently with an activated suspended sentence that had been imposed last month for several offences including urinating towards police officers during a rave in Rutland in July 2020.

Christopher Crichton who has been given a discretionary life sentence after admitting attempted murder and kidnap.- Credit: Norfolk Constabulary

Christopher Crichton

Crichton, a convicted rapist, has been jailed after admitting to attempted murder and kidnap.

The man kidnapped his partner and stabbed her multiple times, leaving her to die in a field after she said she wanted to leave him.

Claire Wright, who is in her 20s, was seen being dragged "kicking and screaming" and in distress in the Yarmouth Road area of Kirby Cane before being driven away.

She was found nearly three hours later, some 50 miles away, with serious stab wounds in a country lane on the outskirts of Nacton, near Ipswich, after officers from Suffolk Police were called.

Crichton, of Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex, appeared at Norwich Crown Court for sentence on October 15 where Judge Anthony Bate imposed a discretionary life sentence, with Crichton having to serve a minimum term of 15 years in prison.

Leading Hand Sam Avery at Bulford Military Court Martial. A Royal Navy sailor from RAF Marham has been jailed for five years after raping a female colleague as she slept.- Credit: Ewan Galvin/Solent News

Sam Avery

Leading Seaman Sam Avery, a Royal Navy sailor from RAF Marham was jailed for five years after raping a colleague as she slept.

Bulford Military Court heard the female sailor, who cannot be named for legal reasons, awoke to Avery raping her.

She had previously turned down two of his previous advances before falling asleep.

She said the attack "came out of nowhere" as there was not even a friendly hug or kiss between the two and the only sexual contact between them was the advances she had rejected.

Shaun Johnson and Benaissa Sintim- Credit: Norfolk Police

Shaun Johnson and Benaissa Sintim

Shaun Johnson, 22, and Benaissa Sintim, also 22, were part of a planned and “sophisticated” fraud deliberately targeting vulnerable and elderly people in Norfolk and other parts of the country.

The pair took more than £200,000 from victims while pretending to be police officers.

Norwich Crown Court heard there were a total of 37 frauds totalling £218, 578.65 against victims aged between 59 and 99 between January and October last year.

On October 19 and 20 respectively, Johnson was jailed for five years, while Sintim was sentenced to two and a half years in custody.

Kevin Pritchard, of Falkland Close, Hellesdon, was sentenced to 17 years at Norwich Crown Court.- Credit: Norfolk Constabulary

Kevin Pritchard

Kevin Pritchard, 65, was jailed for 17 years on October 18, after admitting to the sexual abuse of three young girls between the 1970s and 1990s.

Norwich Crown Court heard that during a 14-year period Pritchard, of Falkland Close, Hellesdon, repeatedly abused the three victims, who were under 12 at the time.

Duncan O'Donnell, prosecuting, said Pritchard had told each of his victims to keep it a secret.

Pritchard, who was between 20 and 30 when the offences were being committed, was arrested last year and admitted the offending stating he did not know why he had done it and had "probably been drinking".

Rakeem Leandre, 26

Norwich man Rakeem Leandre who has been found guilty of the murder of Christopher Allbury-Burridge in Northampton.- Credit: Northampton Police

This Norwich man has been sentenced to life in prison, with a minimum term of 26 years, after an attempt to steal cannabis plants led to a 33-year-old being stabbed to death.

Formerly of Brewers Court, Norwich, Leandre accompanied three other men to steal drugs during a night-time raid at a house in Northampton.

Christopher Allbury-Burridge was at home at the time and was stabbed during the incident in the Kingsley area of the town, in the early hours of December 11 2020.

He died from a stab wound to the chest.

Henry Golding, 32

Henry Golding who has been jailed after admitting a sexual assault and indecent images offences.- Credit: Norfolk Constabulary

Golding, was jailed after sexually assaulting a teenager at Flegg High Academy in Martham near Great Yarmouth.

Norwich Crown Court heard the teenage victim was in a class with Golding when, he began to touch the victim, "tickling the back of his left thigh".

Mr Kelly said that as the victim walked out of the classroom Golding "put his right hand onto his bottom and kept it there as they walked out".

Golding was jailed for 17 months and made subject of a Sexual Harm Prevention Order (SHPO) for 10 years and must also sign on the sex offenders register for 10 years.

Daniel Lee, 35

Lee raped a Lowestoft woman after grabbing her hair and pulling some of it out was jailed for six years and five months at Ipswich Crown Court.

The woman had fallen over after spraining her ankle and while she was face down on the ground Daniel Lee had pulled down her trousers and raped her, the court heard.

Lee, formerly of Lowestoft but now living in Orchard Close, Morton in Lincolnshire, admitted one offence of rape.

In addition to being jailed he was ordered to sign the sex offenders’ register indefinitely and was banned from contacting the victim until further order.

Vinesh Godhania, 33

Norwich doctor Vinesh Godhania has been jailed for using hidden cameras to spy on women. - Credit: Supplied

Godhania, from Marlingford Way in Norwich was jailed for two years and eight months at St Albans Crown Court on Friday, November 19, after hacking personal photo accounts and used hidden cameras to spy on women.

The doctor pleaded guilty to seven counts of voyeurism and eight counts of unauthorised access to computer material.

Offences were committed from 2012 until 2020, when Godhania was initially a medical student and then went on to qualify as a doctor.

Jamie Johnson, 38

Johnson left "household after household" with "substandard" building and fencing work or uncompleted jobs and instead used the cash from deposits to pay off debts.

A total of 17 victims lost more than £26k as a result of work carried out by Johnson in King's Lynn, Hunstanton and Thetford between 2018 and 2021.

Johnson continued to take money from customers even after Trading Standards had begun to investigate him.

Johnson, of Wildfields Road, Clenchwarton, was jailed for 14 months when he appeared at Norwich Crown Court Monday (November 1).

Neal Porter, 32

Neal Porter.- Credit: Norfolk Constabulary

The former Norfolk police officer was jailed this week for two years after admitting to taking indecent images of a child.

Porter took pictures on his mobile phone of sexual acts with a 14-year old boy he started a relationship with after meeting online, the court heard.

Porter, who worked as a former police response officer based at Wymondham in south Norfolk, met the victim on a social networking app before the pair started a sexual relationship.

Porter said the victim told him he was approaching his 18th birthday at the time and had no reason to disbelieve him.

Dean Smith, 46, has been found guilty of manslaughter on Wednesday at the Old Bailey and sentenced to three-and-a-half years in prison.- Credit: PA

Dean Smith

The father of a girl who died in Norfolk due to injuries he inflicted nearly 14 years prior was jailed for three and a half years this week.

In August 2000, Smith, 46, threw four-week-old Maisie Newell into a cot, causing horrific head injuries.

Maisie was left severely disabled and died on June 28, 2014, in Terrington St Clement, just before her 14th birthday.

The Svanic was seized in a major operation by law enforcement agencies- Credit: National Crime Agency

Arturas Jusas, Sergejs Kuliss, Kfir Ivgi and Igor Kosyi

A people smuggling gang that tried to bring 69 Albanian migrants into Great Yarmouth were sentenced this week for a total of almost 36 years,

Five men had been convicted of conspiring to assist unlawful immigration, with 35-year-old Arturas Jusas, of Wandsworth Road, Lambeth, admitting the offence, and four others found guilty after a trial.

Jusas, 39-year-old Kfir Ivgi, of Corrigan Close, Finchley, and Sergejs Kuliss, 32, of Albert Basin Way, Newham, were described by prosecutors as "UK-based organisers".

Jusas was jailed for nine years and nine months, Ivgi for 10 years and Kuliss for nine years.

Latvian national Aleksandrs Gulpe, 44, and 57-year-old Ukrainian national Igor Kosyi, both described by prosecutors as crew members, were arrested when the boat reached land in the early hours of November 18.

Kosyi was jailed for seven years. Gulpe is due to be sentenced at a later date as he was isolating with Covid symptoms.

Anthony Reid

Anthony Reid, an inmate at Wayland Prison, was sentenced to three years in jail for throwing boiling water over a fellow Norfolk prisoner.

Reid represented himself in court after sacking his defence barrister on the first day of the trial.

After being convicted following a trial in Norwich, which started on December 14, Reid was also ordered to pay a £190 victim surcharge.

Remigijus Ruzgus was jailed at Ipswich Crown Court- Credit: Norfolk Constabulary

Remigijus Ruzgus

Remigijus Ruzgus, 44, was jailed for two years on Thursday for producing cannabis.

It was the third attempt to sentence Ruzgus, of Carraway Road, Thetford, after two previous hearings had been adjourned.

Deivdas Janusaitis, has been jailed after admitted an offence of wounding with intent on a former partner.- Credit: Norfolk Constabulary

Deivdas Janusaitis

Deivdas Janusaitis, 34, was jailed for two years and three months after he left his partner with a broken nose when he attacked her after locking her in her house and threatening to rape her if she did not drink alcohol.

Janusaitis was arrested after his former partner was spotted in distress on a roadside by a motorist. She was taken to hospital where she reported her ordeal to staff.