I’m a lazy cleaner – how I get my toilet clean and smelling good with no effort

TOILETS are arguably the main attraction of any bathroom and should be cleaned regularly.

On her TikTok, self-proclaimed lazy cleaner and real estate agent Quen Williams detailed how she cleans her toilet without having to use any elbow grease.

Showing off a sparkling throne, Williams revealed the products that she uses.


The first was a two-pack of Clorox bleach tablets, which are meant to prevent stains and deodorize with every flush.

"First there's this one. This is a huge bleach tablet, that you actually put inside of the toilet tank.

"Just follow the directions on the box, and then it's supposed to last like six months," Williams explained.

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The next product, a Lysol automatic toilet cleaner, goes inside of the toilet bowl and claims to clean and freshen for up to eight weeks.

I’m a lazy cleaner – how I get my toilet clean and smelling good with no effort

"Y'all, I put that in my toilet and the whole bathroom smells like f*****g lemons and s**t," Williams raved about the fragrance the toilet bowl cleaner gave off.

"It smells like lemons, not s**t," Williams clarified in the text overlay of her video.


Meanwhile, a cleaning expert highlighted areas in the bathroom that you're forgetting to clean.

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Speaking to Care.com, Debra Johnson from Merry Maids stated that we should clean our bathrooms every day to avoid a disaster down the line.

“Tackle a small chore before it becomes a big one,” she explained.

“I’m talking the toilet, the shower and tub, and the floors. Especially behind the toilet. It’s one of the most germ-ridden areas, so you really should be cleaning it once or twice per week.”

Johnson went into the science behind why the toilet should be heavily focused on:

“Just think, every time you flush, the toilet water and waste mix together, sending plumes of microbes into the air and, in turn, all over the toilet.”

Jennifer Gregory, a brand manager for Molly Maid, went into the specific forgotten areas in the bathroom that should be looked into, as they carry plenty of grime and bacteria.

The two spots include the faucet aerator and the toothbrush holder, which is one of the most germ-infested areas of your home, according to the National Science Foundation.

To reach these small areas, an old toothbrush with some water will do the trick.

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