I Went Number 2 On Tushy’s $600 USD Electric Bidet — Here’s How That Went

TUSHY Ace Electric Bidet Seat, $599 USD

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Installing The TUSHY Ace

For the purposes of an honest, unbiased review, I was graciously offered a gratis Tushy Ace. Since I'd installed the Tushy Spa all by myself, I was feeling pretty confident that I would ace (heh) the setup for my high-tech Tushy. However, since the Ace is a bidet seat (aka you stow away the original seat your toilet came with), you first need to determine whether your toilet bowl shape is round or elongated. Tushy has instructions on how to figure this out at home, but it's pretty straightforward stuff. Next, you need to do some further toilet investigating and see whether you have a skirted toilet. I had never heard of this term until about a week ago, but TL;DR this is when your commode's water tank is semi-concealed for a cleaner, sleeker appearance. In order to accommodate, Tushy makes a separate Skirted Toilet Seat Kit that includes extra accessories needed to install the Ace.AdvertisementBack to the action: In addition to a genuinely helpful installation manual, Tushy includes a QR code to a video walkthrough which was in short, life-changing. (Seriously — if IKEA did this, I'm sure a lot of couples would still be together.) Anyway, so armed with a flat and Philips head screwdriver, I proceeded to take my porcelain throne from basic to booty-ful.Photo: Courtesy of Karina HoshikawaDashDividers_1_500x100_3

The Features

The Ace itself looks and feels like a regular toilet seat but has a back panel towards the rear that houses all of the bidet's wiring and components (like the booty faucet, etc). On one end, there is a connection point for the water hose, and on the other a short power cord to plug into your outlet to bring the Ace to life.Photo: Courtesy of Karina HoshikawaNo detail has been spared when it comes to the Tushy Ace. The seat itself has five heat settings, so you can stay toasty while doing your business. The heat range here starts at a barely-noticeable warmth all the way to toasty — but nowhere near uncomfortably so. (A little background info if you're new to the world of bidets: Most bidet nozzles retract like a turtle's head when not in use, and are only visible when spraying water.) Also, good news for you: The nozzle has an automatic self-cleaning function to keep it squeaky-clean before each use.Other specs: There's also a front-spray function, which helps freshen up your entire down-there region. (This is more of a supporting actor feature compared to the backdoor spray, IMO.) When you're all done, the Tushy Ace can even air-dry your bits before dabbing with TP – and of course, you can choose between five heated air settings. The luxury!Advertisement

The Test

After plugging the bidet in, the seat beeped and booped as it came to life before my eyes. After enjoying some Raisin Bran Crunch and waiting for my bowels to do their thing, the time finally came to go Number 2.Photo: Courtesy of Karina HoshikawaWhen I tell you that what happened next was the best poop of my life, I'm not exaggerating. To say that my humble commode has been transformed into a veritable throne would be a massive understatement; having previously reviewed the Tushy Spa, I can say that this one is a major step up in almost every way. With a couple taps of the remote (which magnetically attaches to your wall via an included mounted dock), I could activate a stream of water to my butt, in addition to adjusting the angle and temperature of said stream with a tap of the remote. I will say, the addition of the air-dry function is a major upgrade; it's not a Dyson-esque blast of air per se, but more like a soft cloud gently whisking away droplets to leave you feeling oh-so-fresh.

Is the TUSHY Ace worth it?

Let's talk about the price tag: Is $600 USD for an upgraded toilet seat expensive? Very. The price is a significant bump from the $99 USD Classic and $119 USD Spa models. However, it’s in line with similar models from competitors like Toto. My lone pain point is that the design of my bathroom means that I needed to use an extension cord in order to power my Tushy Ace. (If your toilet is located within three feet of a grounded, three-prong outlet, this won't be an issue for you.) Put simply, the Ace isn't a starter bidet — and for those, you truly can't go wrong with the Classic or Spa models — it's a finisher bidet. This is an investment for people who are looking for a seriously upgraded bathroom experience, and Tushy delivers that and much more with the Ace.AdvertisementBTW, if you want to treat yourself (or a lucky giftee), you can get free shipping (within Canada) on your Tushy order with promo code HOLIBIDET.TushySpa 3.0$119.00$149.00TushyTushyAce Electric Bidet Seat$599.00TushyTushyClassic 3.0$99.00$129.00TushyAt Refinery29, we’re here to help you navigate this overwhelming world of stuff. All of our market picks are independently selected and curated by the editorial team. If you buy something we link to on our site, Refinery29 may earn commission. TUSHY Ace Electric Portable Bidet Seat Review 2021Health & Wellnesswritten by Karina Hoshikawa

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