Inside Stacey Solomon's latest home transformation as she makes over her bedroom

Stacey Solomon is battling on with her epic renovation project to transform her Essex house into a luxury dream home – and is finally on to making the bedroom of her dreams.

The 31-year-old TV star has been keeping fans and followers entertained with her steady stream of updates on the changes and upgrades she is making to the home she shares with 39-year-old fiancé Joe and their sons Harry, 14, Zachary, 13, Leighton, nine and two-year-old Rex.

The couple have been pressing on with plans while simultaneously preparing for their upcoming marriage – and for the arrival of their first daughter, who is due towards the end of next month.

Taking to Instagram this week, Stacey gave a fresh update on her renovations, showing that she has moved on to her bedroom – where she hopes to install a bath, and has been working to build a luxury walk-in wardrobe.

She explained: “Trying to get our bedroom sorted before baby. All we've done so far is paint.”

She also said: “We’ve got some paint touch ups to do.”

Panning the camera around the room to the scene of a huge window, she went on: “I want to find a plumber to see if we can get a bath…” and pointing with her finger, she indicated where she would like the bath to sit under the window.

In her caption, she reiterated her plans, writing: “I would love a bath in here so badly so we are waiting for a plumber to come and see if we can."

She then led fans into a huge walk-in wardrobe area which had lots of shelving inside, but, through the magic of camera action, she explained that all the existing shelves had been ripped out.

Inside Stacey Solomon's latest home transformation as she makes over her bedroom

Stacey added in a caption: “Sooo through that door is the wardrobe and Joe took all of these out today and now we have a blank canvas ready for wardrobes to go in over the weekend.”

She went on:"On Sunday hopefully the wardrobes will be in and it'll be ready to paint, and then I can get going with project dressing room!"

Stacey and Joe’s home renovation project has been taking up a lot of their spare time away from their busy work lives.

For months, Stacey has been documenting the progress they have been making in their home – with the couple prioritising the bedrooms of their children.

Back in May, Stacey unveiled the finished room for her youngest son, Rex, who she shares with fiancé Joe.

Gushing about the completed work at the time, Stacey wrote on Instagram: “Rex’s Room - Done FINALLY... I’m so proud of this little room.

“I hope you make so many memories and happy thoughts in here pickle. You and all of your favourite pandas. Rex and me have worked so hard in here to try and make him a special space and we are so so proud of it!

"It’s the first bedroom we could complete because it didn’t need any building, electrics or wardrobes fitted so we just painted and jazzed up what was in there already...

“I love it so so much and I can not wait to watch you grow up in here little one, just not too quickly please.”

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