Invest in sprucing up older properties

Homes that are 20-40 years old might need improvements to meet today’s living standards, especially those built to the owner’s specifications and likes.

This is particularly important if you plan to sell immediately or in the near future.

As circumstances stand with house prices being very high, it is worth considering improving any age, but functional home, rather than disposing of it or continuing to live in it.

Such improvements are necessary nowadays and in great demand, so contractors have little time to handle such work, often considered “too small”.

Nowadays, houses are like cars – each year a new model of the same make comes into the market, but with all sorts of added gadgets.

Most houses had a flat concrete roof in the past, with steel rods and half-finished columns sticking out, together with solar heaters and water tanks.

Invest in sprucing up older properties

At the time, a family home was built to add the children’s floor on top.

Nowadays, this concept is no longer liked by the children who move away, leaving the house with an ugly image on top.

To improve the image of your house:

The improvement cost for these changes for, say, a 200 sq.m. house should be no more than €50,000 depending on the house’s current condition.

This may seem a large amount, but you must compare that to the property’s increased value, which will become several times more.

Should you decide to sell your property, the first impression is of prime importance.

So, if your 200 sq.m. house is worth, say €450,000, that could go up much more with the improvements you make, increasing the sale price to even €550,000 or more.

Food for thought for all of us who have older properties.