Influencer debunks how 'perfect' bikini snaps are taken - and shares 'real' bum instead

As much as we might try and remind ourselves that social media isn't reflective of reality, knowing full well that we shouldn't beat ourselves up for falling short of 'perfection', is easier said than done at times.

So it's always good when a bonafide influencer comes forward to lift the curtain on what actually goes into getting those impossibly 'perfect' shots, reminding you that what you see in the bathroom mirror is just as beautiful.

As previously reported by theDaily Star,personal trainer Hayley Madigan - who champions all things "reality, health, body confidence and fitness" - has now come forward to expose the truth on how certain influencers get their butt looking a certain way, using her own bottom as an example.

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Using side-by-side pics, Hayley - who goes by the username @ hayleymadiganfitness - showed the difference between an "Insta Pool Pose Vs What I see in the bathroom mirror", showing a posed pic next to what her bum looks like in reality.

In a powerful caption, Hayley explained: "Different poses, different camera angles, different posture, different lighting can all make a huge difference to how a body is perceived and more specifically how you see your own body!

"You will see your body in all types of angles and poses. You will see your body relaxed and unposed.

Influencer debunks how 'perfect' bikini snaps are taken - and shares 'real' bum instead

"You will see yourself in many ways so do not let your eyes deceive you by telling you to feel negative towards your own body".

She continued: "You have the power to change your mindset, to look at your own body in a kinder manner. To be kinder to yourself and to your mental health. To be kinder to your body, because it is your home and you only have one so treat it with the best kindness you can offer!

"We often pick holes in our bodies continuously but when you realise that no one worth having in your life wouldn’t ever pick those same holes about you is an important thing to remember. The people that care and love you do not see you the same way, all they see is the happiness, the love, and the sparkle that you bring to them and the world.

"You’re not just a body, you are YOU, so be kinder to yourself".

Many people have been greatly touched by Hayley's wise words, which are so very important in an age where life filtered through a social media lens can seriously impact the way we view our bodies.

One person thanked Hayley "for bringing some honesty to Instagram, really admire you for this", while another described her honesty as "inspiring".

A third person remarked that they wished such pics were shown in high schools, adding: "I speak for myself around that age, I only saw the ‘perfect’ Instagram bodies. It’s easy to lose track of what is picture-perfect and what is real. I’d rather see everyday-perfect than picture-perfect more. Because we are perfect in our own way: every. single. one. of. us".

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